Android Game Development Studio

Whimsy Games provide all-in-one solutions for top-quality Android game development. Our team is at the top of the list of the best game development companies on Clutch and Goodfirms. We offer fast and effective services of Android game programming to make your game working across multiple screens. You can count on our expertise and awareness in this industry, as we've been developing customized Android games for over three years.

Android Game Development Services We Offer

2D & 3D Single and Multiplayer Software Our team specializes in Android video game development solutions that target fans of single or multiplayer games. As we always keep an eye on trends, you'll get the best of 2D and 3D visuals in all genres.
Interface & Graphics With graphics and animation, our designers build a genuine experience of functional UI design combined with exquisite visuals.
Up-to-date geared tool Using Unity for Android game development, our developers enhance speed and optimize game characteristics in APK covering given device features.
Maintenance & Support We lend you a hand 24/7. You can count on our help even after finishing the project.

Our advantages in Android game development

Multi-device support
Multi-device support Our specialists provide more than five builds for different devices based on the mobile device architecture.
Crashes analytics
Crashes analytics We track and monitor issues on Android devices to maintain a bug-free landscape.
Customized approaches
Customized approaches Based on a cohesive vision, we opt for specific Android game development tools to produce competitive apps and games.
Plug-in development
Plug-in development We build customized plug-ins supported by any Android device.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Board Games
Casual Games
Endless Runner Games
Multiplayer Games
Arcade Games

Bingo: Love in Montana

Play bingo cards, use amazing boosters, get lucky numbers, fill in lines and win Bingo, and renovate the mansion, including its garden and characters’ home. Polish your interior, landscape, and garden design skills while playing cards and creating combos! This game was created in cooperation with our partner Galaxy4games.


2048 Balls is full of adventures and it offers you unique game play with simple game controls, stunning graphics, and with cool sound effects. Join these extremely addictive and awesome merge ball games to refresh your brain, and to get a higher number of balls for merge. We promise you that once you start playing this 2048 bubble games you won't stop playing it.

Super Panda Rush

Jump on your motorbike and try to get as far as possible in this funny and challenging game. But that's not all. You will get special offers in the game and you can participate in amazing events and promotions throughout the year.


The slamming player attempts to make each KOG turn over and land face-up. KOGs landing face-up after a slam are removed from the stack and held by the slamming player. KOGs that didn’t flip over are restacked before the next player takes a turn. The player with the most KOGs at the end WINS!

Magic Cave

Throw and match colored stones to pop and drop treasures in this challenging bubble shooter game with addictive and intuitive gameplay to defeat the Evil Dwarf and recover your treasures.

Way We Work

Setting goals
We create a roadmap for Android mobile game development, starting from objectives and rough estimates.
Marking out milestones
Together with our clients, we lay down criteria, schedule every stage, and consider all sensitive issues.
Creating graphics
As soon as the art style is defined, we implement your visual concept into holistic design.
We build software the best for game development Android.
Bug-free soft
We always run alpha and beta testing to ensure the high quality of our product.
We always run alpha and beta testing to double-check software, apps, and game functioning.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

Advanced proficiency
Advanced proficiency We are well aware of tendencies and possible pitfalls in Android game programming, so we choose specific tools in Java and Android SDK to develop high-capacity software.
Elaborate design
Elaborate design Our high-skilled designers create animation and graphics following the latest tendencies in the gaming industry.
Result-based service
Result-based service Our team works to meet each client's needs and provide a high-quality, competitive product.
Total user privacy
Total user privacy We respect your data and treat your confidentiality according to the NDA agreement for not disclosing any bit of information to the third parties.

Our Achievements in Numbers

Our Whimsy Games team improves every day, and here are our current results.

GAMES hit the market.
GAMES with up-to-date features.
PROJECTS use complex and advanced software solutions.
MOTIVATED PROFESSIONALS in our team, passionate about their job.


What types of build systems are used in Android optimization?

Gradle and internal build systems are mainly used to generate the output package (APK). Gradle endows direct Build and Run while internal executes the Unity build process, applying Android SDK utilities.

What frameworks do you use for Android video game development?

Our Android game development studio mainly applies Unity 3d, React Native, Ionic, Corona SDK.

What is the timeline for Android game dev?

Android game development and design depends on several factors but mainly on its complexity. We discuss everything before starting the project and keep in touch with you at every stage.

Do you provide support when the project is over?

You can always contact our support team to deal with technical issues at any Android game programming stage and after its release.

Let’s talk

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Hours Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM (EET)