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Whimsy Games, a BuildBox game development company, delivers top-quality services to clients from all over the globe. Get a superb game playable on multiple devices in no time!

Features of Buildbox game development

Buildbox is a no-programming engine with a wide range of features to develop games of any genre supported across numerous devices. Our Buildbox game development services are aimed at producing functional and engaging gameplay. It doesn’t take much time to generate an application with the help of this engine. With little effort, you can start monetizing a game via App Store or Google Play. Games made with Builbox are robust and provide a seamless experience.

By choosing Whimsy Games as your partner, you ensure that you get a high-end solution. Not only do we develop your game, but also maintain and support it after release. Get a scalable and high-performing game ready for monetization without wasting your time and resources.

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Our Buildbox game development service

Web Game Development Using the Buildbox engine, Whimsy Games delivers enthralling gameplay. Our developers follow the latest trends and produce games to exceed players' expectations. Reveal your ideas to us, and we'll make a great game for you.
App Game Development Our enthusiastic team has solid experience producing mobile apps with Buildbox software. It's a great engine for creating low-cost, small-sized, quality applications.
Cross-platform Game Development If you want your game to be played on different screens, our professionals will create the best gameplay, optimize games' performance, and make it properly function across multiple devices.
2D & 3D Game Development We create an impressive world of 2D and 3D reality. Our team tailors the best graphic and software solutions to make your game a hit and attract multiple players.

Our Benefits in Buildbox game development

concept 3d character
Speed If you need a simple game, creating it with Buildbox is the right solution — especially with the help of our experts. You will save much time and effort and receive an impressive result. Try out our Buildbox game development services!
Game character development
Customized game development
Customized game development Whimsy Games applies trusted and industry-acknowledged tools and solutions. However, we adjust every game with a personal touch to let your project outcompete.
2d art game
Multi-device support
Multi-device support We help you expand your target audience by making a game optimized and available on multiple screens. We elaborate game architecture so that your players can easily switch between a smartphone and a tablet.
Game character development
Attention to detail
Attention to detail We do our best to make a project perfect. That's why our specialists will elaborate on every detail of software, user interface, or design.

Genres We Have Utilized Buildbox Game Development in

Arcade games

Arcade games

We develop and deliver fast-paced gaming activities for arcade gameplay. Every new level is filled with incredible challenges.


Our team creates puzzle games that challenge gamers' ingenuity. We use proven visual tactics to grab and hold the attention of every player and help them use their logic.


Our specialists design a game to convey a real sense of adventure. The enhanced world of the games makes quests more appealing for gamers.


Players choose a vehicle (car, motorbike, bike). Our software developed with Buildbox allows them to feel the excitement of a race while competing with another player or a computer.


We create all kinds of sports games, including football, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc. What's more, we can add fantasy elements to boost gameplay.


Whimsy Games produces traditional and brand-new card games. The gamers can go to a casino without leaving the comfort of their couches.

How We Work

Project Alignment
At our introductory meeting, we conduct a multi-level analysis. We start with discussing your ideas and requirements (genre, gameplay, etc.) and moves to resources and timelines.
Goals Setting
We mark out milestones of our Buildbox game development journey. It allows us to measure our progress and, in the end, assess our performance.
After discussing all details, our designers start doing their part of the job. They create visuals aimed at impressing players and offering them unforgettable gameplay designs.
Our developers use Buildbox to create reliable software. Whatever genre you choose, we optimize functionality to ensure seamless work.
Quality Assurance
Quality is a cornerstone of our services. That's why we run multiple tests to verify everything functions properly. QA engineers check a product after each improvement in code and design and before the product release.
Deployment and support
We know how difficult rolling out a game may be. So, we will do it for you! Moreover, we fix bugs and release updates after the game is available on digital distribution services.

Quick Facts About Us

qualified specialists in a Whimsy Games team deliver high-grade services.
years of industry expertise in game development and design.
games offer engaging gameplay across different platforms.
clients are fully satisfied with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buildbox Game Development service?

Whimsy Games develops games available on mobile, desktop, tablets, play stations, etc. We deliver a broad spectrum of services, including game development with the Buildbox engine. In other words, we use a proven game engine with a multitude of built-in features to create top-notch games. Contact our team to get more details.

What are the benefits of building games with Buildbox?

Buildbox is a well-known 3D engine that doesn’t require coding. Besides, developers need no extra tools to start creating games. Everything they need is at their fingertips.

How long does it take to create a Buildbox game?

Compared to other engines, Buildbox is much simpler to use. It takes less time to deliver quality, tested products than Unity. In general, the duration of the project may vary from 12 to 20 weeks. It depends on the complexity of the project and the number of specialists involved.

Is it possible to develop cross-platform games using Buildbox?

Absolutely. Buildbox is an engine that supports cross-platform coding to make both desktop and mobile versions of the game. Our team is here to make your game available on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. Contact us and share your ideas!

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