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Unity Game Development Company

To create popular and engaging 2D and 3D games, our team of game developers uses
the Unity framework. We ensure that PCs, consoles, and mobile devices run smoothly.

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About Services

Unity is the best engine for creating video games among modern developers. If you have a game idea and want to make it a reality, Unity is an excellent choice. Are you looking for a top Unity gaming company? Whimsy Games has a lot of experience with Unity game development services: we've completed 150+ projects in almost two years, leaving satisfied clients in our wake.

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We Offer:

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Turnkey Game Development Solution
Our Unity development company offers a wide range of turnkey solutions. Because Unity is a top-tier 3D platform, your game will run flawlessly on any device.
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Sleek Development
Our specialists can create games with a user-friendly interface by leveraging the capabilities of the Unity platform. We handle all stages of game development, ensuring that users are satisfied with the graphics and gameplay quality.
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Unity game development services are less expensive than you might think. The Unity 3D game development company does not require you to pay royalties every time your idea makes a profit because the licensing is free. We make certain that our services are worth every penny you pay.
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Top-Tier Specialists
Our team is made up of experienced game developers as well as avid gamers. We work together to ensure that your players have an immersive and smooth experience.
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Multiplatform Development
Our developers can make your game available on Android smartphones, iPhones, PCs, and even AR devices using the Unity game engine.


  • Mobile Game Development
    Our programmers combine programming skills with creativity. They have extensive experience developing games for iOS and Android. We pay close attention to the specifics of system architecture and design, ensuring that the code is clean and the solution is tailored to the preferences of the target audience.
  • Web Game Development
    As seasoned gamers, we understand the key characteristics of the best web-based games. They include exceptional project optimization as well as dependable hosting services. Our web development experts devote a significant amount of time to game mechanics in order to ensure that the final solution runs smoothly.
  • HTML5 Development
    We have extensive experience developing HTML5 games. We understand how to implement ad hoc solutions to make your game available on multiple screens. To ensure your game is competitive, we incorporate cutting-edge features such as audio APIs, 2D and 3D graphics, and many more.
  • AR Game Development
    Augmented Reality (AR) technology enables game developers to create new types of artistic content. Your audacious ideas don't have to stay in your head. With our assistance, you can transform them into comprehensive solutions.
  • AR Apps Development
    To create fully immersive gaming experiences, our developers work with a variety of sensory modalities. We use cutting-edge augmented reality tools to add new and exciting features to real-world environments.
  • AI Game Development
    To create realistic characters and natural-looking environments, we use cutting-edge AI algorithms. We can create personalized gaming worlds using machine learning.

Genres We Сreate

  • Puzzles
  • Shooters
  • Strategies
  • Card games
  • Slot games
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These addictive games have remained popular over the years. Whimsy Games can create puzzles that are both classic and unique, with eye-catching designs and engaging gameplay.

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Our developers place a high value on realistic game models. We create various scenarios for shooters, enriching them with intelligent computer enemies. Even from sketches, our experts can create a game.

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Our developers enjoy providing players with intellectually stimulating experiences. By developing sophisticated resource management practices, we test the user's logic and strategic thinking.

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Card games

We want players to have a real-time experience across all platforms. More card game variations with improved mechanics are being developed by our developers.

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Slot games

We provide a dependable host and a secure client connection when developing an online slot game. Our experts offer upgradeable models and enticing gameplay. Profit from the growing popularity of online casino games by creating a user-friendly solution that meets your requirements.

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How We Work

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    We begin by contacting the client to define project requirements and provide rough estimates. We begin by preparing documentation, defining architecture, and planning a game development workflow.
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    The developers convert the art and ideas into readable code.
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    Here, the first sketches and concepts emerge, and the final art style begins to emerge.
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    We add the game to Google Play and the App Store once we know it works properly.
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    We use a variety of channels (such as Facebook and Google ads) to help the game find fans and prepare a comprehensive report on the results.
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Why US

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    Quality is paramount at Whimsy Games. We have eight years of experience and can meet and exceed your expectations.

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    We only work with Middle or Senior level specialists to ensure high-quality Unity development outsourcing.

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    We value our clients' time and effort.

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    We value your personal time and prioritize important matters.

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    We'll assign you a dedicated account manager to help you throughout the process.

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    We always give it our all. As a result, the majority of our new clients come from word-of-mouth.

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    The world is changing: technologies and market trends shift.

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    We're always on the lookout for new perspective tools and approaches at Whimsy Games.

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    We are concerned with the professional development of our team members and select the most appropriate solutions for your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

To begin with, Unity can target multiple platforms, whereas Unreal is limited to PCs and consoles. Unity includes a fantastic Asset Store where you can sell original game art, audio, code, and animations. The Unreal Marketplace is limited in that it only allows trading of game art and studios.
The Unity engine has contributed to some incredible games with millions of installations.
Simple game development takes at least one month.
After about two weeks, the prototype is playable.
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