Metaverse Game Development Services

Whimsy Games provides innovative metaverse game development that offers an immersive gaming experience. We tap into cutting-edge technologies to unlock the gripping reality for players where they can do habitual activities: create their avatars, sell and purchase goods.

What is a Metaverse game?

Do you strive to keep up with globals trends? Ready to join the army of asset owners on a parallel digital platform? Our metaverse game development company is a guide to the immersive world. We bridge real and virtual worlds, offering unrivaled gameplay. 

Our team creates a virtual game reality with the most realistic effects. We make a space where gamers can interact with each other in real-time, create new objects, travel around landscapes, and obtain distinguished provenance.

Our Metaverse Game Development Services

Metaverse NFT Game Development We at Whimsy Games develop the game from scratch and deliver a life-like experience to gamers. With NFTs in our blockchain games, users can play and trade their assets, benefiting from the decentralized crypto space.
Metaverse 2D GAME ART Outsourcing When outsourcing Metaverse 2D game art, you don't have to care about many processes. The Whimsy Games team offers turn-key services, from coding and designing 2D art to post-release assistance.
Metaverse 3D GAME ART Outsourcing Delegating 3D game art to the metaverse game development company like Whimsy Games is a fast and cost-effective way to get the result. Our mission is to deliver top-grade software with an eye-catching design.
Metaverse Game Animation Outsourcing With our outsourcing services for Metaverse game animation, you receive well-thought-out animation art. Our specialists align it to the storytelling that responds to the overall gameplay. We use the latest tools to provide a high-quality animated game.

Metaverse Game Development Platforms

Mobile Game Dev
Mobile Game Dev Our team tailors games available on Android and iOS. The gamers can get to the virtual world with a few clocks.
Web Game Dev
Web Game Dev Our company offers multiple robust metaverse game development services for the web. We not only create stunning, high-quality games but also help distribute the game across different channels.
VR game dev
VR game dev We provide in-game VR experiences for mobile game consoles, PC, and mobile platforms. Our Whimsy Games specialists use Unity as a trusted soft for our products.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Adventure Games
Puzzle Games
Card games

Adventure Games

With adventure games developed by our team, people immerse into exciting gameplay. Our metaverse game developers create a world where gamers can delve in and become their integrated part.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle-solving becomes a part of the virtual world. We create absorbing and immersive gameplay. Our puzzle games are not a piece of cake. Gamers will have to keep their focus and think hard if they want to win.

Card games

With Metaverse game development, gamers can enjoy a casino-like experience within the comfort of their couches. Our specialists implement features to deliver the gameplay gamers haven't had a chance to experience before.


Our team holds professionals who build eye-pleasant, dynamic games with seamless functionality. Our illustrators and designers elaborate protagonists, enemies, and other secondary characters.

How do We Work

Goal Setting
We align our goals with your expectations. We seek to create a comprehensive picture of the game concept, revenue streams, and rough project time estimates at the onset of our cooperation.
To reach our project goals, we create a step-by-step roadmap with milestones and deadlines based on a game design document. Our specialists tailor solutions that meet your needs. Yet, we remain flexible during the entire metaverse game development process.
Designing & Approving Game Concept
This is a stage when we shed light on the future art style. Our designers and illustrates make the first sketches of your future game. They visualize and bring life to the new immersive world -- characters, landscapes, objects, and assets.
Software development
Code breathes life into the game and allows impeccable gameplay. Our metaverse game developers form a robust code to build blocks for the game full of actions and visual effects.
Game testing is a crucial stage that guarantees flawless gameplay. We check code, visual effects, art, design, and UI/ UX elements to make sure that all functions run seamlessly and align with the respective requirements of the metaverse.
Game release
At this phase of our cooperation, your game becomes available to users. Our experts roll it out to the network and support its functions. We also ensure that the game complies with the platform standards and is safe for every player.
Game promotion
Our specialists make sure that the game reaches out to the target audience, which we strive to enlarge. We promote the game across different channels to reach as many users as possible. Besides, our marketing team regularly boosts traffic and provides a comprehensive overview of the achieved results.

Why Outsource Metaverse Game Development to Whimsy Games

If you need a team with hands-on experience
If you need a team with hands-on experience Our metaverse game developers are professionals who improve their skills daily and create games from scratch in different genres. We are nerds about quality, so we only apply trusted tools to achieve great results and exceed our clients' expectations.
If you want to work with a client-oriented team
If you want to work with a client-oriented team A satisfied client is not a buzz term for Whimsy Games. We try to do our best not only to meet but also to exceed your expectations. It's crucial for us to make sure that all your requirements are turned to life. You'll get involved in the process from the first day of our cooperation so that you can track the progress.
If you aim to get impressive results
If you aim to get impressive results We prefer to show results rather than talk about them. Our portfolio with tens of outstanding games speaks for itself. Each and every member of the Whimsy Games team works hard to develop the Metaverse game by keeping the tiniest details in sight.
If you want to keep up with trends in the Metaverse game development
If you want to keep up with trends in the Metaverse game development We at metaverse game development company know that companies must join the metaverse now and take their place under the sun. That's why we're ready to land our helping hand for everyone willing. Our team keeps an eye on the market, offers time-relevant solutions, and lets your game hit all your goals.

Our Results

We're a team of like-minded and goal-oriented specialists. Look at the results we've achieved for over five years in the industry.

PROJECTS delivered to our clients.
HOURS our team spent developing competitive games.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metaverse Game Development Process?

Metaverse game development is a complicated process that comprises several steps. First, it needs reliable software, impressive storytelling matched with enthralling design, and a well-thought-out and user-friendly interface. Whimsy Games is a metaverse game development company that pays much attention to details and ensures that each game element is impeccable.

What are the benefits of metaverse games?

A metaverse game is a virtual world where users can enjoy immersive gameplay and even make money by purchasing and selling tokens. By owning a metaverse game, you offer your users an opportunity to join the world of like-minded people and share this experience with others.

What are the latest trends in Metaverse?

As the Metaverse keeps growing, trends may change fast with a twinkling of an eye. However, according to the latest state-of-the-art, experiences that simulate real-life, authentic brand integrations, and self-expression through digital identity are the main features to be achieved in the Metaverse game development.

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