NFT Art Marketplace Development

Whimsy Games is a team of professionals ready to help you with NFT virtual art gallery development. We have vast experience designing, developing, upgrading, and relaunching marketplace platforms, especially blockchain-based ones. With us, you will get a slick, easy-to-follow interface and stunning designs for your virtual art gallery. We will ensure timely project completion and transparent communication to deliver the best results.

Features of NFT Art Marketplace Development

NFT art marketplaces are decentralized platforms for trading, purchasing, and selling NFTs. If you want to develop an appealing art marketplace for your game, it has to be easy to use with an intuitive UI and include all the features and tools necessary for convenient operations: wallet integrations, search filters, categorized list of tokens, personal profiles, etc.

If you want to try in-game NFT art development and set up your own marketplace, our team at Whimsy Games will help you make it eye-catching, trendy, and user-friendly.

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Our NFT Art Development Services

NFT digital art gallery development Whimsy Games can help you with NFT art marketplace platform development. We can create it from scratch or redesign it according to your preferences. Our team can work with various designs and create an intuitive platform enjoyable both for newbies and NFT experts.
Whitelabel NFT solutions If you are new to the industry and don’t have any NFTs yet, use this option to get ready-made tokens and test the market.
Art gallery support and maintenance Our experts will help you to ensure a smooth launch and provide support services to deal with any bugs. Moreover, we will give you recommendations on maintaining the platform to ensure its flawless performance.
Wallet setup Integrating various wallet options will give potential customers the opportunity to trade, sell, or buy NFTs on your platform. We'll do our best to make any such transaction as convenient as possible.

Our Benefits in NFT Virtual Art Gallery Development

concept 3d character
Advanced development tools
Advanced development tools We have a broad tech stack and pick the most suitable tools for every new project. Our specialists have a large experience, so no matter what instrument they choose, they'll ensure top-quality results.
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Convenient and slick UI/UX
Convenient and slick UI/UX We understand the attractiveness of user-friendly NFT art marketplaces for potential buyers and sellers. Hence, we devote much attention to the UI and UX to ensure even newbies can quickly learn how to use your platform.
2d art game
Prompt project completion
Prompt project completion Our team values your time, so we always try to agree on the most suitable deadlines and optimize the workflow to provide the solution you need as swiftly as possible.
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Customizable add-ons
Customizable add-ons In digital NFT art development, you can use your imagination and come up with any kind of add-ons for your platform: from multiple wallet options and search filters to adding special offers and creating user profiles. Whatever comes to your mind, share your ideas with us, and we’ll do our best to make them come true.

Genres of Games We Developed NFT Marketplace For

Arcade games
Adventure games
Fantasy games
PvP battle games

Arcade games

With our NFT art marketplace development platform, you can collect and sell objects from your own arcade games. This is an all-time popular game genre, so you'll get many potential customers.

Adventure games

Here, you can turn maps, characters, collectible objects, and weapons into NFTs and trade them on your platform.

Fantasy games

Create and collect, exchange, or trade magic objects, gems, and even blessings on your NFT marketplace — fantasy game elements are great collectibles that would be popular among fans.

PvP battle games

Spells, weapons, vehicles, arms, and your favorite characters — all these may become great collectibles for your in-game marketplace. Engage your customers to invite friends and exchange these valuables on your platform.

How We Work

Project intro and guideline setup
We get to know all your requirements first to get a full picture of what you want. We agree on the deadlines and workflow frameworks to ensure the most effective and prompt task completion.
Based on your input, we design the first platform prototypes. Our specialists try to take all your preferences into account and, if possible, implement them into the mockups. We also add a personal touch and offer some add-ons, features, or design elements that might fit in.
Once we agree on the final outlook and functionality, our team gets to the NFT marketplace development process. We use a wide variety of tools to ensure the best quality of the final product.
Quality Assurance
Before the release, we run tests to see how well your platform performs and reacts to different load volumes. Also, we check if all the visual elements are in place and test every function.
Marketplace launch
Once we're sure all the tests provide satisfactory results, we are ready to launch your new marketplace. We control the release process to ensure it goes smoothly and quickly.
Post-release support
We offer support services after the launch. This way, we can be sure the platform will stay bug-free so your customers can enjoy it to the fullest.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in-game NFT marketplace development?

Developing an in-game marketplace is the process of creating a dedicated platform for players where they can trade, exchange, buy, or sell NFTs. Multiple titles implement their own NFT marketplaces or art galleries where you can get any in-game asset. If you're new to the trend, you can hire an NFT art marketplace development company to help you create a platform, upload NFTs for sale, implement add-ons, and various wallet options.

Why should I go for developing an NFT art marketplace platform?

Although it's not the easiest process, creating your own NFT marketplace will provide you with a profitable solution that's going to remain popular for years. With this platform, you can gain extra profits by trading tokens, creating custom collections, selling rarities, providing leasing options for customers, and so on. Additionally, it's safe for your funds as blockchain-based platforms are protected from scams and hackers. Finally, if you're business-savvy and good at creating trendy, outstanding NFTs, you can try to sell your own tokens there.

What is the cost of building my NFT art marketplace?

The overall price depends on a variety of aspects you should consider. You'll need to specify the types of NFT you're going to sell, whether the marketplace is going to be small and niche or big and fully accessible for everyone. Also, wallet setup can cost quite a lot if you choose to enable various cryptocurrencies there. Once you have a full picture of what you want your platform to be, we decide on the team size and deadlines, which will also impact the price. If you're going to get precise figures, reach out to us, and we'll provide an estimate for you.

How can I make an NFT art marketplace?

If you're new to the industry but want to create and develop your own NFT art marketplace, you should cooperate with an outsourcing company that will help you in this endeavor. You can outsource anything from building a platform from scratch to promoting your marketplace or setting up a wallet.

How can I buy and sell NFT art?

If you want to own or sell a piece of NFT art, the best option is to go to a trusted, dedicated marketplace. There, you can pick any kind of token — whether it's a video, picture, or collectible card — and purchase it. Or you can upload your own NFTs and sell them on one or several platforms.

How to buy NFT art?

The easiest option to buy NFT art is to go to a marketplace you trust, choose a token you want to acquire, and process a transaction via your personal wallet. Choose the preferable currency and wait while the system performs the operation.

How do I sell NFT art?

You can either create your own marketplace or sell NFTs on the most popular platforms. You can place your tokens on several marketplaces at once to see where the demand is higher. If you want to sell tokens on well-known platforms, create user accounts, add your wallet details, and upload your art pieces there.

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