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NFT Staking Platforms Development Company

Whimsy Games is a well-known company that also provides high-quality NFT staking platform development services. We design a platform for you that meets modern requirements in order to increase user engagement and expand NFT business opportunities.

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About Services

NFT staking is the practice of locking up NFTs for multiple purposes. Staking NFTs assets provides numerous benefits to users and is widely used in the Metaverse. The NFT stacking platform is a simple and dependable way to monetize NFT assets. When you find a dependable partner, such as the Whimsy Games team, to create a platform that meets your requirements, you are investing in a promising and rapidly growing business. Give us confidence and a liquidity pool in the NFT space.

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We Offer:

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NFT Staking Platform Development
Whimsy Games provides a complete cycle of NFT stacking platform development, beginning with project analysis and planning. However, it does not end with the product release. We will continue to maintain and support it.
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NFT Staking Platform Design
We conduct UI/UX research to better understand your users' needs. As a result, we can provide a visual upgrade of the platform, including enhancements to the platform interface.
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NFT Staking Platform Maintenance and Support
It is critical to maintain competitiveness in the ever-changing decentralized ecosystem. The Whimsy Games team assists you in monitoring metrics and improving performance. Try out platform support and upkeep!
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NFT Staking Platform Consultation
We provide consulting on how to develop a new product or improve an existing one based on our many years of industry experience in NFT staking platform development. Contact our team for quick and effective answers.


  • Innovative tech stack
    The development of an NFT staking platform necessitates the use of advanced technologies. Our experts stay up to date on the latest industry solutions and use their knowledge of the best technologies to create your product.
  • Splendid user interface
    With the importance of a user interface at the forefront, our NFT staking platform development services strive to provide the highest level of user engagement. We create a platform that assists users in achieving their objectives.
  • Integration of Smart Contract
    We incorporate Smart Contract technology to close the deal faster without sacrificing transparency and security to make the interaction between a buyer and a seller more effective and fast.
  • Unique add-ons
    We improve an NFT staking platform with exclusive add-ons to make your product more user-friendly. Furthermore, it will enable your platform to effectively differentiate itself from competitors.

Genres We Сreate

  • Art-based NFT
  • E-sport & game-based NFT
  • Asset-based NFT
  • Automated NFT
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Art-based NFT

We create a space for artists and designers to monetize their artworks into NFTs through our NFT staking platform development services. There are numerous features on the platform for trading, closing deals, and receiving royalties.

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E-sport & game-based NFT

An NFT staking platform provides numerous opportunities for companies to profit from NFTs with influential players. This type of NFT has already created quite a stir in the Metaverse.

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Asset-based NFT

This type of NFT enables the synchronization of digital and physical assets, making them available in both the virtual and physical worlds. It could be anything, from real estate to customized avatars.

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Automated NFT

That is, your platform will allow users to generate NFTs. Because they are a new form of digital art, automated NFTs are especially popular in the crypto world.

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How We Work

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    We kick off NFT staking platform development services with an overview of resources, the scope of tasks, the technology stack, and expectations. Then, we move to the analysis of feasibility in order to find the optimal ways of project delivery. Plus, we agree on benchmarks to monitor the success and measure metrics.
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    Our team designed a prototype of the interface and other pages to get a comprehensive look at the NFT staking platform. Plus, we present a mock-up of the user profile, payment page, settings, and so on. We test different designs and choose the one that fits your project concept.
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    At this stage, our specialists elaborate on the best solutions for programming and deployment. We also integrate smart technologies to make your product more competitive and engage a greater number of users.
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    Quality Assurance
    Apart from checking every feature after each stage of development, our testers validate the project as a whole. We make sure the software functions seamlessly, the design is pleasant, and the user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
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    Market launch
    When all is ready and functions flawlessly and seamlessly, the time to release a platform comes. We double-check that platform users can use its potential with no limits and enjoy all the features.
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Why US

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    We design the project to meet your specifications and deliver the best possible result to exceed your expectations.

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    Our experts share their knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the best results possible.

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    When developing the NFT staking platform, we built our processes with the client in mind and showcased the backstage.

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    We shed light on project scoping, delivery, kickoff, and maintenance.

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    As the primary goal of our blockchain services, our security experts provide impenetrable security.

Clients trust us

Leo Kahn
I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with our collaboration. Whimsy Games has exceeded our expectations with their exceptional game development services. The team's creativity, professionalism, and timely delivery have been outstanding. Undeads highly recommends Whimsy Games as a valuable partner in the gaming industry.
Ben Fairbank
Executive Managing Director, Gaming Provider
It has been a great pleasure to work with Whimsy Games. Their ability to not only deliver great work but also provide suggestions and solutions to potential problems by understanding and analyzing the project deeply, was highly appreciated.
Silas Reinagel
Founder at Enigma Dragons
Whimsy Games is a very professional group. They are highly organized, great communicators, and have a wide range of skills to help you build the game you want.
СEO at SmartApps
I’m really happy with your determination to accomplish the project we are working on. I know it wasn’t easy and still we will have more to come.. but I knew your great team could do it, and your skills & helpful attitude makes it clear that you can continue to take on new challenges and grow with your partners.
Jackie Jin
CEO at SquidGames
I have been working with Whimsy for almost 2 years and have had a very good experience so far. I vetted several game dev contracting services and was very impressed by Whimsy’s transparency, communication and quick turnaround time.
Haider Bokhari
CEO at Win Chunks
I absolutely loved working with Whimsy Games. They are so professional and their communication is amazing. I had an amazing time working with them on a day to day.

Frequently Asked Questions

NFT staking is the practice of blocking NFTs on a platform or protocol in order to earn staking rewards and other benefits. Users can earn rewards based on the length of their stake, the annual interest rate, and the number of NFTs they stake. Staking an NFT is similar to staking bitcoin or ether. A cryptocurrency wallet with NFTs and properly filled information is required for the user. It is also critical to understand the Annual Percentage Yield (API).
Whimsy Games provides a wide range of services to its customers, including NFT staking platform development services. We work hard to create a platform where users can attach non-fungible tokens to a platform or protocol and receive rewards in exchange for these actions. It's an excellent method of monetization. If you want more information, please contact our team for a pleasant conversation and more information.
The most important advantage of staking is the opportunity to earn more cryptocurrency at high interest rates. In fact, investing in crypto that uses the proof-of-stake model can yield returns of more than 10% or 20% per year.
With an NFT staking platform development company on your side, NFT stacking becomes much faster and easier. By hiring the Whimsy Games team, you begin your project with a reliable partner who can provide NFT staking services tailored to your specifications.
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