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3D Artists for Hire

Got a stunning 3D game idea but lack capacities to create game visuals that would match your vision? Whimsy Games is here to help you! With us, you can hire 3D artist teams and start working with them ASAP. We offer cost-effective, high-quality results and a flexible pricing model so you can perfectly meet your budget expectations. Let us show you why else it's worth working with Whimsy Games!

Our 3D Game Art Services

3D game art from scratch Our teams can start working with you from the very beginning. Our talents will take care of the concept art, finalizing the visuals, and bringing all your ideas to life in the best way possible.
Enhancing your core team If you already have a team of artists, but they haven't worked with the new genre, platform, or 3D game art in general, our specialists come to the rescue. With our skilled creators, you get stunning art in any style. Also, they’ll share necessary knowledge with your core team to boost their competencies.
Ongoing support If you hire 3D artist teams with us, they won't say goodbye as soon as you release the game. Instead, we provide constant project support to ensure perfect visuals with no flaws. We can also develop new characters, items, or entire worlds if you want to scale your game.

Our Technology Expertise in 3D Game Art

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Character design
Character design Our 3D artists for hire have developed characters of any complexity and detail, so they can easily create as many diverse people, animals, monsters, or robots as possible.
Environment design
Environment design One of the main points of 3D games is creating an exciting world to explore. We can bring all your ideas to life so everyone can enjoy stunning views and realistic environments.
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Props design
Props design Without supporting objects, the worlds and characters don't seem complete. We can work on weapons, vehicles, interior elements, and practically anything you might want to add to your world to make it pop.
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Icon and item design
Icon and item design If appropriately made, icons, status bars, and buttons add to the UX and improve the UI. We'll ensure every visual game element will be in its place and look 100% appealing and easy to follow or navigate.
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3D sculpting
3D sculpting We use the latest software to work on sculpting. This tool helps us add more details and customizable features to the existing models.
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3D game modeling
3D game modeling We create 3D models for every object, character, and environment. We start with sketches and then add textures to produce realistic items and details.

Professional 3D Game Artists for Hire

High level of expertise
Timely project completion
Best professionals on the market
Client-driven, motivated teams

High level of expertise

We work primarily with middle and senior experts to ensure timely and professional project completion. Their advanced soft skills let them always maintain proper communication with you.

Timely project completion

We know how much time means to you, so our 3D artists for hire work hard to ensure you'll release your project in time. In addition, we always provide status updates so you can always track the team's progress.

Best professionals on the market

We've gathered all the top professionals in our database, so we'll save you a lot of time searching for the best 3D artists in the nice.

Client-driven, motivated teams

Any 3D game artist for hire we offer pays extra attention to your needs and knows how to make the final product even better. Our art teams are passionate and highly motivated to deliver the best results for you and make great visuals for your game.

Our Models of Cooperation

Save time on the employment process — we'll do this for you! We'll select the most suitable candidates from our database who'll start working on your project once you're ready.
You sign the employment agreement, and all the new employees are under your control. You take care of giving away tasks, managing the process, and quality review. We'll provide administrative services like paying salaries, finding the workplace, and necessary equipment.

Our Fundamental Benefits in 3D Game Art

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Great value for money
Great value for money Whimsy Games offers fair pricing with no hidden fees. In addition, we accurately estimate the timeframe to avoid budget overruns and unexpected costs. Plus, our services let you save 50% on hiring in-house 3D artists working full-time, making cooperation with us a pleasant investment.
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Outstanding creativity
Outstanding creativity Our 3D game artists offer out-of-the-box ideas and concepts. They create eye-catching art and can boldly combine art styles to develop something unique for your game.
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Original ideas and designs
Original ideas and designs If you hire 3D artist teams at Whimsy Games, you'll see that our professionals never create copycats or use a "copy-paste" pattern in their works. Instead, we care about your every project and want to make every game compete well on the market. You’ll get original ideas exactly when and where you need them.
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Deep knowledge and expertise
Deep knowledge and expertise We've been working in game dev for over seven years and have already achieved significant results in 3D game art. Our artists have impressive portfolios and have worked with various art styles, genres, and platforms.

Quick Facts About Us

If you're still unsure if you're ready to start working with our 3D artists for hire — have a look at our latest results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D game art?

3D game art is creating three-dimensional game objects using height, width, and depth, which give volume to characters, objects, and surroundings. It's quite an expensive game visualization type to create, requiring up-to-date software and powerful computers to work with. 3D art enhances movement and controls in the game and lets players explore the surrounding world better.

What does a 3D artist do?

3D artists for hire create three-dimensional models of every visual game element, including the environment. Professional artists don't just work with light, shadows, and composition. They're also well experienced with complex structures like anatomy to provide more realistic characters and enhance the visual gaming experience.

How to hire 3D artists that perfectly fit your needs?

If you want to hire 3D artist teams for your game project, you can look at some of the most popular and trusted platforms like Behance, Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork. One of the critical selection criteria should be their portfolio so you can see if they've worked with your genre and art style. Alternatively, if you want to save time searching for artists alone, you can leave a request to an outsourcing or outstaffing company to help you quickly find relevant professionals.

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