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Porting Console Game to Mobile

At Whimsy Games, we pride ourselves on being game development and porting experts.
We have years of experience and are recognized as a market leader. We have the expertise
to adapt your game to any platform while maintaining its essential features. Furthermore,
we specialize in providing top-quality game porting services to developers and publishers,
ensuring that every game port is of the highest quality and offers an immersive gameplay experience

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About Services

At Whimsy Games, we have extensive experience in mobile game porting. Our skilled team of game porting developers comprehensive knowledge of different hardware platforms. They'll ensure your source code integrates seamlessly with new systems to expand your audience and attract more players with video game porting. Let us help you remove the boundaries between platforms while maintaining all gameplay features for a quality and immersive gaming experience

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Services we offer

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We at Whimsy Games are experts in Android game development, with a strong focus on Unity. This allows us to fine-tune and port games to the Android ecosystem seamlessly. Our portfolio of Android porting projects is impressive, as we have successfully brought AAA games to mobile platforms. Our game porting strategy prioritizes performance optimization to ensure that each game feels native and responsive on various Android devices.
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At Whimsy Games, we have a technical team dedicated to bringing your game to any iOs mobile device you need. Our extensive experience in bringing AAA games to mobile platforms has resulted in an impressive portfolio of iOS porting projects.
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Apple Arcade
With our Game Porting Toolkit, porting your game to an Apple platform has never been easier. We have a team of tech and art professionals who can assist you in bringing your game to Apple Arcade. All you need to do is provide us with your game and a list of required devices, and we'll handle the Apple Arcade porting process for you, saving you time and effort.
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All other platforms
Our team conducts a thorough analysis of the game and carefully examines the requirements of the target store. We can port both already-released games and games under development, providing full support from the initial stages to the final release and post-launch maintenance.


  • Unity
    As a leading provider in game development, we specialize in utilizing the versatile Unity platform to create high-quality games for over 25 platforms. With Unity, our developers can ensure optimal gameplay and graphics, no matter the platform. Furthermore, Unity is an excellent tool for porting games at a later date, allowing for seamless transitions across platforms.
  • Unreal Engine
    Game developers often turn to Unreal Engine for its open-source structure and extensive features that enable them to create and port games across multiple operating systems. This powerful development environment ensures visually stunning graphics and smooth transitions. The latest version, Unreal Engine 5, has made the process of porting games smoother than ever before.
  • C# and C++
    We specialize in utilizing two of the most important languages, C++ and C#, with game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine. C++ serves as the backbone of our technical expertise, providing a foundational language that ensures optimal performance for every game we work on. By utilizing C++, we can tailor each game to perform its best, provide smooth transitions, and ensure consistent gameplay.
  • Objective-C
    Apple Arcade game porting requirements can be better determined with Objective-C, a compiled object-oriented programming language used by Apple.
  • Java
    Java is a widely used general-purpose programming language for various applications, including game development and porting.
  • Python
    Although it is not as popular as C++ with DirectX and OpenGL, Python is the perfect choice for creating AI while porting games to mobile, thanks to its extensive collection of frameworks.

Genres We Сreate

  • 3D Shooter games
  • Casino games
  • Casual games
  • Puzzles
  • Role-playing games
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3D Shooter games

Our team comprises developers and designers who create games with smooth functioning and dynamism. Our professionals devote close attention to detail while crafting distinctive characters.

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Casino games

We know how to create exciting casino games. While users will win their awards, you will get your profit and a constantly growing audience.

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Casual games

Casual game development involves creating easy-to-learn and enjoyable video games for a broad audience. These games have simple mechanics, quick gameplay sessions, and often target mobile and web platforms. They are designed to be accessible, entertaining, and played in short bursts.

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Our team builds puzzle games that test players' creativity. We employ tried-and-true visual approaches to capture and retain every player's attention while also assisting them in using their reasoning.

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Role-playing games

AI is used to generate realistic and immersive dialogue for non-player characters, making the gaming experience more engaging.

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How we work

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    Source code adaptation
    Depending on the architecture of the game engine used during development, the complexity of this process can vary. However, with many multi-platform engines, tweaking the code can make this phase of the game porting process go smoothly.
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    Adaptation of the visual assets
    This stage is crucial, as visuals play a significant role in a game's success. Even if a project is booming due to other elements, such as story or gameplay, the visual element remains a top priority.
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    CPU and GPU performance optimization
    Our goal is to fine-tune the game so that resource usage is optimal and the quality of the visuals is high enough to engage all hardware resources. Additionally, we prioritize performance optimization to ensure the best gameplay experience, even on less powerful devices.
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    Gameplay elements adaptation
    It's always important to adjust gameplay elements while porting to mobile. If specific gameplay features are designed for a particular platform, so it's crucial to modify them to enhance the player experience.
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    UI/UX and control scheme creation
    Creating UI/UX and control schemes is a vital stage in the game porting process. It's crucial to provide all players with an equally comfortable and satisfying experience. Especially when you create a control scheme that works well for mobile platforms.
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    Testing is an essential component of game porting, and it should be conducted by someone familiar with the target platform and the testing tools that are perfect for it.
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    Applying platform-specific requirements
    Finally, the game must meet platform-specific requirements such as obtaining a rating from an official rating board, proper localization for the territories where the game will be sold, and proof of proper licensing for the assets, among other requirements.
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Why US

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    A team with a proven track record and excellent skills.

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    Affordable Porting Console Game to Mobile Services cost.

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    Long-term expertise in porting games to various platforms.

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    Transparent management and continuous communication.

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    We help you attract more new users while saving development costs.

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    We capture the latest trends and personalized approach.

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    Our priority goal is to deliver first-rate games all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Porting a game involves converting it to run on a different platform than initially designed for. This saves time and expenses since developing a game from scratch for another platform is unnecessary. An existing game can be adapted for use on the required platform while it's under development or after its release. Game porting helps to broaden the audience and reach new markets at a lower cost. It's a standard practice in the game community and always appreciated by the audience. Game porting is an excellent way to spread one's vision to all platforms, bringing the game one step closer to success.
If you're interested in Porting Console Game to Mobile Services, several factors need to be considered, such as the platform's architecture, the game engine type, the programming languages and libraries used, the game's complexity, and the optimization of controls. For an idea of how long it would take to port your game, contact our team of professionals at Whimsy Games for a complimentary consultation. Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis and provide you with valuable feedback.
Porting a game to different platforms and environments can be daunting and requires careful analysis. Each platform and game is unique, so it is crucial to thoroughly analyze all the requirements and peculiarities before starting the porting process. A team of experienced game porting developers is necessary to ensure the success of the porting process. The team chosen for the task must possess the necessary knowledge and expertise, especially if outsourced. Attention to detail is crucial for success, so a significant amount of time should be dedicated to the porting process. Setting realistic goals and deadlines should be a top priority.
By choosing to outsource game porting services, you can enjoy significant benefits. One of the most significant advantages of Porting Console Game to Mobile Outsourcing is that you will have access to experienced specialists who are experts in porting services, and familiar with all the potential pitfalls of the process. Also, outsourcing game porting saves you time, as it is preferable to hire outsourcing developers instead of attempting to figure out porting yourself if you lack the necessary knowledge and skills. Experienced specialists will complete the task much faster, freeing your time to focus on other essential matters. Lastly, outsourcing game porting services can help reduce expenses since our professionals know where to start and how to approach porting for various platforms. Whimsy Games brings together the best specialists in game development and porting, so you can trust us to transform and port your game across diverse platforms, ensuring every game port resonates with quality and immersive gameplay.
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