Game Environment Design Services

Looking for a professional, dedicated team that can create a top-notch environment design for your game? Whimsy Games offers full-stack environment design services for projects of any complexity and genre!

Features of Game Environment Design

Designing an environment for any game, whether a 2D or 3D project, is quite a big deal. Creating a stunning world that fits your project’s plot, genre, and art style will help to immerse the players in a new virtual reality.

Whimsy Games will ensure your games are interactive and consistent. With the help of our professional environment designers, each setting will meet your target audience’s expectations, market trends, and key technical requirements.

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Our Game Environment Design Services

Props design While creating environment design for video games, we always take care of the smallest details contributing to the overall atmosphere. That's why we design more than just landscapes or scenes — we work on the interior or outdoor elements, plants, etc.
Location and scene design We can produce any kind of landscape and surroundings for your game world, from fantasy forests to post-apocalyptic scenes. We will ensure it fits your game's setting, plot, and genre.
Object design Our teams will create a game design environment with interactive objects you can use to make your game world even more immersive. These include vehicles, weapons, clothes, and basically anything you want your characters to interact with throughout the gameplay.
2D/3D environment design Our design experts are experienced in both 2D and 3D environment creation. Your project team will include specialists who have worked in your game's genre and art style.

Our Benefits in Game Environment Design Outsourcing

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Professional tools
Professional tools We don't have a one-size-fits-all tech stack. Instead, we pick the ones that fit your game the most. This way, we can ensure effective and high-quality results.
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Timely project completion
Timely project completion We do our best to meet deadlines. We value your time and understand the importance of timely project completion. Hence, our teams optimize the workflow to ensure swift release.
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Flexible teams and terms
Flexible teams and terms We want to ensure comfortable cooperation terms for every client. You can adjust the size of your team or some project parameters on the go.
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Dedicated teams
Dedicated teams Once we start working with you, the team you've picked will focus only on your video game environment design. This way, we ensure the top quality of every project and alignment with deadlines.

Genres We Сreate Game Environment Designs in

Action games
Adventure games
Racing and sports games
Fantasy games
PvP battle games

Action games

Action games wouldn't be whole without epic settings for battles, vast game worlds to explore, and exciting quests to complete. We will help your game look memorable for potential players thanks to high-quality graphics and interactive environmental elements.

Adventure games

What could be more important for an adventure game than an exciting setting where every object has its own mystery? We create immersive virtual worlds for any adventure game that will entice your players more and more with every new level.

Racing and sports games

To make your racing or sports game more enjoyable, we can create multiple fascinating settings. Sunny beaches, snowy mountains, or big cities covered in neon lights — we can do it all.

Fantasy games

To ensure a stunning gaming experience when players feel they're part of the magic world, we pay attention to even the smallest details. We will give users an opportunity to explore the secrets of enchanted forests, magic castles, and mysterious dungeons.

PvP battle games

To enhance the visual aspect of a PvP game, we provide the most suitable and realistic settings for characters from different factions, divisions, and clans.

How We Work

Project planning
We start with an introductory meeting to discuss the significant project details, your personal requests, and the key points to consider. We will also agree on deadlines and the best ways to optimize the workflow.
Reference approval
For a better understanding of which environmental game design elements to use, we pick the most relevant references based on your project's genre, art style, and desired setting.
Picking the tools
To make sure the final visuals will look just like you requested, we pick the most suitable tools for your project. We will gladly consider your suggestions.
Environment development
After we collect all the references and select the right tools, we get to work. We start with concept creation and move on to sketching, color editing, and final rendering.
Feedback and improvements
Once we're done, we'll send you the work for your approval. If you still have any comments on what needs improvement, we'll act on them right away.
Game visualization
Once we get your final approval, our team will take care of visualizing your game environments. After adding all the elements, we'll also ensure there are no glitches or other visual bugs, so you'll know the game setting will look perfect after the launch.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is game environment design?

Game environment design is the process of creating a virtual world in which game characters exist and interact with other objects. The game environment includes landscapes, props, and scene elements. All these combined create particular gameplay and enable players to discover the in-game world in more detail.

Why is the environment necessary in a game?

Environment design is an essential element of game development. It adds up to players' visual experience and enhances the overall gameplay quality. Moreover, game environments give a better understanding of the plot and backstories of its characters, and help to create a specific atmosphere.

What does a game environment artist do?

A game environment artist develops the in-game world with all its details: scenes and landscapes, roads and surrounding buildings, elements of interior and outdoors, and many others. If a plot develops in different locations, environment artists work on every setting to provide the required level of detail and interactiveness that allows players to enjoy the game to the fullest.

What are the stages of game environment design?

There are four key stages of developing a game environment: concept development, sketching, color composition, and final rendering. Although some stages vary for 2D and 3D environments, these four steps are relevant for both cases.

How to hire game environment designers?

If you are planning to find experts in themed environment design for your game, start from art-sharing platforms such as Behance so you can see the portfolios. Other options include freelance platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer. If you need full-time workers who will only be dedicated to your projects, try hiring them via special job-seeking platforms like Indeed or LinkedIn. Lastly, if you don’t have much time for recruitment and don’t want to extend your in-house team, you can always cooperate with an outsourcing firm that will handle the hiring process.

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