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CTO as a Service

Does your gaming projects lack technical skills, but you are not yet ready to scale your studio and hire more people? Perhaps you're seeking an objective tech specialist to assist you in making your games more intuitive and scalable. CTO appears to be a service that you may use. Whimsy Games can assist you! With our CTO consulting services, you will increase the technical competence of your company!

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About Services

CTO as a service is an alternative to hiring a full-time Chief Technical Officer in-house. This is a low-cost option for game development studios that don't require a full-time technical expert on the team or aren't ready to hire more people. Even if you have a large studio, hiring an external CTO can be beneficial. For example, if you need to evaluate new technologies and want an unbiased opinion, you could use CTO services. Virtual CTO services are also far more flexible to use because you don't have to spend months looking for the perfect candidate, hiring outsourcing agencies, and paying upfront fees for work that hasn't even begun. Furthermore, you can select a professional with relevant skills and experience in game development: someone who understands the specifics of the platforms and genres for which you create your games, as well as how to stand out in a specific niche.

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We Offer:

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Development of strategy and architecture
Our external CTOs can take care of the entire tech management process, from developing a roadmap to reassembling the team and actually bringing your game ideas to life. So your projects are in good hands!
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Our CTO consulting services assist in reviewing current technologies and systems to identify flaws and areas for improvement. You and our experts will redesign the entire development process to make it more efficient and structured.
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Budget management and optimization
To avoid unexpected budget costs, our experienced CTOs will find the best way to incorporate new systems into your game development process. They will also assist in improving your team's budget management and determining whether any new technology is worth developing rather than outsourcing its implementation.
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Leadership and team development
A dedicated game development team is essential for producing successful titles. Our external consulting CTO experts ensure that all technical processes are properly monitored and that the team is managed efficiently. They can find an appropriate approach for any team and ensure smooth communication and a respectful atmosphere because they are people-driven and proactive.
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Technology is in charge
Our business-savvy CTOs examine every potential risk and growth opportunity. Our experts will show you how to improve game scalability, innovation, development planning, and growth strategies.
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Consulting and coaching
We provide virtual CTO consulting on a variety of topics. You will receive an unbiased, professional opinion on game development technologies, strategic planning, scaling, and process organization. Furthermore, our external CTOs will give you a clear picture of where your game projects and technical expertise are lacking.


  • Flexibility
    Our CTO consulting services enable you to select the most appropriate collaboration model and communication channels for your needs. You can also change the level of involvement in your game development projects, giving you complete control.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    We operate on a "pay-as-you-go" basis. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about sick leave, hiring costs, bonuses, or holidays. It's also less expensive than hiring a full-time CTO because you don't have to pay outrageous monthly salaries or make any long-term commitments.
  • Instant availability
    There is no need to spend months looking for a suitable CTO position. You can begin working with a new Chief Technical Officer in about a week, thanks to us.
  • The executive level of professionalism
    Many game development studios cannot immediately afford to hire an experienced CTO. Choosing an external CTO, on the other hand, can help you keep your budget in check while also providing professional advice at a lower cost.

Models of CTO as a Service we provide

  • Part-time CTO
  • One-time or project CTO
  • Fractional CTO
  • Interim CTO
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Part-time CTO

If you are unable to hire a full-time CTO due to limited budgetary resources or team capacity, you will employ a part-time solution. Choose the time you require a Chief Technical Officer and the amount you are willing to pay for the services, and we will select the best option for you.

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One-time or project CTO

If you only need consulting CTO services for one project, this is the best option. You must agree on a fixed cost and begin working together right away. This is a useful service if, for example, you are launching a new product or require professional troubleshooting consulting.

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Fractional CTO

Choose fractional CTO services if you have a tech professional who can assist you with your game projects but still require an unbiased opinion. This is a quick and efficient way to get additional advice on your current processes and potential projects.

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Interim CTO

This type of collaboration is ideal for teams looking for a replacement or full-time CTO who do not want to disrupt critical processes in the interim. It's an ideal solution for last-minute requests.

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    High level of expertise in game dev
    We only provide CTOs with extensive game development experience. We are accountable for the people we provide to ensure your studio receives exactly what it requires.
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    Top-management mindset
    Most of the CTOs we offer were previously founders, advisors, or investors. As a result, they are all well-versed in many business processes as well as any technological or development challenges that your studio may face.
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    Client-oriented approach
    With our CTO consulting, you can expect a personalized approach and close attention to your needs.
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    Flexible conditions
    We provide products and services that are tailored to your specific requirements. As a result, you will not receive any unnecessary services or assistance.
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    Timely completion
    We value your time and understand how valuable it is, especially when it comes to large game launches and ongoing projects. Our experts are deadline-oriented and can ensure that high-quality projects are completed on time.
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Why US

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    We scheduled a welcome call with your team and a potential CTO to ensure you're a good fit.

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    Our tech expert learns about your primary needs, what you need help with, if you have any special requests, and so on.

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    We assist you in selecting the best CTO consulting services. After that, if you want to speak with another expert, we will set up a new virtual call.

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    We spend time making sure you both agree on the timeline, work statement, and documentation for your new CTO.

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    The CTO's processes can be tracked at any time, and we can change the workflow or work format at your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

CTO as a service can assist you in managing existing games or in launching new ones. Yes, the CTO is solely responsible for technical matters. But it's much more than that. For example, if you have a new game concept but are unsure what to include, you can hire a CTO. CTOs can also perform audits on existing and new projects to ensure that they scale and perform well. External CTO consulting services may be useful if you can't afford a full-time CTO or need a temporary one while looking for a permanent one. There will be no need to halt any processes or worry about missed deadlines or product launches. CTO consulting could help you upgrade your organizational or technical tools, scale your game studio, or get MVP advice. Again, you will receive objective advice and senior-level supervision to scale and improve your games.
A CTO is responsible for making technical decisions for the company and the games they are developing. Furthermore, CTOs plan and develop technology for participants, vendors, and employees. The goal is to cut costs while increasing productivity and project performance. Strategy and planning, customer engagement, IT infrastructure, innovation and adoption, resource and budget planning, and leadership are typical responsibilities of the CTO.
When you hire a CTO consulting expert, they will analyze the performance of your project, the efficacy of your technologies, and any issues in your project planning and development processes. A CTO then resolves the most pressing issues and reorganizes the roles of your team. CTOs reduce operational and financial risks. They provide adequate supervision and team building to motivate your developers. A chief technology officer prioritizes and expedites critical tasks. A CTO assesses the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of all innovations. They also assess the team's ability to finish all projects while improving quality and scalability.
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