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Reality (AR) App Development

Looking for an Augmented Reality app development company that offers custom solutions close to reality? Look no further than Whimsy Games! As a leading AR app development company, we are dedicated to helping businesses embrace the power of this revolutionary technology. So why wait? Choose Whimsy Games for your next AR-based solution and experience the benefits of augmented reality services!

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Transform your life with augmented reality!

Our team of highly skilled augmented reality app developers has extensive knowledge and experience in cutting-edge technologies like Vuforia, ARKit, OpenCV, and ARCore. We specialize in integrating 360-degree panoramic imaging, 3D modeling & visualization, and real-time character identification to create realistic AR solutions. Our goal is to provide the best user experience for businesses seeking to engage their audience and gain an edge over their competitors with interactive applications.

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We Offer:

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As technologies of Web3 and AR continue to develop, we can expect to see more innovative and creative applications that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
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Unreal Engine
Unreal Engine is a powerful tool for creating 3D content, making it ideal for developing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. With features like object recognition and camera tracking, developers can seamlessly merge the digital and physical worlds in real time. Unreal Engine's expertise in virtual reality (VR) content makes it a popular choice for AR development.
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Unity is a popular engine for creating Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. It offers tools for 3D graphics, animations, and physics simulations and supports AR features like object recognition and camera tracking. With a large developer community and VR capabilities, it's a versatile choice for creating engaging AR content.
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AR kits
AR software development kits (SDKs) provide developers with pre-built tools and libraries for creating AR experiences without starting from scratch. Popular kits include ARCore for Android, ARKit for iOS, and third-party options like Wikitude. Documentation is provided, allowing for rapid development and modifications. Choosing the fitting kit is essential for the platform and project requirements.

AR Industries

    AR is a vital teaching tool for med students. It creates 3D images of organs that look like real living things, which helps surgeons understand complex procedures quickly and saves them valuable time.
    Pokemon Go's use of augmented reality created unprecedented popularity, with over 250 million monthly players. The game demonstrated the vast potential of AR in entertainment and gaming, particularly in mobile gaming.
    Augmented reality is an excellent tool for retailers to engage online and in-store customers. It's beneficial for try-on experiences like eyewear, makeup, and furniture.
    AR design helps us visualize concepts in a physical environment and understand their size, shape, and surroundings. It provides a higher fidelity visualization, allowing us to envision the end product better.
    AR enhances travel by offering personalized experiences based on location. Gatwick Airport has tested AR to guide passengers with navigational beacons and a smartphone app.
    AR revolutionizes education by allowing learners to interact with inaccessible objects from their familiar environment. Educators worldwide are incorporating it into their methods; we expect this trend to continue and grow.

Genres We Сreate

  • Adventure Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Card Games
  • Shooters
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Adventure Games

Our metaverse game developers produce captivating adventure games that allow users to immerse themselves in an intriguing virtual environment.

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Puzzle Games

We make challenging puzzle games that engross the players entirely. To win, they will need to focus their full attention and intelligence.

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Card Games

Our Metaverse game creation allows players to have a casino-like experience without leaving their homes. Whimsy Games' developers integrate the aspects that make the game distinctive.

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Our team comprises developers and designers who create games with smooth functioning and dynamism. Our professionals devote close attention to detail while crafting distinctive characters.

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Our usual AR application development process consists of five steps:

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    Brainstorming the AR Ecosystem
    The first step is to understand the AR ecosystem, including the types of headsets and platforms available, the types of sensors and controllers, and the hardware and software requirements.
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    Setting Development Goals
    The next step is to establish clear development goals for the AR application, including what the user experience should be, what features the application should have, and who the target audience is.
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    Prototyping the User Interface
    The third step is to design the user interface for the AR application, which can be done using AR development tools such as Unity or Unreal Engine. The user interface should be designed with the AR headset and controllers in mind, and it should be intuitive and engaging.
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    Developing the Application
    The fourth step is to develop the AR application, which involves writing code and creating the assets necessary for the application. This can be done using programming languages like C# or C++, and tools such as Unity or Unreal Engine.
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    Testing, Deploying and Releasing the Application
    The final step is to test the application to ensure it works as intended, and to make any necessary changes or improvements. Once the application is ready, it can be released to the public.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Augmented reality is a remarkable technology that allows virtual objects to be projected into our natural world through mobile devices or headsets. You can even take photos and videos of these objects! This is excellent news for marketers because they can create unique experiences for their customers. With augmented reality, brands can engage with their audience in new and exciting ways, increase word-of-mouth marketing, and even boost online sales. It's worth checking out!
Augmented Reality games incorporate AR elements into your environment, but unlike Virtual Reality, you don't need a fancy headset to enjoy them. All you need is your trusty mobile device. These games can range from something as simple as a 3D object, like a chess board placed on a real surface like a table, to something as complex as an entirely new world built on our current one.
AR apps allow users to access and interact with AR content. These might be well-known social media apps (such as Facebook and Snapchat) or they might be custom-built native or web apps designed for specific purposes.
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