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Making gameplay experiences come alive on iOS! Whimsy Games
handles it all, from strategic planning to critically acclaimed
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About Services

As an iOS game development firm, we specialize in the creation of iPhone game applications. Clients that use our services benefit from quick, high-quality solutions as well as win-win marketing tools for game promotion. Our slot machine games for iPads and iPhones can't help but impress and appeal to a large audience.

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We Offer:

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Skilled Team
We exclusively engage skilled developers and designers to provide the highest quality iPhone game application development.
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Proven Experience
We employ tools that assist us in achieving flawless product quality and generating attractive visual effects as professionals in the iOS game development business.
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Tight Deadlines
We respect your schedule and deliver orders on time. Our process is predicated on predetermined milestones, and we always interact with our clients to achieve timely, efficient outcomes.
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High-quality Service
We promise impromptu iOS game development and design. Our trained professionals have extensive expertise in developing efficient solutions based on our clients' particular demands and corporate objectives.


  • Game Development for iOS
    Close collaboration between designers and developers enables the creation of one-of-a-kind software and design solutions for Unity iOS game development. Because our team is well-versed in the most recent technologies, we select an iOS framework that is ideal for a certain project.
  • Game Interface
    Our team is dedicated to creating UI designs that are optimized for each device in the Apple product line. Furthermore, we thoroughly treat all aesthetic aspects to achieve a comprehensive user interface layout.
  • Hi-tech Trends
    For Apple users, we create highly engaging 2D and 3D games. Our developers keep up with the latest trends in order to attract players' attention and compete on the Android platform.
  • Plug-in Development
    Plug-ins allow us to create native code in XCode and leverage a wide range of features in Unity iPhone game app development. The plug-ins we provide will provide fast access to the native platform on which your game runs, as well as increased capabilities.

Genres We Сreate

  • Adventure Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Word Games
  • Card Games
  • Slot Games
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Adventure Games

Eliora is a multi-player, story-driven 2D puzzle adventure platformer set in the 1st century AD in the ancient Roman Empire. The attractive game scenery and engaging tale ensure that everyone who starts playing it has an immersive experience!

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Puzzle Games

The infant game not only entertains children but also helps them grasp their surroundings. Children would be able to collect animal and fruit puzzles, play games with them, and learn about the animal and fruit worlds in general. Such an engaging experience will be a lot of fun while also helping children strengthen their attention.

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Word Games

Simply swipe the letter blocks and create words to earn cash! Find the answers to the crossword puzzles! GET THE WORD GAMES COLLECTION NOW and start exercising your brain to become a word master!

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Card Games

The card game Solitaire Kings is created to meet your expectations. It's a simple and hard game that takes full concentration yet can be played anywhere and at any time! Cards can be moved with a single tap or dragged to their destination. One of the most well-known games is solitaire.

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Slot Games

Mammoths' Millions is chock-full of fantastic slots and free casino games with every bonus imaginable. Spin the Las Vegas casino slot machines to win prizes, collect honey bucks, and win coins from the real Vegas social slots party. It's all about 777! Spin the wheel of these free casino games to see if you can win the jackpot.

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How We Work

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    Detailed plan
    We deliberate about each phase and decide on the outcomes of each stage. Why? To ensure the efficient workflow of our designers and developers. After that, we established standards and metrics to track our success.
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    We have reached an agreement on the visual concept for iOS 3D game development as well as the visuals for iOS 2D game development.
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    Our programmers create software that improves the user experience.
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    Bug-free soft
    To assure the excellent quality of our product, we always do alpha and beta testing.
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    We provide the technical and marketing assistance required to launch a game on the App Store.
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Why US

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    To provide high-quality iPhone game development services, we select appropriate tools.

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    Our iPhone game development company has a talented team that uses multiple methods to meet client needs.

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    We understand how to stay ahead of the curve and current iOS game development methods.

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    Each member of our team is a dedicated and experienced enthusiast, ready to think outside the box and devise solutions that will set your iOS game apart.

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    Our iOS game development company knows all stages, potential pitfalls, and solutions.

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    To choose the best strategy for your iPhone game development project, we analyze your business goals, target audience, market, etc.

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    Our hands-on experience creates stunning visual content.

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    Using powerful tools and techniques, our iOS game app development studio creates stunning 2D and 3D designs.

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    Our artists can create unique characters, environments, surfaces, and other objects for any game style or genre.

Frequently Asked Questions

When developing an iOS game for today's gaming audience, current solutions and meticulous approaches are critical. It is critical to research trends and create a list of required features. Then, you should hire a professional to create software and graphics for you. A professional studio, such as ours, provides iOS game development services,utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure the product is unique and compatible.
Unity game development for iOS enables developers to create games that are both fast and engaging. It's a mobile game developmentengine that supports C# and UnityScript (the language used by Unity). The Corona SDK, which uses Lua as a scripting language, is the next tool. Developers can use this software development kit on a variety of operating systems. SpriteKit is a 2D game development kit that supports the Objective-C and Swift programming languages.
Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are all the rage. You can reach the top of the App Store by incorporating these features into iOS games. Furthermore, depending on the specifics of your project, it is critical to provide your iPhone mobile app with an easy monetization system, social integrations, multiplayer mode, and more.
Find an iOS game development company that can bring your ideas to life and evaluate their capabilities. Make sure you're working with experts who understand the intricacies of the process.
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