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07, May, 2024

Denys Kliuch

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Notcoin: A Novel Token That Sustains the Click-to-Mine Game on Telegram

The entire crypto industry is all abuzz about Notcoin, a whole new token published on The Open Network that underpins the newly introduced click-to-mine game on Telegram. In the following essay, you will get to know the intriguing world of NOT and how it operates. Notcoin: An Innovative Token on TON Notcoin has found its niche on The Open Network, where it excited millions of customers who experienced the revolutionary clicker game on Telegram. This coin was first minted in November 2023, and despite its entirely simplistic concept, it rapidly surged in popularity.

Unlike conventional cryptocurrency tokens that require extensive scripting experience, the Notcoin is mined by pressing an icon inside the Telegram without expending actual energy. The authentic Notcoin is produced on the TON network and offered on diverse cryptocurrency platforms. In the game, the users receive several assignments and press the coin icon on the Telegram platform. Pressing each time costs one unit, or notcoin, quite like Bitcoin mining generates kilowatts. However, the energy diminishes when the customers use NOT and refills when the clients are not involved in the click-to-mine process. Notcoin demanded minimal media exposure but attracted millions of players globally, terminating the official mining on March 31, 2024.

Notcoin: A Novel Token That Sustains the Click-to-Mine Game on Telegram

Notcoin: Global Trend in the Making

By the end of May 20, 2024 there were more than one hundred and two billion NOTs on the TON chain – each not worth $0.00568 which makes for… a market capitalization equal to five hundred seventy four million dollars.) The NOT tokenomics stipulated that 74% of the supply would be distributed among miners, while Binance’s Launchpool program received a nice cut as well — accounting for %3 in total. (via Noticiaseinversion) NOT last hit an #ATH on May 17th, but it has since decreased by – 24.8%.

It even has asurprisingly deep clicker game aspect to it, that’s describing notcoin; the frankly incredible rise of what at first appeared a stripey simpson esque piece of tat for surefire millions but in fact is taking another big step and with its cuteness. Still only ranked at 146 out of the thousands upon thousands of digital assets by market cap, Notcoin is just getting started. As the market made its way from mining to mainstream trade, itCH potential could be multiplied in and of itself because so much depended on luck – yet another testament to how hard-to-predict air-dropped digital outlets truly are.

What’s Next for Notcoin?

Mine to trade on main Notcoin, it is the big landmark. These are being waited on by enthusiasts and investors alike, in order to see how it performs when trading open. Notcoin is already miles ahead thanks to its strong community support and unique click-to-mine model, but more advancements in the near future could be truly revolutionary for cryptocurrencies.


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Notcoin having a solid base on TON and also good user engagement is an advantage for Exhange to grow at a faster rate. Community support and strategic partnerships in place will likely be key to its evolution. As more and more users learn the rewards of getting and competing for NOT from Telegram matches, Notcoin will both improve in requirement plus benefit.

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