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Whimsy Games offers NFT marketplace white label services for clients worldwide. If you have an idea for a trading platform but don't have assets to offer there, we can help you to create your first collection. We make fully customizable NFTs tailored to your business needs and design preferences.

Features of White Label NFT Marketplace Services

With your own white-label NFT marketplace, you have pre-built tokens ready for trading. You hold full ownership rights for these tokens — an outsourcing company only creates a set of collectibles. White-label NFTs are fully customizable and may come in any quantity, style, and form.

If you want a white-label marketplace to sell NFTs, contact our team. Even if you don’t have ideas about the style of your NFTs yet, we will help you come up with catchy, memorable tokens that’ll draw the attention of potential customers.

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Our White Label NFT Marketplace Development Services

Marketplace development from scratch Even if you lack expertise in setting up a white label software marketplace, we will help you out. Our experienced teams can develop a custom marketplace from scratch according to your personal preferences and business needs.
Wallet setup We will help you set up desired wallet and payment options to facilitate the trading process for your customers. Our experts can create a niche platform with a limited selection of payment options or a marketplace where any kind of cryptocurrency can be used.
NFT concept creation Our teams will create extraordinary, unique concepts for your white-label NFTs. Even if you don't know what style and form you want your tokens to have, we'll come up with excellent custom concepts that will catch the eye of potential buyers.
Marketplace support and maintenance As we release an NFT marketplace, we will ensure it runs smoothly. After the launch, we'll take care of bug fixes and update releases so your new platform works flawlessly, gaining more customers each day.

Benefits of Our White-label NFT Platform Development

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Advanced development tools
Advanced development tools Our teams use state-of-the-art tech stack and pick the most suitable tools for your project. Our developers also have the latest hardware at their disposal to ensure fast and efficient development processes.
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Excellent UI/UX designs
Excellent UI/UX designs We want to provide an intuitive, convenient platform for all your users. Hence, we work hard to create awesome UI/UX designs for it. We'll work on icons, buttons, status bars, and website navigation to ensure maximum user comfort.
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Timely project completion
Timely project completion Our professional teams always ensure prompt delivery. We value your time and understand the importance of sticking to deadlines, so we take extra care to meet them.
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Customizable features and add-ons
Customizable features and add-ons To make your marketplace for white label NFTs a worthy competitor on the market, we'll incorporate multiple custom add-ons and features so that users can easily manage their profiles, enjoy various payment options, and use search filters or tags to find exactly what they're looking for.

Types of White Label NFT marketplaces we develop

Niche art marketplaces
Platforms for all-kind NFTs
NFT gaming marketplaces
Collectible platforms

Niche art marketplaces

Our teams have worked with various white-label marketplace types, including those focused on a particular niche. We'll create a custom platform that would provide exclusive NFTs dedicated to digital artwork, music or video files, game assets, etc.

Platforms for all-kind NFTs

If you want a platform accessible to wider audiences, we'll help you out. Our teams will build an intuitive, well-groomed platform where your customers can trade, buy, or sell NFTs of any kind and format freely, with no restrictions.

NFT gaming marketplaces

We work with gaming projects as well, and our team can create a convenient and interactive in-game NFT platform with white-label tokens for you. We work with various genres, so adjusting a platform to your specific needs won't be a problem.

Collectible platforms

One of the most popular NFT trends now is buying collectibles. These can be sports cards, digital pieces of clothing, artwork collections, and many others. If you want a marketplace dedicated to collectibles, we'll set it up together with your initial collection of white-label tokens.

How We Work

Setting up project guidelines
We set up an introductory meeting to learn more about your future project, business needs, and preferences. We agree on the deadlines, terms, and workflow frameworks to optimize the whole process.
Once we know all the primary requirements and have distributed all tasks within our team, we start prototyping your white label NFT marketplace platform. We add the basic designs together with UI/UX elements, work on website navigation, and add corporate styling. Finally, we create page drafts and show them to you.
We get feedback on the major design and interface improvements and develop a final version of the platform. We incorporate a wallet and set up a checkout section.
Quality assurance
Before the release, our team will run necessary tests to see how your future platform will perform under different load volumes, check its speed and functionality, and detect bugs. We provide functional and non-functional tests for every product, so you can be sure your product will do just fine.
Marketplace launch
As soon as we check all the parameters, we are ready to launch your white label marketplace software. We will ensure the release goes smoothly, without any delays or issues.
Post-release support
We also provide after-launch support services. Thus, we can be sure your marketplace has no bugs and works at full capacity. Moreover, we can release new updates and fix issues upon request.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a white-label marketplace for NFTs?

An NFT marketplace for white label tokens is a platform with pre-made tokens ready for sale and trading. The owner of such a platform gets full ownership rights over these tokens, being free to set any prices and marketplace usage terms. Usually, such marketplace owners outsource white-label NFT development services to other companies to save time and focus on other business objectives.

Why should I opt for an NFT white-label marketplace?

Having your own NFT marketplace for white label tokens opens up a lot of opportunities. First, it gives you an extra income source as this platform brings potential customers ready to trade tokens. Moreover, you have full ownership rights to the white-label tokens you or an outsourced team have made especially for this marketplace, and you can dictate your own rules on this platform. Finally, NFTs are a profitable and secure investment, so you can enjoy a nice return on it if you-re market-savvy and have sufficient experience in NFTs.

Is developing a white-label marketplace for NFTs a brilliant idea?

If you have relevant experience in trading, buying, or selling NFTs — yes. Building and managing your own white label NFT marketplace platform can be quite hard if you haven't worked with the system yet. Anyway, having your own token marketplace can bring additional revenue and plenty of loyal customers if you do everything right. However, you should always take reputation, security, and other business risks into account and mind them as you build a platform.

What features does a white-label marketplace for NFTs software comprise?

Some of the white label NFT marketplace platform key features include wallet and API integrations, customization, an intuitive interface, and convenient checkout. Also, such a platform and tokens can be branded and used by any business.

How much time will it take to launch a white-label NFT marketplace platform?

It depends on the specifications of your project. Our white label NFT marketplace development company can provide you with a quote according to your project’s complexity, the umber of specialists required and their hourly rates, project’s urgency, the number of hours we'll need to spend on it, and whether you're willing to add custom features or add-ons. All things considered, the development process will take at least three months, so keep it in mind while planning a release.

Which industries do you provide your white-label NFT marketplace services in?

Our white label NFT marketplace development company has mostly worked with NFT, Web3, and game development companies, but we are open to cooperation with businesses from any sphere. You can contact us, and we'll let you know if we can help you.

How much does white-label marketplace for NFTs development cost?

To give you a precise figure, we will need to know how urgent your project is, whether you need an entire team or a few extra employees, the level of your platform's complexity, and other additional information that will help us calculate the final cost. You can always contact our team to get an estimate for your case.

What white-label NFT solutions do you create?

Our team can work on both developing white-label NFTs for your marketplace and a whole new platform from scratch. We can also provide consulting services or develop concepts for the NFTs you want to upload to your marketplace. Apart from that, we run QA tests and report to your management at every stage of development. Finally, we provide after-launch support to eliminate bugs and release necessary updates if you need them.

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