Concept Art Services for Video Games

Our concept art agency can visualize any idea of yours. Creativity, professionalism, and passion lead us to create beautiful new worlds. You can picture a virtual environment before a development phase thanks to concept art.

Whimsy Games - a Concept Art Outsourcing Studio

Whimsy Games unites dedicated professionals and offers top-notch concept art services. Dozens of developers and designers on our team ensure the high quality of games and art videos.

Whimsy Games specialists offer a full cycle development. They use gaming and industry trends when working on concept art.

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Our Video Game Concept Art Services

Character Design Our concept art agency can create new characters. You’ll enjoy a variety of styles and genres, from lifelike to cartoon figures. Rely on our attention to details and get the game concept that cover main and supporting characters well.
Visualizing Location Setting is crucial for immersive experience. That is why our team builds a realistic picture of the imaginary universe. Non-existing places we create look and feel true-to-life.
Level Crafting The Whimsy Games team follows the latest industry trends while planning and designing levels. Our concept art studio professionals know how to grab the users’ attention and let them enjoy games to the fullest.
2D and 3D Design of Objects We adjust the characters to a virtual environment they’re in, striving to give them a life-like look. Our designers pay great attention to every curve. That’s why the characters fit the game genre.

Platforms for Concept art

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Mobile Gaming
Mobile Gaming Our team studied the perks of different mobile applications. No wonder our texts and graphics look good across all devices.
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Video Gaming
Video Gaming Our team can design multiple game layers focusing on significant points of game mechanics and a game concept development.
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2D Concept Art Design
2D Concept Art Design Our designers are armed with the thought-out concepts to create impressive 2D designs. You get a full picture of the virtual world even before its developed.
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3D Concept Art Design
3D Concept Art Design Using the 3D concept art, we create the game locations and characters, that are unique and life-like.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Character design
Creature design
Environment design
Prop & Asset Design

Character design

Character design is a cornerstone in game development. Our concept art company creates character’s physical traits and personalities, to turn your vision of their peculiar features into reality.

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Creature design

The creature design goes beyond simple combination of fantasy and real-life components. Every creature we make is one of a kind because of its shapes, lines, and perspectives.

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Environment design

Environment is essential for an immersive gaming experience. That’s why we apply the best graphic tools to create urban and natural locations.

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Prop & Asset Design

Details matter. That’s why we create every object from scratch or use replicas. This way, every asset has its unique value in the imaginary world.

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How Do We work

Planning Stage
Our concept art agency collects the ideas and researches information on a project.
Working with References
It’s a two-way street: we show you our references, and ask you to do the same.
Choosing the Tools
Our designers pick the matching tools for your concept art project. Plus, we assign the best-fitting team member to work on every specific task.
Drawing 2D Animation
Your needs may vary. So do our approaches. Our designers use various technology stacks (such as Unity or Spine) to make games.
Creating 3D Art
Our concept art agency looks for the most efficient ways to improve the product performance. That’s why we invest a lot of attention to the game features, the number of characters, and the landscape.
Making Game Unique
The final touch is customizing animation in Unity aligning it with your expectations.

Why Outsource Concept Art

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Team of Professionals
Team of Professionals Whimsy Games has gathered talented developers and designers. Our specialists can produce a result that will impress your and your users.
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Years of Experience in Game Development
Years of Experience in Game Development As a concept art company, Whimsy Games has been in the game dev industry for ten years. We combine our expertise with the latest trends and adjust them to the market demand.
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Dedicated Team Members
Dedicated Team Members Communication is key for us to ensure the game aligns with client’s expectations.
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Ready to Impress
Ready to Impress Share your game concept with us, and we’ll apply all our skills and background to bring even the boldest ideas to life.

The Outcome

Our achievements are fixed in data. See the results for yourself.

Professionals Creating top-notch games.
Hours Spent on game development.
Games Released into the market.
Finished Projects For US, Europe, and Middle East customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Game Concept Mean?

A game concept is an idea you have for your future game. It comprises the storytelling, art, and promotion part, and can be outlined on either a screen or a paper. With our team of developers, designers, and marketing specialists, you’ll discuss every stage of game creation, to ensure, it aligns with the project goals.

Concept Art and Illustration: Is There Any Difference?

Concept art is the game vision — including characters, special effects, and background. Illustration, on the other hand, is an image, depicting the main heroes, villains, and environment, to convey the story properly. These are two different processes.

What a Concept Art is for?

Concept art is an inside look on the game design and development. It saves plenty of efforts on game creation, and helps to spot the nuances before the production stage. The concept art helps every team member to understand their part in a process and follow the roadmap from the very beginning.

What Does a Concept Art Include?

The concept art services are: characters’creation, building landscapes, weapons, vehicles, etc. Concept art serves as a preliminary visualization of an idea, helping to embrace a game atmosphere before the final version is launched.

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