Cross-platform game development

Whimsy Games creates universal solutions accessible to users from any mobile device. Get access to a wider range of players with our cross-platform game development services. Our experienced team will impress you with cutting-edge quality and outstanding game designs.

Cross Platform Game Development Service

Cross-platform mobile game development needs no introduction. It’s just what it sounds like: we create gaming solutions compatible with various platforms. Engage your Android and iOS users equally with Whimsy Games services.

Our experts use one code on multiple platforms, allowing fast and efficient implementation of your product. We also deliver a smooth user experience across all devices, satisfying your audience’s needs.

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Features of Cross-Platform Mobile Game Development

Game Development Engines Our team can use game engines to support impressive cross-platform 2D and 3D game development. Create unforgettable visual experiences for your users with us.
Version Control Cross-platform mobile games need to store and manage large amounts of attributes for each operating system. That’s why our experts carefully monitor all changes made to your game.
Platform Compliance Each platform, iOS or Android, has specific mobile app and game requirements. We ensure that all standards are met while making your solution equally effective on every platform.
Components Reuse Our company makes cross-platform game development fast and cost-effective. It becomes a reality as we reuse components such as code or design elements wherever possible.

Our Models of Cooperation

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Outsourcing If you choose an outsourced cooperation model, you will transfer the cross-platform mobile game development work under our control. Our game dev studio, in turn, will offer high-quality development, compliance with your needs and requirements, and timely completion of tasks. This model of cooperation is budget saving as well. So, with Whimsy Games, you can be sure to get the product you imagined!
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Outstaffing If you choose an outstaffing collaboration model, you can fully control your cross-platform game development process. Our company, for its part, will provide you with a top-notch dedicated team that will work with you directly as a part of your in-house personnel. We’ll also take care of administrative processes, such as maintaining workplaces, calculating payroll, and providing employees with the necessary hardware and software.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Cross-Platform Game Development

Universal Code
Unified Look
Faster Development
Broader Audience
Coordinated Updates

Universal Code

No more spending time developing on different platforms. Use one code for all devices and operating systems. Our employees will help you with this.

Unified Look

Our team makes sure that cross-platform solution development goes smoothly and efficiently. What does it mean? We provide the same functionality, game look, and user experience on all platforms.

Faster Development

A cross-platform solution significantly speeds up development time compared to creating a native game separately for iOS or Android. By cooperating with us, you will immediately receive a game available on all devices.


Invest in one solution instead of spending money on developing separate games for different platforms. In addition, you will reach a wider audience, which in turn will give you more profits.

Broader Audience

With cross-platform mobile games, you get a user base of different operating systems, platforms, and devices. So engage both Android and iOS players alike.

Coordinated Updates

Make changes to your cross-platform games with ease. Our team can synchronize updates for all platforms and operating systems.

How We Work

Our experts carefully study your requirements for cross-platform game development. We also set goals and produce an approximate plan for implementing your product.
At this stage, our specialists conduct a market analysis, namely, study your competitors and target audience. We also finalize the tasks and the cross-platform mobile game development stages.
Our designers transform your ideas into reality, creating bright visual concepts for your game and rendering 2D or 3D scenes. At the end of the stage, you will get a holistic design of your product.
Our engineers implement your product using advanced technologies and approaches at this step. We apply only the most effective programming languages, frameworks, and game engines. Our experts are proficient in Unity, C#, and React Native, among other things. Our developers implement your product using advanced technologies and approaches at this step. We apply only the most effective programming languages, frameworks, and game engines.
After developing a cross-platform game, we conduct alpha and beta testing. It is necessary to make your product high-quality and completely bug-free. As a result, you get a product ready for market launch.
Our experts ensure that your cross-platform game’s release is running smoothly at this stage. For this, we provide all necessary technical and marketing support.

Quick Facts About Us

Whimsy Games is a top-notch P2E game developer. We want to show you our success in numbers.

IDEAS became a reality.
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GAMES reached the target audience.
GAMES use cutting-edge tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does cross-platform game creation mean?

Cross-platform game development involves the creation of universal gaming solutions for different operating systems and platforms. Such games are available on various mobile devices and reach more users. They are also a cost-effective solution that is much faster to release as you no longer need to develop separate games for different platforms.

Can you create a cross-platform game?

Yes, Whimsy Games can build a decent cross-platform mobile game for you. Our game creation process consists of the following steps: Planning the development. Analyzing the market. Designing your game. Developing your mobile game. Testing your cross-platform game for bugs and limitations. Releasing your gaming solution on the market.

How much does it cost to develop a cross-platform game?

The final cost of cross-platform mobile game development depends on various factors. These are the number and complexity of features, design characteristics, the tech stack, the game engine, the average hourly rate of the dev company, and the cooperation model: outsourcing or outstaffing. Please get in touch with Whimsy Games directly if you want to know your game’s exact cost. We will gladly calculate it for you.

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