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Pixel and Voxel
Art Design

Whimsy Games team has vast expertise in crafting pixel
and voxel art games of diverse complexities. If you're
interested in creating such a game, please don't hesitate
to reach out, and we can discuss it further.

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We Offer:

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Concept art creation
We can assist you in creating concept drawings for your characters from the ground up. We'll provide the necessary resources and the best ideas.
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Customizable character design
We will assist you in creating pixel and voxel art designs that are tailored to your tastes and requirements. You may be confident that you will receive high-quality, one-of-a-kind artwork for your next release.
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Full-cycle production
We offer full-stack production services and can handle time-sensitive projects. Our design teams are prepared to begin immediately in order to fulfill your tight deadlines.
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Game visualization
We will assist you in effortlessly and swiftly incorporating character imagery into your game. We will also deal with any problems that may arise during the procedure.


  • Custom tech stacks
    We don't have a uniform tech stack for creating pixel and voxel art designs. According to our expertise, each creative style, genre, and environment necessitates a unique mix of tools and software to get the greatest results. As a result, we'll select the technologies most suited to the job.
  • Experienced teams
    We recruit generally medium- and senior-level individuals with years of expertise in the appropriate sector to provide high-quality services. All of our artists have mostly worked on pixel and voxel art projects and can select the best methods and techniques for each job.
  • Original ideas
    Our staff is always brainstorming new concepts that not only match your preferences but also correspond with industry trends, giving your game a higher chance of success.
  • Business-driven experts
    Our professionals understand the significance of developing high-quality solutions that meet the demands of businesses. We want our goods to stand out in the market, so before we begin every project, we do market and competition research.
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About Services

Pixel and voxel art games remain popular among well-known game studios as well as tiny independent teams. This visual style evokes nostalgia, gives a game a distinct "digitized" aesthetic, and is an ideal choice for a variety of genres. Creating pixel and voxel art designs for your games will be quick and enjoyable if you have a good tech stack and a professional crew. Whimsy Games can assist you in creating a pixel and voxel character or a slew of them.

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  • Arcade games
  • Fighter and shooter games
  • Runner games
  • NFT games
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Arcade games

Pixel and voxel art arcade games transport players back in time, and they look fantastic. We may, however, create a fresh, modern-looking title by employing actual gaming pixel and voxel art character designs.

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Fighter and shooter games

For fighting games, our teams may build either traditional or steampunk characters. We'll pay close attention to their skins, weaponry, and unique qualities in order to give each of them a unique backstory.

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Runner games

Runners may also be amusing and full of eye-catching characters that players can enhance or change to their liking. We will assist you with developing distinctive characters for your runner’s title in order to distinguish it from the competition.

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NFT games

Pixel and voxel art design is quite popular in NFT gaming projects that let users develop and govern virtual environments as well as design their own pixel and voxel art avatars and characters. This is a new trend in blockchain-based games, and we can help your gamers enjoy your game even more by including renowned personalities.

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How We Work

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    Introductory meeting
    We will begin with an introductory call to discuss the type of pixel and voxel art design you like for the game. To optimize the process, we will agree on the number of team members, timelines, and appropriate frameworks.
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    Project preparation
    Before we start, our team will do a market study to identify the most recent trends in your industry. We will also select the most appropriate technology stack to ensure that the final design is exactly what you desire.
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    We will begin drawing the initial designs after we have obtained appropriate references. Our professionals will produce the initial drafts and send them to you for comments.
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    Feedback and improvements
    We will get your feedback on the areas that need to be improved or adjusted. As soon as we finish the final version, we will double-check with you to ensure that everything is correct.
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Why US

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    With our assistance, you can bring your vision to life and make your dream a reality.

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    We aim to showcase the uniqueness of your game by generating bespoke designs based on your preferences and essential needs.

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    We emphasize open communication and keep you up-to-date on the status of each project.

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    We provide extensive reports and comments to let you know which major issues or improvements we were able to address.

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    We want our collaboration to be as easy as possible, so you may always change the team size and composition, deadlines, or project goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pixel art is a creative form of digital art that uses small pixels to create a larger image. This visual style is popular in a variety of gaming genres, including puzzles, action games, and fighters. Pixel art may be used to create both 2D and 3D games with varied levels of depth and detail to achieve the desired ambiance.
We must first comprehend what a pixel is in order to comprehend what voxel art is. A pixel is the tiniest visible component of a picture in 2D graphics. When you fully zoom in on an image, you will see a grid made up of several tiny squares. We refer to each of these squares, which are all shown in the same blocked color, as a pixel. The 3D equivalent of a pixel is a voxel.
Pixel art based games are typically more lively, entertaining, and occasionally a little retro. It is nonetheless an excellent choice for futuristic or steampunk games. Essentially, pixel art is a very versatile style that can work with almost any genre or game environment.
Creating pixel art isn't as simple as it appears at first glance. Even if you're working on a 2D game, you'll need to master a variety of ways to add depth and texture to your characters and the in-game environment if you want to make a high-quality pixel art game. To generate great designs and make your game a respectable contender on the market, you'll need to learn how to work with particular tools and use visual editors.
One of the main reasons pixel art is still so popular is because of nostalgia for the 1980s and 1990s. Another reason for pixel art games' success is their unique appearance. Although such games may appear simple, several well-known gaming studios are able to add complex images to them. Without the use of complicated tools or software, pixel painters may develop a distinct style for the game's scene and characters, as well as add other effects such as tints or lighting.
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