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Whimsy Games is an industry-acknowledged company that also delivers top-grade NFT staking platform development services. We create a platform for you in line with modern requirements to boost user engagement and enhance the NFT business opportunities.

Features of NFT staking platform development

NFT staking refers to locking up NFTs for multiple purposes. Staking NFTs assets hold plenty of advantages for users and is widely popular in the Metaverse world.

NFT stacking platform is a convenient and reliable way to monetize with NFT assets. When finding a reliable partner like a Whimsy Games team to create a platform that matches your needs, you invest in the promising and fast-developing business. Give us the trust and a liquidity pool within the NFT space.

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Our NFT staking platform development service

NFT Staking Platform Development Whimsy Games offers a full cycle of NFT stacking platform development that launches with project analysis and planning. Yet, it doesn't finish after the product release. We continue maintaining and supporting it.
NFT Staking Platform Design We run UI/ UX research to understand your users' needs better. Thus, we can provide a visual upgrade of the platform that includes improvements to the platform interface.
NFT Staking Platform Maintenance and Support It's important to remain competitive in the ever-changing decentralized ecosystem. The Whimsy Games team helps you monitor the metrics and boost performance. Try out platform support and maintenance!
NFT Staking Platform Consultation By holding many-year industry expertise in NFT staking platform development, we offer consultancy on how to develop a new product or enhance an existing one. Reach out to our team to get fast and effective insights.

Our Benefits in NFT staking platform development

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Innovative tech stack
Innovative tech stack NFT staking platform development requires advanced technologies. Our specialists keep abreast with the latest industry solutions and apply their knowledge of the best technologies to make your product.
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Splendid user interface
Splendid user interface With a paramount significance of a user interface, our NFT staking platform development services aim to provide the top level of engagement with users. We build a platform that helps users achieve their goals.
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Integration of Smart Contract
Integration of Smart Contract To make the interaction between a buyer and a seller more effective and fast, we incorporate the technology of Smart Contract to close the deal faster without compromising transparency and security.
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Unique add-ons
Unique add-ons We enhance an NFT staking platform with exclusive add-ons to make your product more comfortable for users. Plus, it will allow your platform to effectively stand apart from competitors.

Types of NFT staking platform development We Offer

Art-based NFT
E-sport & game-based NFT
Asset-based NFT
Automated NFT

Art-based NFT

With our NFT staking platform development services, we create a space for artists and designers where they can monetize their artworks into NFTs. The platform holds numerous features for trading, closing deals, and receiving royalties.

E-sport & game-based NFT

An NFT staking platform holds many opportunities for companies to make money on NFTs with influential players. This kind of NFT has already made all the buzz in the Metaverse.

Asset-based NFT

This kind of NFT allows for syncing digital and physical assets, making them available in the virtual and real world. It can be anything, starting from real estate, customized avatars, etc.

Automated NFT

It means that your platform will offer the users to generate NFTs. Automated NFTs are especially popular in the crypto world as they are a new form of digital art.

How We Work

Introductory meeting
We kick off NFT staking platform development services with an overview of resources, the scope of tasks, the technology stack, and expectations.
Then, we move to the analysis of feasibility in order to find the optimal ways of project delivery. Plus, we agree on benchmarks to monitor the success and measure metrics.
Our team designs a prototype of the interface and other pages to get a comprehensive look at the NFT staking platform. Plus, we present a mock-up of the user profile, payment page, settings, and so on. We test different designs and choose the one that fits your project concept.
At this stage, our specialists elaborate on the best solutions for programming and deployment. We also integrate smart technologies to make your product outcompete and engage with a greater number of users.
Quality Assurance
Apart from checking every feature after each stage of development, our testers validate the project as a whole. We make sure the software functions seamlessly, the design is pleasant, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
Market launch
When all is ready and functions flawlessly and seamlessly, the time to release a platform comes. We double-check that platform users can use its potential with no limits and enjoy all the features.
Post-release support
As a trusted and reliable partner, Whimsy Games keep monitoring the performance of your project, assisting with features updates and all other issues that may appear in the future.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT staking, and how does it work?

NFT staking stands for blocking NFTs on a platform or protocol to get staking rewards and other privileges. Users can obtain rewards based on the staking duration, annual interest rate, and the number of NFTs staked. Staking an NFT is similar to bitcoin or ether staking. A user needs a cryptocurrency wallet with NFTs and appropriately filled information. It's also vital to learn about the Annual Percentage Yield (API).

What is the NFT staking platform development service?

NFT staking platform development services imply a wide range of services Whimsy Games delivers to its customers. We do our best to build a platform where users will be able to attach non-fungible tokens to a platform or protocol and obtain rewards in exchange for these actions. It’s a great way of monetization. If you want to get more details, contact our team for a pleasant talk and more info.

What are the benefits of staking?

The crucial benefit of staking is an opportunity for you to generate more crypto with lavish interest rates. In fact, it's possible to get more than 10% or 20% per year by investing in crypto that uses the proof-of-stake model.

What is the process of staking an NFT?

NFT stacking is significantly faster and easier with an NFT staking platform development company by your side. By hiring the Whimsy Games team, you kick off your project with a trusted partner able to provide NFT staking services in line with your needs.

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