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3d Modeler for Hire

You want to create a stunning 3D game, but your team lacks experience working with three-dimensional models? Whimsy Games can help! With us, you can hire 3D modellers to help you create realistic, extraordinary characters, objects, and environments for your future hit. In addition, you can save costs and get timely results with no extra hassle!

Our 3D Modeling Services

3D game modeling from scratch Our 3D modelers can start working on your tasks right from the beginning and lead your whole project independently. Our experienced professionals are well aware of the game development process and 3D art creation to deliver the best outcome. As a result, you save time and effort.
Boosting the core team Do you already have game artists but they lack expertise in 3D modeling? Let our expert teams help you. They'll also share valuable tips to help your team in the future. your game is realistic or cartoon-like, our concept artists will surely make the characters memorable. We are careful with details and polish the initial concepts to perfection.
After-launch support We provide proper after-launch support to make sure every piece looks flawless. We'll also help create new models if you decide to add more worlds, characters, or objects.

Our Technology Expertise in 3D Modeling

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Character design
Character design Our 3D modellers for hire can create any kind of characters: from humans to robots and monsters of all sizes, shapes, and styles that would perfectly fit your game concept.
Environment design
Environment design We'll help you create entire game worlds and make them 100% unique and memorable. We'll add eye-catching elements and help pick the most suitable style for your game's concept and genre.
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Props design
Props design To make your game surroundings complete, our professionals will work on secondary objects, weapons, vehicles, interior design elements, and buildings that perfectly fit the setting and add to the gaming experience.
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Icon and item design
Icon and item design Icons, status bars, and control buttons must be well-made to ensure intuitive gameplay and UI/UX. Our 3D modelers will enhance your game and make it even more enjoyable.
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3D sculpting
3D sculpting We also do 3D sculpting using the latest tools and software. This helps us add more customizable features and details to our models.

Professional 3D Modelers for Hire

Pro industry experts
Ease of implementing changes
Flexible cooperation terms
Client-oriented service providers
Motivated teams

Pro industry experts

We've gathered the best service providers on the market. So you can be sure every 3D model artist for hire you find with us will be a perfect fit for your game. We work mainly with middle and senior experts to ensure top quality.

Ease of implementing changes

We're flexible on any term. You can suggest any project change or request team adjustments anytime, and we'll take care of it immediately.

Flexible cooperation terms

You're free to pick any collaboration model and means of communication you prefer. Our 3D modellers for hire always keep in touch with you to provide necessary status updates and share the progress made so far.

Client-oriented service providers

Our experts know how to deliver a product tailored to your needs. Any 3D modeling studio you hire via Whimsy Games knows how important it is to follow your business goals. That's why we only offer professionals who understand what you need and how to achieve it fast.

Motivated teams

Every team you hire with us is passionate about what they do. That's why the results are always pleasing and exceed your expectations. Our experts are highly motivated to deliver a high-quality product that'll make your game compete on the market extremely well.

Our Models of Cooperation

We'll take care of the whole recruitment and management process for you! We've got an extensive pool of experts — we'll select the best ones ready to start immediately.
In this case, you sign the employment contract with the new teammates. You take care of management, allocating tasks, and quality checks. We take care of salaries, providing the workspace and tools.

Our Fundamental Benefits in 3D Modeling

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Cost-effectiveness Our services cost 50% less than hiring full-time 3D modelers working in-house. We accurately evaluate the project timeline and plan the budget properly to avoid overruns or unexpected costs. This favorable investment saves you time and money and enhances the overall product quality.
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100% transparency
100% transparency We root for transparent communication and would never do something behind your back. We don't impose hidden charges and always provide up-to-date feedback on the progress.
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Individual approach
Individual approach Our 3D modellers for hire don't create copycats — all our ideas and projects are original and never repeat each other. With us, you can be sure your game will be a promising competitor on the market.
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Deep expertise and knowledge
Deep expertise and knowledge We have worked with a broad technology scope and various tools for creating all sorts of 3D models. Our professionals have worked in the niche for years, and they all have impressive portfolios. So be sure — they can work with any idea and concept!
concept 3d character
Outstanding creativity and ideas
Outstanding creativity and ideas Broad vision and original ideas are what we're proud of at Whimsy Games. The teams we offer are great at brainstorming and can come up with the craziest ideas ever. We can adapt them to your game concept and produce extraordinary characters, objects, and environments.

Quick Facts About Us

Whimsy Games has gained a lot over the years, along with dozens of loyal, satisfied customers. Here's why else you should hire 3D modeler teams with us!

years In game development, specifically involved in 3D game modeling
projects Successfully released using our 3D models for their game worlds, objects, and characters
hours Spent on developing 3D models for your projects
clients Satisfied with our results

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Whimsy Games and hire 3D modellers with you?

Whimsy Games has been working in the game development industry for over seven years and has gathered a team of professionals ready to help with every aspect of your game, including 3D game modeling. Our modelers have worked on projects of all levels of complexity and know how to deliver high-quality results tailored to your needs.

Why hire 3D modeler teams?

You can hire 3D game modeler teams to create three-dimensional models of objects, characters, and even entire environments for your game. However, you can also use 3D modeling for commercial, educational, and other purposes. 3D models help properly visualize everything you're going to implement in your project and see if it's realistic and good-looking enough.

What affects on 3D modeler cost?

The cost of hiring 3D modelers depends on their level of expertise, years of experience, the quality of their portfolio, and whether they've worked with big game studios or publishers. Also, the price may vary whether they're working as freelancers or full-time employees and the collaboration type you chose: outsourcing or outstaffing.

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