Metaverse Game Development Services

We at Whimsy Games are experts in metaverse game development. Our team uses proven technologies to provide a life-like gaming experience. At the same time, players can easily perform usual activities like creating avatars or trading assets.

What is a Metaverse game?

Our metaverse game development company will help you to pursue the latest industry trends. With our assistance, you will join the community of asset holders on a new digital platform.

The Whimsy Games team is ready to equip your virtual reality with the most realistic effects. We will enable gamers to contact each other, create new objects, and obtain a distinguished provenance while traveling around virtual landscapes.

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Our Metaverse Game Development Services

NFT Game Development Whimsy Games can create a decentralized crypto space, allowing players to trade their assets within a blockchain game using non-fungible tokens.
2D Game Art Outsourcing Outsourcing metaverse 2D game art to Whimsy Games, you get turn-key services that cover everything from coding and design to post-release assistance.
3D Game Art Outsourcing Partnering with our metaverse game development company, you’ll benefit from 3D game art delivered quickly and cost-effectively.
Game Animation Outsourcing We use state-of-the-art instruments to create high-quality animation. Moreover, our experts align it to the overall gameplay, making your game more enticing.

Metaverse Game Development Platforms

Game hero development
Mobile Game Dev
Mobile Game Dev Our team ensures your game will work both on Android and iOS. The users can start playing with just a few clicks.
Game character development
Web Game Dev
Web Game Dev Our versatile metaverse game development services also cover web development. Aside from building high-quality games, our specialists will help you distribute them across multiple channels.
WEB3 Games development
VR game dev
VR game dev We enable the VR gaming experience for PCs, mobile platforms, and consoles. We choose Unity as a reliable software for all our products.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Adventure Games
Puzzle Games
Card Games

Adventure Games

Our metaverse game developers create fascinating adventure games where people can immerse themselves in an exciting virtual world.

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Puzzle Games

We create challenging puzzle games that fully absorb the players. They will need all their concentration and intelligence to win.

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Card Games

Our Metaverse game development allows gamers to get a casino-like experience without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The developers at Whimsy Games implement the features that make unique gameplay.

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Our team includes developers and designers who build games with seamless functionality and dynamics. Our experts pay much attention to details creating memorable characters.

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How do We Work

Defining Goals
At this stage, we work on a game concept and define revenue streams. We align our goals with your expectations and deliver rough project estimates.
Our specialists create a roadmap with deadlines and milestones. We tailor the solutions to meet your needs, remaining flexible throughout the whole metaverse game development process.
Working on Game Concept
Our designers and illustrators come up with the general idea of the future game’s style. At this stage, we make the first sketches bringing new virtual worlds to life.
Software Development
Our metaverse game developers create the foundation of your game to fill it with enticing visuals. They do their best to ensure impeccable gameplay and memorable experience for gamers.
This stage is critical for seamless performance. We check that the art, visual effects, and code are impeccable and align with the metaverse requirements.
Game Launch
This is when your games become available to users. Our experts upload it to the network, ensuring its compliance with the platform standards.
By promoting a game across various channels and marketplaces, we strive to help your product reach its target audience. Our marketing team works on boosting traffic and provides an overview of the results.

Why Outsource Metaverse Game Development to Whimsy Games

Professional Team
Professional Team Our metaverse game developers hone their skills every day and can create games in different genres. We pay much attention to quality and use tried-and-true tools to meet the highest standards.
Client-Oriented Specialists
Client-Oriented Specialists Whimsy Games does everything to not just meet but exceed your requirements. We want to be on the same page with our customers. That’s why we keep in close touch with them from the first day of cooperation.
Impressive Results
Impressive Results A solid portfolio with dozens of outstanding projects is a testimony to our accomplishments. Our team members pay attention to every single detail while working on your metaverse game.
Metaverse Game Development With Attention to Trends
Metaverse Game Development With Attention to Trends Our metaverse game development company keeps an eye on the market, offering only relevant solutions. At the same time, we make sure your game hits all your business goals.

Our Results

This is what we achieved after seven years in the game development market.

Projects Launched for our clients.
Hours Spent on creating games.
Skilled Specialists working on Metaverse products
Star Rating on Clutch and Goodfirms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the metaverse game development process?

Metaverse game development consists of several stages. It needs a reliable tech stack and storytelling matched with a captivating design and a user-friendly interface. Whimsy Games is a metaverse game development company paying great attention to details. Each of them adds value to your virtual environment.

What advantages do metaverse games offer?

A metaverse game goes far beyond a well-known gaming experience. It allows users to connect with like-minded people and even trade in-game goods earning real money.

What are the recent metaverse trends?

The metaverse games are evolving fast. The features that are popular today may not attract fans tomorrow. However, at the moment, authentic brand integrations and self-expression through digital identity are the most demanded traits across metaverse game development.

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