Blockchain Game Development

Do you want to create a unique, enticing game enhanced with blockchain technology? Whimsy Games is a top blockchain game development company with dozens of completed projects and satisfied clients. Armed with a toolset tailored precisely to your project requirements, our experts will build your blockchain game in line with the latest trends.

What is a Blockchain Game?

Blockchain games utilize blockchain technology for some aspects of the game experience. For instance, the users can buy in-game items linked to a blockchain token. Unique assets or resources can be generated on blockchain and stored in the user’s cryptocurrency wallet. Some games can go as far as building the entire gameplay on this technology.


The accumulated skills and experience of our team make Whimsy Games a top blockchain game development company. Using this technology, we can build a unique product that will boost your business. Contact us, let’s create a great game together!

Our Blockchain Game Development Services

Blockchain Game Development Our developers use state-of-the-art approaches and tools to create blockchain games of various genres — fantasy, sports, adventure, and so on.
Blockchain Gaming Platform Development We can help you create your own marketplace, where users can trade their characters and in-game assets using blockchain.
Customizable Blockchain Game Development The gamers will be able to adjust assets and even create their own worlds. Thus, they get more room for creativity and stick with your game longer.
Blockchain Game Concept Creation We can also create a concept of a game rather than the whole game. You can use it as a testing ground to build on later.
Blockchain Game Development for Android and iOS If you are focused on mobile gaming, we’ve got both of the top platforms covered. Your game will work smoothly both on Android and iOS.

Benefits of Blockchain Games

Authenticating Game Assets Ownership
Authenticating Game Assets Ownership Blockchain allows gamers to actually own in-game assets, which can be securely sold for real money. Inspecting the provenance of items can prove their authenticity. Thus, thanks to blockchain, gamers can turn their passion into a source of income.
Eliminating Fraud
Eliminating Fraud The decentralized nature of blockchain helps developers to create games with no cheat codes. Consensus algorithms and modern cryptography serve to protect blockchain networks from hackers.
Ensuring Player-centrism
Ensuring Player-centrism Players feel the reins of power in their hands as they actually control the games with decentralized servers. Blockchain games quickly evolve, following the wishes of players’ communities. Therefore, they manage to stay popular longer.
Decentralizing Gaming Economy
Decentralizing Gaming Economy Developers can create hybrid systems where the economy is based on a blockchain while other parts are located in centralized servers. Thus, game economies become more reliable. Moreover, gamers benefit from the ability to transfer their assets between games.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Arcade games
Action games
Fantasy games
Adventure games
PvP Battle games
Board games

Arcade games

We know to generate a multitude of intriguing puzzles, building them into an appealing design.

Action games

Our team has created blockchain-based action games, ensuring a breath-taking gaming experience.

Fantasy games

Our blockchain game development agency has already created multiple vibrant fantasy worlds. Unique characters and captivating environments can keep players engaged for a long time.

Adventure games

Our adventure games get ad hoc gameplay along with charming characters and eye-catching environments. Players can get exclusive maps, costumes, or power upgrades.

PvP Battle games

Offer your players a game with custom gameplay and allow them to turn weapons, costumes, skills into items for sale via blockchain.

Board games

We know how to enhance the attractions of traditional board games like Monopoly with such modern technologies as blockchain.

How Do We Work

We communicate with the client and analyze the input. At this stage, we describe the goals of the project and define revenue streams. Also, rough cost estimates are prepared.
With goals set, we come up with the architecture, prepare the game design documentation, and design the workflow plan.
As we prepare the first sketches of the game, its overall style becomes clear.
The engineers transform concepts and ideas into code, building the backbone of your game.
Testing and Pre-production
Our team makes sure everything works as intended and without any problems before the game is released.
Game Release
The final version of the game is rolled out to Google Play and App Store.

Why Outsource Blockchain Game Development to Whimsy Games?

Rely on professional expertise
Rely on professional expertise Our team has completed countless projects in the game development industry. We have proven methods to build the game you envision.
Benefit from the unique approach
Benefit from the unique approach Our experts have a vast tech stack at their disposal. They will choose the instruments that fit your needs perfectly.
Follow the trends
Follow the trends We keep our eyes peeled and are aware of all the latest industry trends. Our team uses this knowledge to make our games appealing and up-to-date.
See what you are paying for
See what you are paying for We estimate the cost of our blockchain game development services at the start of the project. Rest assured, no hidden payments are lurking ahead!

Our Results

Whimsy Games is a leading blockchain game development company with an experienced team — and we have the numbers to prove it.

hours have been spent by our team on game development
games have been successfully released
of our clients are satisfied with the results of our partnership
talented professionals are ready to take on a new challenge.


How does Blockchain Manage In-game Purchases?

In blockchain games, players use cryptocurrencies for payments. They own in-game assets which can be exchanged for cryptocurrency or real money. Players can earn or purchase NFTs - non-fungible tokens - unique data units stored on a blockchain. An NFT has its in-game value. When players receive an NFT reward, they gain ownership of the assets the NFT represents.

Blockchain Game Development Process

At Whimsy Games, blockchain game development follows several stages. Firstly, we analyze your request and define the goals of the project. Secondly, our experts analyze the requirements carefully and plan a workflow. Later, we design the game’s style and put the art and plans into code. Finally, the game is thoroughly tested and deployed.

What’s the Time Duration of Developing a Blockchain Game?

Each project is unique. The amount and complexity of the required features may vary considerably. Therefore, any approximations may be misleading. If you have some specific project in mind, contact us to find out how long it will take.

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