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Whimsy Games is a professional NFT design studio. For over seven years, we've been working with designs of all levels of complexity. Our team has brought the most outrageous ideas to life. We know how important it is to create catchy and rare tokens — and bring the value they truly deserve. Trust us — our designs bring the most demanding and picky customers!

What are NFT Design Services

Non-fungible tokens are a great way to secure your ownership rights to the artwork, real estate, music pieces, and even some weird digital items. Plus, it’s a great way of earning profits and getting quite significant royalties if you know how to sell them properly. 

As an NFT design company, we at Whimsy Games offer various services to fit your every taste and requirement. Our team has completed hundreds of projects. Pains and pitfalls you might face – we know them all. No need to worry. We appreciate the value of unique and memorable designs, and we’re working just on that. So let’s make you some outstanding tokens for outstanding profits!

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Our NFT Development Design Services

2D NFT Design Services Since 2D NFTs are the most widespread, you'll need your ideas to stand out. Our team of over 60 experts will make those tokens pop and earn you some nice money!
3D NFT Modeling If you want to give your tokens an extra feature, creating 3D NFTs is what you can make great use of! As an NFT design studio, we know how to freshen up any design by adding a 3D element to your ideas.
NFT Animation Designs Need to liven up your token creatives? We got it sorted! At Whimsy Games, we've worked on dozens of NFT animation projects that were a huge success. Why not try them out?
NFT Collection Production One's not enough? Let our team help you out! We're here to create as many token designs as you want and connect them to a specific topic or idea. In our case, the more the better!

Benefits of NFT Design

concept 3d character
Art Selling Opportunities
Art Selling Opportunities NFT trading and production are highly-rewarding. That's why many art creators stick to the blockchain marketplaces to sell their digital artwork. This opens up new opportunities and markets to both beginner-level and professional artists. Moreover, it's a lucrative option since creators don't need to work with intermediaries and get the revenue themselves.
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Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions Whether you're working on token production on your own or using the services of an NFT design company, you're free to apply any outstanding ideas — as long as they comply with current trends. You should know the market well to make your tokens stand out and get popular among buyers. We're here to help you with that!
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Ownership Security
Ownership Security Once you've created and released an NFT on the desired platform, you can be sure you won't lose any ownership rights to it. Since tokens are protected with unique metadata and codes, no one can erase or alter them. Hence, even if anyone makes copies of your NFT design, you'll never lose copyright.
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Global Reach
Global Reach Want to make your ideas go international and get to more potential fans? NFT is a great way to start your art selling career. You'll be working with global marketplaces and platforms. Get a chance to gain massive impressions and view rates among users worldwide. Isn't it exactly what you want?

Genres we Have Created NFT Designs in

PvP Battle Games
Adventure Games
Racing & Sports Games
Card Games
Slot Games

PvP Battle Games

Our team offers a variety of NFT design services related to PvP battles. We can offer unique, stunning character, weapon, and costume designs. Every avid player would be jealous of them!

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Adventure Games

Explore the magical scene and landscape designs we can offer for you. We pay extra attention to details, so your NFTs would look just great for many potential buyers.

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Racing & Sports Games

Still quite a popular genre among game developers. Our team creates customizable sports-related NFTs in both 2D and 3D formats. We love adding some animation to them, so why not try it for your ideas?

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Card Games

Cards are great collectibles in an NFT world. Let us create a brand new token card collection for you — this will be an impressive one!

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Slot Games

Here at Whimsy Games, we offer secure and high-end art pieces for the slot game genre. Take your NFT designs to a whole new level with us!

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One of the beloved game genres among people of different ages and generations. We'll help you create stunning NFT designs for your shooter game and make it a hit!

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How do We Work

As an NFT design studio, we get detailed requests and requirements from you and work through them. We discuss every aspect of your future NFTs and do some brainstorming. Once we've agreed on the key feature list and deadlines, we're ready to work on several possible concepts.
Our team offers a range of ideas we've worked — with regard to your wishes. Together, we pick several of the most promising ones and give suggestions on improving the outlook of these designs.
Concept & Art Creation
Once we've agreed on the key design concepts, we get to actually produce them. Based on your final requirements and our suggestions, we develop several mockups and polish them before final approvals.
Client's feedback
We present our creations to you and get detailed feedback in return. Then, we make final improvements and fix all the possible issues you notice.
Final decision
After we've shown you the final design versions, you pick the one you loved the most and are free to place it on the most favorable platform of your choice. Then, we'll be waiting for you to receive more NFT design orders!

Why Outsource NFT Design Services to Whimsy Games

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Internationally recognized company
Internationally recognized company As a professional NFT design studio, Whimsy Games is trusted and approved by a variety of clients all around the globe. We have over five years of expertise working with token production and know how to deliver exactly what you need to release profitable and unique NFTs on your marketplace.
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Timely result delivery
Timely result delivery We understand that time is money. Since we've got years of experience as an NFT design company, we can ensure on-time project delivery. We always stick to deadlines — whatever level of complexity we face in our orders. That's one of the reasons that make us industry professionals.
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Compliance with world trends
Compliance with world trends We at Whimsy Games know what the public wants. That's why we only work with up-to-date, relevant market trends and create all our designs based on them. Our experts understand the importance of delivering desirable and unique NFTs. That's why you won't need extra effort or help from the third parties to promote them and make them more visible to the public.
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Full transparency
Full transparency At Whimsy Games, we're 100% honest and transparent with our clients. That's why you won't notice any extra charges or hidden fees in our price lists or agreements. You’ll see that we work with you fairly and honestly. It is in our DNA, and we’re happy to see our clients feeling it.

Our Results

As an experienced NFT design studio, we are constantly improving our expertise and trying to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Here's why you should apply for our services!

Clients Have been loyal to Whimsy Games since their first project order. Our clientele is constantly growing, and we have a return rate to be proud of
Projects Were successfully completed by our team so far. We keep working with a variety of clients all over the globe and hope to grow this number quite soon
Hours Spent on concept art creation. We give extra attention to producing high-quality, eye-catching, and extraordinary designs — that's what our key advantage is
Experts Work every day to deliver the best and most creative results to you. We're always improving our skills and doing our best to do an outstanding job for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-fungible token?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents a unique piece of property. This can relate to music, images, real estate, etc. They're part of the blockchain ecosystem, the Ethereum one in most cases. However, they can exist in a variety of other blockchain network options like Solana, Binance Smart Chain, or Cardano. NFTs contain a set of metadata and cryptographic codes, which proves their uniqueness and provenance. Thanks to them, you can prove ownership rights to a token. It's impossible to alter, remove, or delete these codes from an NFT. Sure, you can make a copy of a token, but you won't have any rights to it. Since these tokens are non-fungible, you can't replace or exchange one NFT for another. That's why they have great value as collectibles. You're able to gather a great collection of sports cards, rarities, and even alcoholic drinks or artwork. Some of the weirdest examples include digital perfume, flowery toilet paper, and a dog stick.

How can I earn with NFTs?

The first thing that comes to mind is creating and selling your own NFTs. There are various platforms like OpenSea or SuperRare where you can easily place your tokens and sell them to others. However, it's not the only way. So, how else can you earn extra profits with the help of non-fungible tokens?" You can offer NFT design services — as part of an agency or on your own. You can place examples of your work or do some self-promotion among potential customers interested in specific designs. Plus, you can try renting out — it's basically loaning a token for a given period for an agreed price. In this case, you don't lose ownership rights. Otherwise, you may trade tokens. You can buy and sell NFTs and skip the minting process at the same time. You must know the value of each token you want to sell to make a great deal. Plus, you have total freedom of marketplace choice, making it more convenient. One of the options is NFT gaming. You get to create or participate in blockchain-based games. There, you can buy or exchange in-game items — just like they do in CryptoKitties, one of the most famous examples. Finally, try investing in NFT startups — it's also one of the easiest ways of indirect earning with NFTs. You don't get any exposure to the market, though you get a good return on investment.

How long does it take to develop an NFT design?

It's all quite personal and depends on various factors. How many designs do you need to create? How detailed and complex are these designs? What is your or your contractor's level of experience? Is there a specific deadline for the tasks? These are the questions you'll need to consider. Speaking of creating a single token design, it can take from 15 minutes to several hours and even days. An experienced NFT design studio can create several templates within an hour or two, while an individual can do it a bit slower and vice versa. Plus, you can always ask how much time it'll take to bring your design ideas to life.

How should I price my NFT?

If you've already created a token collection or used NFT design services from a contractor or a dedicated agency, you would need to give your creations a price. What do you need to rely on to charge others properly? Firstly, it would depend on the demand and rarity your NFT possesses. If you got it right, your single token or a whole collection would go at a great price. How can you make sure of that? Below, you'll find some main tips to give proper pricing for your NFT creatives. Get more insights into where you're selling your tokens. Find out more about the NFT ecosystem and the market trends — this is what you'll need to know to sell your artwork at a nice price. Plus, don't forget to take your potential buyers' opinions into account, as well as what your competitors do. It will give you more information about the demand-supply trends in the market. Also, you should find your perfect price balance — start selling low, gradually raising the price. Don't rush it — if your NFT is any good, you'll get your buyers eventually. Experimenting with styles and ideas may also be a great idea. This will make you a unique seller and your NFTs — an interesting asset to invest in. All extraordinary ideas do great on the market like this, so use them to your advantage. Represent your tokens on different platforms — this is an excellent way of gaining more potential buyers and those interested in the arts you offer. Describing your creation will also help you out. Everyone loves a story behind any artwork. Think of what you can deliver through your tokens and think of a powerful backstory to your NFTs. Finally, be generous — don't think discounts aren't a good solution for the NFT market. This is also a great way to attract more potential clients and make them buy your art. Think of some seasonal offers and extra discounts for any special occasion. Thus, you’ll drive more interest to your offerings and bring more customers.

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