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Drive the NFT and blockchain industries by developing play2earn games with us. Whimsy Games has profound experience in this field, having delivered dozens of projects and satisfied hundreds of customers. Our top-notch experts will develop an effective strategy and implement your unique game using cutting-edge technologies.

What Are Play-to-Earn Games?

Play-to-earn is exactly what it sounds like. Gamers play the game and compete with others to gain rewards with actual value. These rewards take the shape of in-game assets like cryptocurrency tokens or NFTs.

P2E games are a new niche in the gaming industry, an alternative to the traditional pay-to-win model. Instead of “buying” a game edge, players rely solely on their skills in play-to-earn solutions.

We at Whimsy Games promote the idea of P2E games, putting all our experience and knowledge into it. With this in mind, we are taking P2E platform development to a new level. So, let’s create such games together.

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Types of P2E Platform Development We Offer

P2E Game Development Our experts can develop a P2E game for you regardless of the genre. We are equally skilled in adventure, sports, cards, slot games, and shooters.
P2E Platform Development Create a platform with a reliable marketplace with Whimsy Games. We will do everything to ensure the convenience and reliability of trading in-game assets in your product.
Customizable P2E Game Creation Give your players more freedom in the P2E game by making it customizable. Our team will allow your gamers to manage their resources or create various game items.
Mobile P2E Game Creation Our team is also skilled in creating play2earn mobile games. We can build your product for Android or iOS.

Our Fundamental Benefits in P2E Game Development

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Complete Transparency
Complete Transparency Blockchain technology makes the interaction between players on P2E platforms as transparent as possible. It becomes a reality as all purchases and sales in the game are recorded in an electronic register and are visible to all participants. Thus, all transactions with cryptocurrencies are safe.
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Ownership Authentication
Ownership Authentication Play-to-earn game players get unique ownership of in-game assets. Thanks to the blockchain network, proving ownership of such assets is very simple. As a result, the possibility of fraud or forgery vanishes, and gamers can safely trade their earned non-fungible tokens.
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Earning Potential
Earning Potential Perhaps one of the essential benefits of P2E platforms is their earning potential. This opportunity attracts a large number of players, which often include NFT collectors and crypto investors. So you not only allow earning others but have a profit from it as well.
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Decentralization The economy of play2earn mobile games is extremely secure. It is since blockchain creates an opportunity for decentralization. Our play-to-earn game developers can also build hybrid game economy systems, where part of the servers is based on the blockchain, and the other one is on centralized servers.

Features of Play-to-Earn Game Development

Smart Contracts


P2E game development takes place on the blockchain. It allows the use of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in such games, increases the level of the platform security, and ensures its decentralization.

Smart Contracts

One of the components of any play-to-earn game is the presence of smart contracts. This technology regulates trade relations between players and automates them.


Non-fungible tokens are the primary way of earning in P2E games. Players can obtain these assets through characters, game accessories, trading cards, weapons, and more. One can then trade these items on available NFT marketplaces.


Blockchain technology offers stable and reliable databases that make P2E game security a reality. In such games, players do not need to worry about fraud, hacking, or item duplication.

How We Work

We carefully study the client’s requirements and ideas, conduct a P2E market analysis, and determine the product’s target audience. At this stage, we also establish project goals and primary earning strategies.
At this step, we process the information we have collected and, based on it, offer a vision of your play to earn game. We think about product architecture, key features, and design strategy.
We create design concepts for your P2E platform, setting its overall mood and style. In this step, we are still considering improvements to your product before handing it to developers.
Our P2E game developers implement your idea using advanced technologies and methods. At the end of this step, you will have the initial version of your game.
At this stage, our team perfects your game by looking for bugs and limitations and fixing them. We also conduct alpha and beta testing to ensure your product is ready for market launch.
Game Release
We support your play2earn game’s final version release. Our team makes sure everything goes smoothly.

Quick Facts About Us

Whimsy Games is a top-notch P2E game developer. We want to show you our success in numbers.

HOURS spent on high-quality game development.
PROJECTS successfully released.
EXPERTS including developers, designers, and project managers ready to drive the P2E industry.
CLIENTS rely on our extensive game development experience and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do P2E games generate revenue?

Play2earn games attract gamers due to the opportunity to earn. Players can trade in-game items they get by raising their game level, completing tasks, or competing with other gamers. Due to a wide audience, the owners of such games can earn money through available monetization strategies: subscriptions, in-game ads, premium offers, etc.

How much time do I need to create a P2E game?

Each particular play to earn platform is unique. Therefore, the time to develop a project can differ. Aspects like the development’s overall complexity, the number of features, the design’s richness, etc., impact the development duration. However, on average, our company can create a game for you within six to twelve months.

Which programming language is perfect for play-to-earn game development?

At Whimsy Games, we go through the following six steps to build a play-to-earn platform: 1) Planning, when we study project inputs. 2) Analysis, when we define the goals. 3) Design, when we create the platform’s concepts. 4) Development, when we implement top-notch technologies into your product. 5) Testing, when we check your product for bugs. 6) Game release, when we ensure your game’s smooth market launch.

What is the process of play to earn platform development?

At Whimsy Games, we go through the following six steps to build a play-to-earn platform:</br> 1. Planning, when we study project inputs.</br> 2. Analysis, when we define the goals.</br> 3. Design, when we create the platform’s concepts.</br> 4. Development, when we implement top-notch technologies into your product.</br> 5. Testing, when we check your product for bugs.</br> 6. Game release, when we ensure your game’s smooth market launch.</br>

How can I launch a P2E game?

Developing and launching a play-to-earn game is a process that requires time and effort. It also requires a team of first-class professionals with previous experience in blockchain-based development, smart contract deployment, and working with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. We advise you to find a reliable vendor to take on these tasks. With a company like this, you’ll surely get a quality product that your audience will love.

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