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2D Game Art Outsourcing Studio

We are a team of experts passionate about game creation, with dozens of games in our portfolio. Our company can make any 2D game from scratch, creating concepts and integrating various vector art objects.

2D Game Art Outsourcing

2D video game art is one of the main areas of Whimsy Games’ expertise.

We are offering 2D Art outsourcing services all around the world. With our long-term experience, we can bring any idea to life in the shortest possible time.

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Our 2D Art Outsourcing Services

2D Character Design Excellent character development is the key to the success of any game. Our designers create characters with distinct features that distinguish your game from others.
2D Environment Design We can create any fictional universe, a detailed copy of a real-world location, or a mix of both.
2D Concept Art Our artists provide various 2D game concept art services: sketches, drawings, and mock-ups of the overall game design. You can get a high-quality image of all assets even before developers write code. We are ready to bring even the craziest ideas to life.
UI/ UX Design If you want your game to become successful, you should create a user-friendly interface. Our passionate 2D game artists and UI/UX designers find optimal solutions for you.
2D Game Assets We can create all assets for your game, including unique characters, equipment, sound effects, dialogues, etc.
Pixel Art Pixel art is a highly admired subgenre of 2D art. Whimsy Games team is a 2D Art company that can create a complex world even with 4-bit, 8-bit, or 16-bit graphics.

Why Outsource 2D Art to Whimsy Games

Cutting-edge experience
Cutting-edge experience Whimsy Games is a team of experts with more than 5000 hours spent on 2D art services. We are using the latest top-tier software to create quality games for you.
Animation Our high-skilled 2D game artists make breathtaking animation to target any audience.
Proven design solutions
Proven design solutions We create various game art 2D assets and scenarios to test them and select the best option for you. We do a lot of focus group interviews, as well as alpha and beta tests to release an interesting bug-free game.
Unlimited technological resources
Unlimited technological resources We work only with the latest tools on top-notch hardware to create a fictional universe of any size in the shortest possible time.

What We Offer

Art and concept
Visualization media covers

Art and concept

We are making detailed 2D concepts, so you can experiment with them before the actual development starts. That approach saves you time and money while giving freedom to align the services of a 2D art company with the picture in your head.

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A user-friendly interface is one of the fundamental elements of success in the modern digital world. Our designers create a clear interface that will satisfy your users.

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We pay special attention to the details, making visually enticing games. Our team can both make hand-drawn illustrations and use 2D modeling software to meet your needs.

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Game scenery is a crucial component of game design. The users should feel the need to explore these environments. That’s why the Whimsy Games team pays so much attention to the peculiar features of imaginary 2D worlds we create.

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Our 2D artists can make any character from scratch. They carefully craft every detail, creating a vivid experience.

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Visualization media covers

The Whimsy Games team also generates various media for marketing campaigns. Tell our experts about your business needs, and we will make everything you need to achieve those goals.

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How Do We work

Understanding Requirements
Our work will start with a detailed brief, references, and suggestions. In this step, we will set all deadlines and discuss other details.
Proposing Solution
We will share our vision of the customer's concept and how we can implement it most efficiently.
Creating Concepts & Art
The 2D game artist will sketch the characters, environment, and other essential details.
Design approval
We will send you the first sketches and await your approval and edits. That’s how we can ensure that we are on the same page.
Implement graphics
After your approval, we will start to work on visualization and implement game mechanics via code.
Any digital product needs a lot of testing to become perfect. That’s why we at Whimsy Games have a big team of testers who will double-check a future application.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

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Relevant and robust expertise
Relevant and robust expertise With our extensive experience in 2D game art design, we know how to provide the best results. Everyone at Whimsy Games is passionate about game development and keeps learning new things.
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Attention to details and trends
Attention to details and trends We understand the importance of details, so we pay special attention to them. We monitor new trends and take them into account while working on every element of the game.
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Openness to discussion
Openness to discussion We understand the importance of transparent communication for the project’s success. Feel free to share any ideas, so we can implement them.
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24/7 support
24/7 support We know how important timely assistance is for our clients. That’s why we are ready to solve your problems at any time of the day (or night).

Our results

Here are some figures to prove the experience and expertise of Whimsy Game’s team.

YEARS in the game industry
HOURS of work with 2D game art projects
CLIENTS pleased with our games
GAMES released

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take you to produce the first sketches?

We use various tools to create a 2D world: After Effect, Spine, and Toon Boom. Usually, it takes from two-three days to one week to show you the first 2D video game art sketches.

Why should I outsource 2D art creation?

Outsourcing lets you focus on promotion and sales while contractors deal with everything else. Share your vision of a future game, and we will design anything you wish.

How do you create 2D game concept art?

When you hire a 2D artist, keep in mind that their work takes time. Firstly, we’ll show you some raw sketches and game mechanics. After the revision, we do another round of sketches of all assets (including characters and environments) and show you basic animation. The third step is designing the draft version of the game.

What are 2D Game Art Styles?

Clear lines and flat vivid colors are distinct features of 2D games. It can be represented in various styles, like pixel art, flat art, doodles, monochromatic, cutout, or vector art.

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