Concept Art Services for Video Games

Our concept art agency brings your ideas to life. Passion, creativity, professionalism - all these skills help the team create unique and colorful worlds. With concept art, you can imagine a virtual world as the real one before the development phase.

Whimsy Games - a Concept Art Outsourcing Studio

Whimsy Games is a dedicated team, which offers top-notch concept art services. We’ve gathered over 45 talented developers and designers to ensure the high quality of concept art videos and games. 


We’ve gathered over 60 talented designers to ensure the high quality of concept art services. We offer full cycle development and address both industry and gameplay peculiarities when making a concept.


Our Video Game Concept Art Services

Character Design Our concept art agency creates characters in various styles and genres - from true-to-life to cartoon and fictional characters. We pay much attention to details and think out the concept of both a protagonist and secondary characters.
Location Visualization We know how important settings are for engaging gameplay. That's why our team creates an impressive vision of the fictional world and virtual urban replicas to bring them to reality.
Level Crafting The specialists of our concept art studio plan and design layers meticulously. They define not only attention-grabbing points but also points of interest and spatial level design. Specialists at Whimsy Games develop games in line with current market trends and based on user research data.
3D & 2D Design of Vehicles, Weapons, and Objects We not only design eye-catching characters but pay much attention to other objects. We strive to make them perfect and give them a life-like look. Our skilled designers elaborate on every detail, curve, and color to match the game environment and genre.

Platforms for Concept art

Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming We account for the peculiarities of different mobile platforms and applications to make a proper view of texts, graphics, and other details across all devices.
Video Gaming
Video Gaming With a deep understanding of game mechanics, our team designs multiple game layers and focuses on significant points in the video game concept development.
2D Concept Art Design
2D Concept Art Design We seek to create impressive 2D designs and use thought-out concepts to get a comprehensive picture of the virtual world after its development. Our team also create several concepts to determine the style.
3D Concept Art Design
3D Concept Art Design With the help of 3D concept art, we design the game worlds and locations, shape the movements of future characters, making them unique and true-to-life.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Character design
Creature design
Environment design
Prop & asset design

Character design

Character design is focal in game development. We create fantasy and real-life characters and build characters' physical traits and personalities based on the provided references and notes. Our concept art company turns your vision of all characters, their peculiar features, clothes, and accessories into reality.

Creature design

The creature design is more than a combination of different fictional and realistic elements. We make every creature unique and pay attention to details: shapes, lines, movements, perspective, and contrast.

Environment design

We know how crucial the environment is for holistic gameplay. That's why we work out every piece of your game world using the best graphic tools. Our specialists incorporate the best industry approaches to developing urban and natural landscapes.

Prop & asset design

Some may find props and assets less important. But not us! Every asset or prop rounds out the holistic perception of the game and create the ultimate fictional reality. We create either replicas or every object from scratch.

How Do We work

Setting out a plan
Our concept art agency begins every project by researching and gathering ideas. collecting existing ideas.
Taking up references
We get ready for this stage of our cooperation. We show you suitable references and expect to see yours.
Picking up tools
Our team decides on the matching tools to develop your concept art project. We also find the best specialist who can bring to life your specific task.
Creating 2D animation
We apply the matching technology stack depending on your needs. Our specialists use either standard Unity toolkits or Spine to create advertising videos, cartoons, or games.
Developing 3D art
Our concept art agency keeps an eye on details, paying attention to features and the number of characters, landscape, and the like. It helps us optimize and improve the performance of the product.
Adding uniqueness
We adjust animation and customize it in Unity in line with your requirements.

Why Outsource Concept Art

Professional and responsible team
Professional and responsible team Whimsy Games is a goal-oriented team of talented designers and developers who build functional concept art and produce a result acceptable to all.
Long experience in concept creation and game development
Long experience in concept creation and game development Our concept art company has been working for over ten years in the game dev industry. We are aware of the latest trends and can implement them, minding quality and marketing demand.
Dedicated and communicative team
Dedicated and communicative team At Whimsy Games, we like to discuss and improve every stage with each other, just the same way we do with our clients.
Ready to go hard
Ready to go hard We're open to any innovative visions and bold ideas. Tell us about the game concept, and we'll rally all our knowledge and background to release a product that will exceed all your expectations. By communicating, we come to the truth.

Our results

We're experts, not just in words. Our achievements are measured in numbers.

SKILLFULL SPECIALISTS developing high-quality games.
HOURS SPENT on concept art creation and game development.
GAMES have successfully hit the market.
COMPLETED PROJECTS for clients from the US, Europe and Middle East.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a game concept?

A game concept means a vision you have for your future game. You outline a form on either a screen or paper to understand better how to bring your ideas to life and which of them will work better. The creation of the game concept covers different processes like storytelling, art, and promotion. As a client, you'll discuss every stage with a team of developers, artists, and marketers to make sure the game concept corresponds to the set goal.

What is the difference between concept art and illustration?

When talking about concept art, we mean the vision of the game - characters, background, special effects, and other objects. An illustration is an image. It may also refer to a narrative image when main heroes, villains, props, and environment are depicted together to convey the story. So, these are two different processes.

Why do we need concept art?

Concept art serves to bring the idea of mood, feel, and look into the game design and development. This approach in game dev saves tons of time and effort. You can get down to the nitty-gritty and discuss all nuances before starting the production. So, each team member clearly understands their task pool and follows the roadmap set out at the very beginning.

What should be included in concept art?

Concept art is aimed at representing a visualization of the overall idea, mood, and design of the game before putting it into the final version. The concept art services include the creation of characters, creatures, landscapes, buildings, weapons, and vehicles.

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