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Whimsy Games creates universal solutions accessible to users from any mobile device. Get access to a wider range of players with our cross platform game development services. Our experienced team will impress you with cutting-edge quality and outstanding game designs.

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About Services

Cross-platform mobile game development needs no introduction. It’s just what it sounds like: we create gaming solutions compatible with various platforms. Engage your Android and iOS users equally with Whimsy Games services. Our experts use one code on multiple platforms, allowing fast and efficient implementation of your product. We also deliver a smooth user experience across all devices, satisfying your audience’s needs. Find out what our company can develop for you!

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We Offer:

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The asset creation process is straightforward. You can easily program it to do whatever you want. It enables NFT owners to make their tokens unique and secure, with limitless creative possibilities. Because tokens are secure, you will not lose control over them — this is their primary strength.
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You can sell your tokens on a variety of platforms and marketplaces. Because NFT ownership is simple to transfer, users from all over the world can purchase them. Enjoy a wide range of trading opportunities, including bidding, bundling, and selling on specific markets in exchange for a specific currency.
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It's no secret that developers have the ability to limit the number of unique assets they create. As a result, it raises the value and uniqueness of each token. Every NFT has its own "DNA" that cannot be changed, altered, or erased, and this does not change once it is uploaded into a chain.
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NFTs are interoperable and participate in a variety of ecosystems. You can learn about the new token launch and keep track of it by visiting a desirable platform or two. The ability to launch a token on various marketplaces allows you to explore the market and identify the best opportunities and platforms for selling or trading your NFTs profitably.
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NFTs are inherently difficult to duplicate or modify. It demonstrates their uniqueness and increases their value as digital assets. Furthermore, they are all stored on a blockchain, which means they cannot be stolen or changed. As a result, it is virtually incorruptible.
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Because NFTs can be traded immediately, their liquidity grows accordingly. You can keep your tokens as collateral for a large number of cryptocurrencies or cash. Furthermore, a large market audience increases the liquidity of the tokens, allowing them to expand the market and thus the opportunities for creating more unique tokens.


  • Game Development Engines
    Our team can use game engines to support impressive cross-platform 2D and 3D game development. Create unforgettable visual experiences for your users with us.
  • Version Control
    Cross-platform mobile games need to store and manage large amounts of attributes for each operating system. That’s why our experts carefully monitor all changes made to your game.
  • Platform Compliance
    Each platform, iOS or Android, has specific mobile app and game requirements. We ensure that all standards are met while making your solution equally effective on every platform.
  • Components Reuse
    Our company makes cross-platform game development fast and cost-effective. It becomes a reality as we reuse components such as code or design elements wherever possible.

How We Work

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    Our experts carefully study your requirements for cross-platform game development. We also set goals and produce an approximate plan for implementing your product.
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    At this stage, our specialists conduct a market analysis, namely, study your competitors and target audience. We also finalize the tasks and the crossplatform mobile game development stages.
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    Our designers transform your ideas into reality, creating bright visual concepts for your game and rendering 2D or 3D scenes. At the end of the stage, you will get a holistic design of your product.
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    Our engineers implement your product using advanced technologies and approaches at this step. We apply only the most effective programming languages, frameworks, and game engines. Our experts are proficient in Unity, C#, and React Native, among other things. Our developers
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    After developing a cross-platform game, we conduct alpha and beta testing. It is necessary to make your product high-quality and completely bug-free. As a result, you get a product ready for market launch.
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    Our experts ensure that your crossplatform game’s release is running smoothly at this stage. For this, we provide all necessary technical and marketing support.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Whimsy Games creates universal solutions accessible to users from any mobile device. Get access to a wider range of players with our cross-platform game development services. Our experienced team will impress you with cutting-edge quality and outstanding game designs.
Yes, Whimsy Games can build a decent cross-platform mobile game for you. Our game creation process consists of the following steps: Planning the development. Analyzing the market. Designing your game. Developing your mobile game. Testing your crossplatform game for bugs and limitations. Releasing your gaming solution on the market.
Cross-platform game development involves the creation of universal gaming solutions for different operating systems and platforms. Such games are available on various mobile devices and reach more users. They are also a cost-effective solution that is much faster to release as you no longer need to develop separate games for different platforms.
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