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Cryptocurrency Consulting Services

Blockchain ceased to be a fad and has become trendу as it boosts the trust, security, and transparency of the company. More and more businesses strive to integrate technology into their process. How to make it seamless? Whimsy Games, a pioneer and expert in cryptocurrency consulting, gives a helping hand and delivers crypto consulting services of top quality. We hold a great wealth of solutions to fit different business needs.

Blockchain Consulting Services

Companies from various industries see lots of potential in implementing blockchain technologies. Hence, the demand for crypto consulting services is growing as well.

Consultants help businesses develop growth strategies and optimize business efficiency. They advise on what blockchain technologies are worth implementing and their impact on a company. Plus, consultants create proof of concept and implementation strategies, determine potential risks, and provide risk management advice.

Whimsy Games is an experienced cryptocurrency consulting firm offering professional advice and strategic planning tailored to your company’s needs. We’ll help you grow and implement top-notch technologies for scaling your business success!

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Cryptocurrency Consulting Features

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Data-driven decision-making Providers of crypto consulting services apply the latest analytics tools and ensure up-to-date insights to help your business maximize its profitability and engage more potential users. All the recommendations are based on solid data and ensure effective results as soon as you implement them.
Tech-savvy, trendy solutions To compete well and ensure extra revenue, you need to keep up with the latest market trends and ensure timely updates of your system. We will help you define the top tendencies in you industry and figure out how you can maximize your profits out of it.
High level of personalization Since blockchain consultants work with plenty of industries and specific requirements from their clients, the level of customization is always really high. This helps your apps and solutions stand out and drive extra attention from users. We will help you develop original ideas and concepts to ensure great performance from the very beginning.

Cryptocurrency Consulting Services We Offer

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Blockchain development
Blockchain development Our experienced consultants in gaming data analytics can help with blockchain system development. They'll provide you with useful advice and give recommendations on which type of blockchain and for what purpose to implement them.
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Research and analysis
Research and analysis We'll help you define the best area for implementing a blockchain system that'll fit your business needs. Whether it's a financial app or a payment system, we'll take your business needs into account and find the best options.
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Smart contracts
Smart contracts Smart contracts are a great way to automate the agreement execution with no third-party interaction. Our gaming analytics consultants will help you implement them into your system for facilitating a range of business functions like managing a workflow.
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Regulatory and legal compliance
Regulatory and legal compliance Blockchain systems enhance legal compliance and help compliance officers keep an eye on completing all the steps required by particular regulations. Our team of consultants can help you make sure your system meets all the requirements and complies with every rule.

Industries We Deliver Blockchain Consulting Services For



You can get to know what cryptocurrency can be better adjusted to your business goals. How to boost monetization with the best solution for your project?


We'll reveal the points on how to make the best Web 3 game experience and what technologies are the best for this purpose.


Sell your game assets and yield more benefits from the game. If you don't know how to do that, contact us to learn more.


One of the many targets of our blockchain consulting is to help you build a safe and secure environment where you can protect your users' private data in a more sophisticated, technology-powered way.

How We Work

Strategic planning and brainstorming
We start our journey with in-depth research of your company's profile and generate ideas on how to reach the goal in the most effective way. We'll analyze the applicability of blockchain technologies and offer the most relevant solutions that maximize the transformation impact.
We examine the workflow and suggest ideas on how to improve it with blockchain technologies.
Setting checkpoints
Our cryptocurrency consultant team builds a roadmap for our projects and defines milestones to get the expected end result.
Once we've got all the necessary information, we get to prototyping the solution. We can also share knowledge with your team for implementing further projects independently.
Prototype approval and development
Once we've worked through every aspect and got approval, we develop the real-life version of your future solution. We ensure proper implementation management and custom add-ons to achieve the best results.
Solution release and performance testing
Once we've released your solution, we run performance checks and see how it works in reality.
Post-release support and management
To ensure the proper functionality of your new blockchain ecosystem, we'll provide after-launch support and bug fixes. We'll also release necessary updates to help you keep up with the latest trends.

Why do Whimsy Games Services Fit Your Business Goals?

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Many-year industry expertise
Many-year industry expertise Whimsy Games not only provides blockchain consulting, but we also know how to implement the technology into projects of different difficulty levels in practice. Moreover, our team follows trends and tendencies to integrate the latest technologies into your products.
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Security as the top priority
Security as the top priority Our team dedicates much attention to security issues. We use trusted tools to create and maintain a safe environment that is also compliant with regional and international regulations.
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Customer-centric approach
Customer-centric approach We provide a customized approach when offering crypto consulting services. We adapt tactics and methods to achieve the best results for you quickly and effectively.
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Professional customer success team
Professional customer success team You get a manager who will stay in touch with you and give you feedback on any query. We have your back at all times.

Quick Facts About Us

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What is Cryptocurrency consultation?

Our cryptocurrency consulting firm offers offline and online meetings to discuss blockchain in the tiniest details, especially its significance for your business. We examine your company’s profile to become better aware of the peculiarities of your business. It also enables us to find the best-fit solutions to optimize and reinforce your company with blockchain technologies. We'll help you navigate cryptocurrency for your business and marketing needs.

How much does it cost to avail of cryptocurrency consulting services?

The cost varies from project to project and depends on different factors: complexity, the number of involved experts, and formats (a one-time consultation, workshop, training modules, etc.). Get in touch with us, and our manager will provide more information.

How can blockchain benefit businesses?

Blockchain offers transparency and security. Blockchain allows storing loads of information and prevents duplicates, fraudulent entries, and the like. The technology also removes risks as it provides end-to-end encryption and privacy.

What is the job of a blockchain consultant?

A blockchain and cryptocurrency consultant assists in developing growth strategies. They are experts in building and implementing key blockchain strategies aligned with your business goals and optimized business efficiency. You can get insights on what impact the blockchain has on your company and the ways of its integration.

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