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Our team of game developers employs the Unity framework to create popular and engaging 2D and 3D games. We ensure smooth performance on PCs, consoles, and mobile devices.

Unity Game Development Services

Modern developers choose Unity as the best engine to create video games. If you have a game idea and want to bring it to life, Unity is a winning option.

Looking for a leading Unity gaming company? Whimsy Games has a lot of experience with Unity game development services: in almost two years, we’ve done 150+ projects, leaving satisfied clients behind.

Find out what we can do for you.

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Unity Game Development Features

Turnkey Game Development Solution Our Unity development company provides a variety of turnkey solutions. Because Unity is a top-notch 3D platform, it ensures the excellent performance of your game on any device.
Sleek Development Leveraging the capabilities of the Unity platform, our specialists can produce games with a user-friendly interface. We take care of all game development stages, ensuring the users are satisfied with impeccable graphics and gameplay quality.
Cost-effectiveness The Unity game development services cost less than you might think. As the licensing is free, Unity 3D game development company doesn’t require you to pay royalties every time your idea makes a profit. We make sure our services are worth every cent you pay.
Top-Tier Specialists Our team consists of seasoned game development professionals as well as dedicated gamers. Together, we ensure your players get an immersive and smooth experience.
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Multiplatform Development With the Unity game engine’s specifics, our developers can make your game available on Android smartphones, iPhones, PCs, and even AR devices.

We Design and Develop Unity Games for Various Platforms

Games Development
Mobile Game Development
Mobile Game Development Our developers combine programming skills and creativity. They have a solid background in building games for iOS and Android. We give close attention to the specifics of system architecture and design, making sure that the code is clean and the solution is tailored to the target audience’s preferences.
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Web Game Development
Web Game Development As experienced gamers, we know the main features of the best web-based games. They include excellent project optimization and dependable hosting services. Our web development experts spend a lot of time working on game mechanics to guarantee the final solution will run smoothly.
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HTML5 Development
HTML5 Development We have deep expertise in building HTML5 games. We know how to apply ad hoc solutions making your game available on various screens. We incorporate cutting-edge features, such as audio APIs, 2D and 3D graphics, and many more, to make sure your game is competitive.
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AR Game Development
AR Game Development Augmented Reality (AR) allows game developers to create new types of artistic content. Your daring ideas don’t have to remain in your head. Turn them into comprehensive solutions with our help.
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AR Apps Development
AR Apps Development Our developers work with various sensory modalities to create fully immersive gaming experiences. We employ innovative AR tools to enrich real-world environments with new exciting features.
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AI Game Development
AI Game Development We employ modern AI algorithms to create realistic characters and natural-looking environments. Using machine learning, we can generate customized gaming worlds.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Card games
Slot games


These addictive games haven’t lost their popularity over the years. Whimsy Games can create both classic and unusual puzzles with eye-catching designs and great gameplay.

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Our developers pay great attention to real-world game models. We create different scenarios for shooters, enriching the scenes with smart computer enemies. Our experts can build a game even from sketches.

Blockchain game development company


Our developers love to create intellectually stimulating experiences for players. We challenge the user’s logic and strategic thinking by creating sophisticated resource management practices.

Crypto Games development

Card games

We want the players to get a real-time experience on any platform. Our developers create more card game variations with enhanced mechanics.

WEB3 Games development

Slot games

When building an online slot game, we offer a reliable host and secure client connection. Our specialists provide upgradeable models and enticing gameplay. Capitalize on the soaring popularity of online casino games by developing a user-friendly solution suitable for your needs.

NFT Games development

Way We Work

First, we contact the client to define project requirements and provide approximate estimates.
We prepare the documentation, define architecture, and start planning a game development workflow.
Here, the final style gets more clear as the design experts work on the first sketches.
The developers transform the art and ideas into clear code.
A very important task of ensuring the product works smoothly and in accordance with the client’s requirements.
Here, first sketches and concepts are born, and the final art style is beginning to get clear.
Once we know the game functions well, we add it to Google Play and App Store.
We use various channels (like Facebook or Google ads) to help the game find its fans and prepare a comprehensive overview of the results.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

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If You Need Experts
If You Need Experts For Whimsy Games, quality is the top priority. Eight years of experience allow us to meet and exceed your expectations. To ensure high-quality Unity development outsourcing, we work with only Middle or Senior level specialists.
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If You Want People Who Care
If You Want People Who Care We respect the time and effort of our clients. From the very start of the project, you’ll get to know the team and join our Trello and Slack group chats. We value your personal time, prioritizing stuff that matters. We’ll assign a dedicated account manager to assist you throughout the whole journey.
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If You Aim for the Best Results
If You Aim for the Best Results We always do our best. As a result, word-of-Mouth brings us the majority of new clients.
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If You Want to Keep Up with Innovations
If You Want to Keep Up with Innovations The world is evolving: the technologies and market trends change. At Whimsy Games, we’re in constant motion too, watching for perspective tools and approaches. We care for the professional growth of our team members and choose the most relevant solutions for your ideas.

Our results

For years, our Unity game developers have been building stunning games from the ground up. These numbers testify to our success.

Games were successfully released.
Clients are satisfied with the services we provide.
Skilled and motivated professionals in our team, eager to take on a new project
Projects Finished with great results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Unity and Unreal Different?

First of all, Unity can target different platforms, while Unreal is good only for PCs and consoles. Unity has a great Asset Store where you can sell authentic game art, audio, code, and animations. The Unreal’s marketplace has its limitations — it allows trading game art and studio only.

What’s the Reason for Unity’s Popularity?

Unity engine contributed to some amazing games that have millions of installations.

How Much Time Do You Need to Build a Game from Scratch?

At least one month is needed for simple game development.

How Long Does It Take To Develop an MVP One Can Play?

Around two weeks; afterward, the prototype becomes playable.

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