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Whimsy Games offers complex solutions for custom Android game development. Whimsy Games is one of the best game development companies according to ranking on Clutch and Goodfirms. We develop mobile games with great attention and professionalism. Rest assured: we can make your game perform well on any Android device. You can rely on us as we have more than three years of experience developing custom Android games.

Services for Unity Game Programming

Are you ready to fulfill your game ideas into life?

Use Unity, the technology that shattered the world of programming!

Currently, Unity games overtook a significant part of the market, as it helps create the world’s most popular and memorable games.

Looking to hire a Unity Game Development team?

With Whimsy Games, you can get end-to-end Unity gamedev service for any device, including mobile, desktop, and console.

Our team delivered over 150 successful projects during the last two years and got dozens of thankful clients who like what we do.

We can build any Android game for you!

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Android Game Development Services We Offer

2D & 3D Single and Multiplayer Software Whimsy Games team offers professional Android video game development services both for multi and single player games. We are trend-oriented, so you will get the latest and most effective visual solutions of 2D and 3D for all game genres.
Interface & Graphics Not only magnificent graphics we offer! Our design specialists will build intuitive Ul/UX design too.
Modern Geared Tool Using Unity, you will get increased speed and well optimized game characteristics for Android game development in APK.
Service & Support We offer not only 24/7 support while development, but also when the project is already finished

Our Advantages in Android Game Development

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Multi-device support
Multi-device support With our team, you get more than five builds designed for different devices for any type of mobile device architecture. Ready for multiple screen sizes, your Android game will reach a wider target audience. We can make your Android game skyrocket.
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Individual approaches
Individual approaches We have a clear vision that helps us to create competitive apps and games using Android game development tools. Whimsy Games team will look at your business in depth to offer the best solutions to fit in your custom request. We will choose the most beneficial solutions for you.
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Crashes Analytics
Crashes Analytics To make a bug-free game for Android devices we are constantly tracking and fixing issues. Data-driven approach helps our team to increase performance and triage issues on flight.
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Development of plug-in
Development of plug-in We build unique plug-ins running on any Android device. By building a powerful plug-in component you can add more peculiarities and increase the potential of your Android game. .

In Which Genres We Have Created Games

Board Games
Casual Games
Endless Runner Games
Multiplayer Games
Arcade Games

Board Games

In this game, you can play bingo, use boosters, get lucky numbers, fill in lines and win Bingo, and renovate the mansion with the garden. While playing cards and creating combos, you can improve your interior and landscape design skills! We worked in collaboration with Calaxy4games to create this game.

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Casual Games

2048 Balls features a variety of adventures, straightforward gameplay, impressive graphics, and remarkable sounds. If you want to challenge your brain, follow this merge balls game and improve your daily results! It is impossible to stop playing this 2048 bubble game once you start doing this.

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Endless Runner Games

This jolly and intense game requires you to jump on your motorbike and navigate your way as far as you can. With this game, you will receive special offers throughout the year and participate in special events and promotions.

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Multiplayer Games

The goal of each player is to land a KOG face-up by slamming it. All KOGs that land face-up will slam the player and disappear from the stack. Before the next player takes a turn, KOGs that did not flip are restacked. The winner is the player with the biggest number of KOGs.

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Arcade Games

Enjoy contagious and user-friendly gameplay by throwing colorful stones and collecting treasures in this adventurous bubble shooter game and win the battle with Evil Dwarf.

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How Do We Work

Setting goals
The best way to reach the goal in Android mobile game development is to create a roadmap. We can do that by making rough estimates and setting objectives. Our clients are kindly asked to fill in the brief for the project, which helps us to offer the best service possible and to fulfill business goal
Setting Up Milestones
In close collaboration with our clients we set up criteria, schedule each step and predict possible issues. Every stage of our work needs to be agreed upon starting the project. This allows us to serve high-quality Android app development.
Choosing Graphics
You choose the art style and we implement it into visual design right after that. Our Android game development company is equipped with teams of 2D and 3D artists, mobile game creators, and all necessary marketing and technology specialists.
We are building the best software for Android game development. Our game dev teams have all the necessary skills in the most popular frameworks, programming languages, game engines and the latest technologies.
Bug-free solutions
The quality of our products is high because we never leave our products without alpha and beta testing. We carefully approach our code cleanliness and maintain up-to-date documentation to make the Android game development process flawless.
To ensure that our gaming software is functioning well, we always conduct alpha and beta testing. Our QA team offers post-release support and never lets issues remain unnoticed. With our help, you will avoid tiny bugs that can become critical in the future.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

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High Level Of Knowledge
High Level Of Knowledge Our team is well aware of trends and potential pitfalls of Android game programming, which is why we use special tools in Java and Android SDK for high-performance software development. To deliver promising results, our game developers have extensive experience with Android features and use the most up-to-date technologies
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Result-oriented service
Result-oriented service Our work exceeds clients' expectations and lets them enjoy high-quality and promising products. We strive to achieve practical solutions with all our efforts. Whimsy Games is transparent and open in communication because it helps us better understand our customers and their vision.
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Elaborate design
Elaborate design Team of our highly qualified designers create animations and graphics according to the latest trends in the gaming industry. It is important not to follow all the trends but choose the perfect fit to stand out among other game creators.
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Protected user privacy
Protected user privacy Whimsy Games have a respectful and responsible attitude towards the clients complying with an NDA and do not disclose any information. We do everything we can to ensure that our clients are protected because cyber security is one of the top concerns today.

The Numbers Behind Our Accomplishments

Here is an overview of the current performance of the Whimsy Games team.

Games ace the market
Games have got cutting-edge features
Projects with custom software solutions
Proactive Professionals who does their dream job

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of build systems are used in Android optimization?

In Android video game development, internal build systems and Grade mostly exist to create the output package (APK). One can test, deploy, sign and distribute APKs. Using Gradle, a direct Build and Run process is possible at the same time while Unity build process is executed, utilizing Android SDK tools.

What frameworks are you using for Android video game development?

Our Android game development studio works with such game engine as Unity 3d, and our tech stack includes React Native, lonic and Corona SDK. We choose technologies depending on the specifics and requirements of a particular project. Game developers at Whimsy Games have extensive experience using a wide range of frameworks and programming languages, so they help you choose the technology to advance toward your goals successfully.

What is the schedule for Android game dev?

Android game development and design depend on different aspects but mostly on complexity. Our team gathers all the information before the project begins, and we can lend you a hand at any time throughout the process. Whimsy Games advocates a strict deadline for the release of your Android game. We offer a flexible model, doing as much as possible to shorten the time frame and launch the game on time or even earlier.

Do you provide customer support after the completion of the project?

If you want your product to engage more and more audiences, you have to perform regular updates and tech maintenance. We offer game maintenance and stay in touch with our clients after the Android mobile game development, even when the job is done. Our support team is always ready to solve any technical issues at any stage of your Android game programming in case you need any help even after the project is finished.

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