CTO as a Service

Your game projects lack technical expertise, but you're not ready to scale your studio and hire more people yet? Or maybe you're looking for an unbiased tech expert to help your games become more intuitive and scalable? It seems like you could use CTO as a service. Our team at Whimsy Games can help! With our CTO consulting services, you'll boost your team's technical expertise!

What is CTO as a Service?

CTO as a service is an alternative to hiring a full-time, in-house Chief Technical Officer. This is a cost-effective option for game development studios that don’t need a full-time technical expert on the team or those that aren’t ready to increase the staff yet. Even if you have a large studio, you can benefit from hiring an external CTO. For example, if you need to evaluate new technologies and want an impartial opinion, consulting CTO services is what you could use. 

Virtual CTO services are also way more flexible to use as you don’t need to spend months trying to find a perfect candidate, hire outsourcing agencies, and pay upfront fees for something they haven’t even started doing. Plus, you can pick a professional with relevant skills and experience in game development: who knows the specifics of the platforms and genres you create your games for and how to stand out in a particular niche. 

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Our Consulting Services

Strategy and architecture development Our external CTOs can handle the whole tech management process from scratch: from developing a roadmap to re-composing the team and actually bringing your game ideas to life. So your projects are under careful control!
Engineering Our CTO consulting services help review the current technologies and systems you're working with to see if there are any flaws or areas for improvement. Together with our experts, you'll redesign the whole development process to make it smoother and more structured.
Budget controls and optimization Our experienced CTOs will find an optimal way to add new systems to your game development process to minimize unexpected budget costs. They'll also help improve your team's budget management and define whether any new technology is worth developing rather than ordering its implementation externally.
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Leadership and team growth A motivated game development team is key to creating successful titles. Our external consulting CTO experts ensure proper monitoring of all tech-related processes and efficient team management. Being people-driven and proactive, they can find an appropriate approach to any team and ensure smooth communication and a respectful atmosphere.
Technology controls Our business-savvy CTOs analyze every potential risk and opportunity for growth. Thanks to our experts, you'll see what you can improve in the game scalability, innovation, development planning, and growth strategies.
Coaching and consultancy We offer virtual CTO consulting services on a variety of matters. You'll get an unbiased, professional opinion on game development technologies, strategic planning, scaling, and the organization of related processes. In addition, our external CTOs will provide you with a clear vision of what your game projects and technical expertise lack.

Benefits of CTO as a Service

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Flexibility Our CTO consulting services allow you to pick the most comfortable collaboration model and communication channels. You may also adjust the engagement level with your game development projects, giving you total freedom of choice.
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Cost-effectiveness We work via the "pay-as-you-go" model. So there is no need to worry about sick leaves, hirings costs, bonuses, or holidays. It's also more affordable than hiring a full-time CTO — you don't get to raise excessive costs for monthly salaries or make any long-term commitments.
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Instant availability
Instant availability No need to spend months searching for a suitable CTO position. Thanks to us, you can start working with a new Chief Technical Officer in around a week.
Executive level of professionalism
Executive level of professionalism Many game development studios can't afford to hire an experienced CTO right away. However, picking an external CTO option can help maintain your budget and get professional advice at a lower price.

Models of CTO as a Service We Provide

Part-time CTO
One-time or project CTO
Fractional CTO
Interim CTO

Part-time CTO

If you're not ready to hire a full-time CTO due to limited budget abilities or team capacity, a part-time solution is what you'll make use of. Pick the time you need a Chief Technical Officer and how much you're ready to pay for the services, and we'll pick the right option for you.

One-time or project CTO

This is the best solution if you're looking for consulting CTO services for just one project. You need to agree on the fixed cost and start collaborating right away. This is a convenient service if you're launching a new product or need professional troubleshooting consulting, for example.

Fractional CTO

Choose fractional CTO services if you have a tech professional who can help with your game projects but still need another person to give their unbiased opinion on things. This is a short-time, effective solution for getting extra advice on your running processes and potential projects.

Interim CTO

This type of cooperation is the most suitable for teams looking for a replacement or a full-time CTO and don't want to stop critical processes in between. It's a perfect solution for short-time requests.

Why Outsource CTO to Whimsy Games?

High level of expertise in game dev
We only offer CTOs highly experienced in game development. We're responsible for the people we provide to ensure your studio gets exactly what it needs.
Top-management mindset
Most CTOs we offer used to be founders, advisors, or investors. As a result, they're all well-aware of many business processes and every possible challenge your studio might face regarding technology and development matters.
Client-oriented approach
With our CTO consulting, you can be sure you'll get an individual attitude and close attention to your requests. We offer flexible conditions and services tailored to your needs. So you won't get any unnecessary services and assistance where you don't need them.
Timely completion
We appreciate your time and know how important it is, especially when it comes to big game launches and ongoing projects. Our experts are deadline-friendly and can ensure high-quality project completion with compliance with all the deadlines.

How We Work

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Introductory call
Introductory call We set up a welcome call with your team and a potential CTO to ensure you're a good fit for each other. Our tech expert gets to know your primary needs, what you seek help with, whether you have any extra requests, etc. We help you pick the most suitable CTO consulting services. After that, if you want to have a call with another expert, we arrange a new virtual call.
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Timeline and workflow discussion
Timeline and workflow discussion We dedicate some time to make sure you both are on the same page, that you're familiar with all the documentation, and agree to the timeline and the work statement for your new CTO. Once you're good with everything, we proceed to complete the CTO's duties.
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Start of work
Start of work Your new CTO's responsibilities begin with learning more about the work format and analyzing your studio's tech potential. You're free to track any processes implemented by the CTO at any time, and, upon your request, we can easily change the workflow or the work format at any time.
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Handover and retaining
Handover and retaining After a CTO is done with the project, they'll hand over all the intellectual property and documents they've made throughout the working process. You'll be able to share it among the team so that everyone can use some of the practices for further game development.

Our Results

We have provided CTO as a service to various teams and received many positive reviews already. If you are still thinking about whether you need it — look at our numbers!

projects Boosted their games' performance thanks to our external CTO support
documents Created to improve the level of technical expertise among our clients' teammates

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use CTO services?

Whether you've launched a new game or need to manage the existing ones, CTO as service can facilitate various essential processes and daily tasks. Yes, the CTO's role is usually associated with technical tasks only. However, it's way more than that. For example, you can hire an external CTO if you have a new game idea but don't know what you should include there to stand out. CTOs can also help audit your existing and newly released projects to see if they scale well and if their performance is as high as expected. Plus, external CTO consulting services may come in handy if you can't afford a full-time CTO or need a temporary one while looking for a permanent coworker. This way, you won't need to stop any processes and worry about important deadlines or product launches. You could also use CTO consulting if you want to upgrade your current organizational or technical tools, scale your game studio, or want to get advice on MVP-related questions. Again, you'll get unbiased advice and senior-level supervision to help your games scale and improve their performance.

What are the CTO's responsibilities?

One of the key responsibilities of a CTO is the decision-making regarding every technical aspect of the company and games you're working on. In addition, CTOs are responsible for technology planning and development for your players, vendors, and employees. The key goal is to minimize costs and increase productivity and your project's performance. A typical scope of the CTO's responsibilities involves strategy and planning, customer engagement, IT infrastructure, innovation and adoption, resources and budget planning, and leadership.

What is the CTO consulting process like?

Once you get a CTO consulting expert for your team, the process begins with the overall analysis of your project's performance, the effectiveness of all the technologies you're using, and defining any pitfalls and flaws in your project planning and development processes. Then, a CTO offers solutions to the most crucial issues and redefines the responsibilities among your teammates. CTOs help reduce operational risks and cut costs on unnecessary technologies or outdated systems. They provide adequate supervision of your whole developers and proper team building to increase their motivation. A CTO helps focus on the essential tasks and controls their fast completion. After all, a CTO analyzes the effectiveness of all the innovations and their cost-efficiency. They also check whether the team could adequately deliver all the projects and improve their quality and scalability.

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