Character Desing Studio

Whimsy Games is a team of experienced artists who can create stunning game character designs for your project. We use the top tools and the art best practices to bring your characters to life. We work with 2D and 3D designs and all levels of complexity and detail.

Features of Character Design Services

Character design is a challenging and quite time-consuming task. It requires advanced tools and powerful hardware to create, especially when working on 3D models. However, it’s also an essential part of game development as characters convey the vibe and provide an interactive element.

We understand how important it is to create a game character that would perfectly fit the setting and genre of your game. Hence, we want to help you create stunning art and make potential players instantly join the game.

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Our Character Design Services

Character concept art creation Our character design studio offers concept art services. We can create characters of any kind from scratch and, using the best tools for 2D or 3D art, polish them to excellence. Whatever protagonists you need — people, monsters, robots, aliens — we can work on them.
2D character design We have professional 2D artists in our team who can design any kind of two-dimensional character for different genres. Our experts can work with any art style, so you'll get exactly what you need for your future project.
3D character design We create complex, three-dimensional character designs that would perfectly fit your game's setting. We'll make realistic, customizable 3D models to enhance players' experience to the max.
Game visualization Our team will handle character visualization for your game to make sure everything is correct, with no glitches or flaws.

Our Benefits in Character Design

concept 3d character
Individual approach
Individual approach We understand that copycats won't play well on the market — hence, we always create unique, custom characters for your games. This way, we'll ensure your future title will become a worthy competitor.
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Advanced tool stack
Advanced tool stack In our character design studio, we use different tools for each project to guarantee the best results. Our tech stack includes only the best software and robust hardware to work even with the most complex orders.
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Timely completion
Timely completion We value your time and always try to finish every project on time. Our experts keep you posted on every update during the whole creation process.
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Budget-friendly options
Budget-friendly options We offer character design options that would fit your budget and won't cause any overhead spending. Our team will provide you with the most accessible options with no quality loss risks.

Genres We Created Characters for

Action-adventure games
PvP battle games
Fantasy games
RPG games

Action-adventure games

If you need perfect-fit characters for your action games, we can help you out. We'll create people, robots, or other creatures that would match your game's setting and bring the necessary atmosphere to the project.

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PvP battle games

For this game genre, you usually need a lot of characters with unique traits and abilities. We can handle this as well! We'll help you create a whole world full of custom characters to give your players absolute freedom of choice.

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Fantasy games

Want to create a stunning fantasy game full of elves, magicians, and monsters? Our video game character artist team will handle all kinds of enchanted creatures for your project.

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RPG games

We create customizable characters for your RPG games to enhance user interaction and allow them to create unique styles and stand out while playing.

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How We Work

Setting objectives
We arrange an introductory meeting with you to discuss all the project detail. We agree on the tech stack, key requirements, deadlines, and workflow to optimize it.
Creating first drafts
Once we know every detail about the project, we start creating characters. We work on concept art and then polish them to the final look.
Processing feedback
As we're ready, we present the first drafts to you and wait for feedback. If there are any issues or extra requests, we complete them within a couple of days.
Finalizing designs
We fine-tune our designs according to your comments and present them once again for your final approval. Once we have it, our team can add all the characters to the game.
Game visualization
Once our final game design characters are ready, we start to implement them in your game. We test them, check for any issues, and fix them before the release.
Post-release support
We want to ensure all the characters we created for you look flawless and don't impact the gaming experience. Hence, we will handle all post-release bug fixes. Moreover, we can work on new characters or enhance the existing ones upon request.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is game character design?

This is a process of creating characters for your game, whether they are humans, monsters, robots, or other creatures. It includes such processes as sketching, concept art, rendering, modeling, and other steps that vary and depend on the type of design and art style. Artists can create both 2D and 3D characters and use various techniques to fit the game genre.

What are the stages of character design?

Character design for games usually consists of standard steps. Artists start with a concept and create a character profile. Next, they research the target audience and pick tools that work best for a particular style. Then, they get to work on thumbnails and sketches. Once designers finalize them, they render the character design and add final edits.

How to hire character artists?

If you need specialists in character design services, you can use multiple ways and platforms to find them. You can try searching on your own via freelance platforms like Upwork or Freelancer, websites like Behance, and social networks like LinkedIn. Also, you may use job-seeking platforms for this purpose. To save time searching for relevant people, you can pick an outsourcing company that will take care of the hiring process.

Why outsource character design?

Outsourcing character design tasks is a cost-effective and time-savvy option many game studios choose now. It helps you save time searching for and hiring relevant specialists. Also, it saves money as you don't need to hire them in-house for an unlimited period — usually, outsourced teams work on a particular project only. Finally, it's an excellent option as you will always get experienced teams who have specifically worked a lot with your genre and art style.

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