NFT Game Development

Whimsy Games is a leading NFT game development company that offers top-notch NFT gaming solutions for striking gameplay. We apply cutting-edge technologies and track the latest industry trends to mix them into our products.

Whimsy Games – Your Reliable Partner for NFT Game Development

Our team unites skillful developers with solid experience in NFT game development services like creating tokens and building NFT gaming platforms. We would gladly give your business an exceptional opportunity to create your own marketplace and engage with thousands of users worldwide. Creativity comes along with it! Whatever your game genre is, we can always help you enrich it with digital features like gaming tools and assets. Characters’ peculiar features and powers, weapons, points – just to name a few. We use the Admin SDK built-in method to generate custom tokens so that you can fully control the authentication process and ensure players’ satisfaction.

Our NFT Game Development Services

NFT Game Development Services Our experienced team of developers uses top- class approaches to create different genres of NFT games - sports, fantasy, adventure, and the like.
Customizable NFT Games We develop customizable NFT games so that your user will be able to create their own world and adjust other built-in assets.
NFT Concept game At Whimsy Games, we create the concepts of NFT games, which allow you to test and improve characters, environment, and other assets.
NFT Game Development for Android and iOS You don't have to choose an operating system. We develop a quality product, keeping an eye for the nitty-gritty of both Android and iOS.

NFT Game Development Features

Digital agreement on excluding malicious activities
Digital agreement on excluding malicious activities As security is a cornerstone for non fungible token game development, we build our products with a focus on protecting token transactions in the marketplace.
Decentralized NFT platform
Decentralized NFT platform You can update your NFT data in a blockchain whenever a new block is introduced.
Instant payments
Instant payments You don't have to provide your card details or any sort of personal information to trade on the platform.
Algorithmic trade-off opportunity
Algorithmic trade-off opportunity Buyers and sellers are reached automatically in line with their searching experience.

NFT Games We Create

Arcade Games
Action Games
Fantasy Games
Board Games
PvP Battle Games
Adventure Games

Arcade Games

At Whimsy Games, we develop multiple puzzles with impressive gameplay and appealing design.

Action Games

Whether creating from scratch or designing a single element of the action game, we pay attention to details since our top priorities are a high-quality and breath- taking gaming experience.

Fantasy Games

Our non fungible token game development expertise helps create a vivid fantasy world with a catchy environment and unique characters, letting game players dive deep into the fictional reality where all is possible.

Board Games

We create an innovative board game experience, mixing up the latest NFT technologies with all the buzz board games like Monopoly and many others.

PvP Battle Games

Our team allows you to customize your gameplay. Enjoy your exceptional opportunity to turn costumes, weapons, skills, and power into premium NFTs for sale.

Adventure Games

For adventure games, we have a unique approach. So we create not only an exquisite environment, characters, and assets but also ad hoc gameplay. We provide exclusive maps, tokens, power upgrades, costumes in the marketplace.

How We Build NFT Game

We run a market analysis and compare it with your business goals to get a comprehensive picture of the final result.
Goal setting
We build a detailed set of actions with deadlines and benchmarks not to miss a thing.
Concept Creation
We design a concept of your NFT game to make all changes before the development process.
Developing & Coding
Our dedicated developers create your game using proven tools and working techniques.
Software Testing
Bug-free and top-quality games are our priority. We run alpha and beta testing to make sure the game is ready to roll out.
Game Release
Our team develops games on a turn-key basis. We help you to roll out the final version of the game to Google Play and App Store.

Here's why our clients choose us

Professional expertise
Professional expertise With a relevant background in the game development industry, we combine proven methods with innovative tactics to create tailored gaming solutions.
Unique approach
Unique approach We use required engines and develop software to meet your needs.
Marketing trends
Marketing trends We follow trends in the mobile game industry, so we'll help you hit the big audience.
Transparent pricing
Transparent pricing You get informed about our mobile game development cost as soon as we start working. No hidden payment is applied ahead.

Quick Facts about Whimsy Games

Being an experienced NFT Game development company, Whimsy Games stands behind several successful NFT projects. Look at the numbers that demonstrate it.

HOURS of game development expertise.
TALENTED developers, designers, and project managers passionate bout their job.
COMPLETED projects with stunning results.
CLIENTS trust our expertise and have already ordered over 100 outsourced projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT in gaming?

NFT gaming allows you to monetize the gameplay so that video gamers can earn money while playing NFT games. It can be any object collected during the game process. Starting with skins, rare collectible items, or avatars. An NFT game development company adds new experiences and increases the gamification process to a new level. This technology has gained more popularity due to the global crypto-boom and modern cyber-safety options.

What is the use of NFT in games?

In-game NFT hunt develops a new level of engagement among old gamers, attracting a new generation. Users can get a more realistic experience and monetize their virtual assets in NFTs. Also, it creates a real value for players' time spent in-game. Finally, gamers worldwide will be able to trade gained e-rewards for actual money.

What types of NFTs can be created on the gaming platform?

Characters, vehicles, trading cards, weapons, virtual landscape - you can create all kinds of NFTs.These objects' value differentiates by their looks, utility, and level of item-rarity. In some cases, a gaming platform can stick an NFT to a game character, so users will be able to trade them. Also, players can obtain NFTs in cyber-objects found during a gaming process. It is important to mention that an NFT game development company develops earn-to-play types of gaming. It helps players get income while playing.

What technologies do your developers use to develop NFT gaming solutions?

NFT game development companies often use Flow to produce high-quality virtual content, applications, and games. As for alternatives, we need to mention Tezos. Its FA2 NFT contracts are efficient for the development of an NFT marketplace. In Whimsy Games, we also use the Admin SDK built-in method for the custom tokens generation. And a decentralized NFT platform that allows updating an NFT data in a blockchain whenever a new block is introduced.

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