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Whimsy Games is a team of Web3 gaming experts who can help you create a reliable, decentralized solution allowing gamers to collect and trade assets. Our team can work with a wide range of genres and various art styles to make your project most attractive to potential users.

Features of Web3 Game Development Services

Web3 games are the foundation of the play-to-earn system as they offer asset trading, tradeable in-game tokens, and the opportunity to get extra revenue in cryptocurrency. Players get access to a fair-trade virtual market ecosystem, allowing them to gain full ownership of particular assets. This is a new kind of transparent, secure gaming with multiple opportunities for every player.

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Our Web3 Game Development Services

Web3 game development from scratch If you have an outstanding idea for a game, but your in-house team lacks the necessary expertise to fulfill it, our experts will help you make a great title from scratch. We offer full-cycle development services and will help you handle all the related challenges.
Wallet implementation Whether you want a single payment option or full access to any payment system for your users, we can make it work. Based on your preferences, we'll add the necessary wallet options to ensure the best gaming experience.
Tradeable in-game asset creation Along with the game, we'll create a collection of in-game assets and intuitive trading functionality.
Post-release support Once you release a game, we'll help you with bug fixes and updates. We'll also improve the graphics or add new collectibles if you need them.

Benefits of our Web3 Game Development Services

concept 3d character
Innovative tech stack
Innovative tech stack We use the latest technologies, hardware, and tools for Web3 game development. This allows us to create stunning titles and implement custom features into your games.
Game character development
Outstanding UI/UX designs
Outstanding UI/UX designs To make the gameplay experience more enjoyable, we work hard to create intuitive, attractive UI elements such as icons, status bars, and others.
2d art game
Top-level expertise
Top-level expertise We work mainly with middle and senior professionals to ensure effective and prompt project completion. They're familiar with issues and challenges of Web3 game development and can handle them easily.
Game character development
Unique add-ons
Unique add-ons To offer your potential players a great experience, we offer custom add-ons to your game. This can be anything from chat windows and stickers to multiple payment options and custom user profiles.

Genres of Web3 Games we Develop

Action-adventure games
Fantasy games
PvP battle games
Arcade games

Action-adventure games

Our Web3 gaming experts will help you build an exciting game setting your players will be eager to explore. We'll also create collectible and tradeable in-game assets, so you earn from selling items like gems, coins, or skins.

Fantasy games

Create magical worlds full of elves, wizards, trolls, and other creatures! Allow your gamers to trade fantasy assets like potions, poisons, diamonds, and others to boost your revenues.

PvP battle games

This genre requires multiple kinds of characters and skins to make the game more appealing and diverse. Why not turn these assets into tradeable elements? We'll help you earn from unique, customizable in-game assets while allowing gamers to play their favorite battle games.

Arcade games

Turn a popular arcade into a metaverse marketplace where gamers can buy, sell, and trade plenty of assets. We'll help you turn any element into a valuable in-game asset and earn from placing them on the in-game market.

How We Work

Analyzing requirements
As a professional Web3 game development company, we start with an introductory meeting and analyze your key requirements. We take your ideas into account and help you generate new ones.
Once we are all set, our development team gets to work. We pick the tool stack for your project and agree upon the deadlines for an optimized workflow.
We start prototyping your future game. We test different designs, work on the UI/UX elements, and take care of all the art and level design. We also work on tradeable in-game assets and payment systems.
Finalizing the product
We show the first iteration to you and gather feedback to improve particular aspects. If everything is fine, we finalize the game by adding preferable payment options and uploading tradable assets into the metaverse.
Initial launch
Once we're ready, we move on to actually releasing the game. We take care of making the launch as smooth and flawless as possible.
Post-release support
To make sure your game works well even after the release, we offer dedicated support services. Our team will help you fix bugs and implement updates upon request.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Web3.0 Game Development?

Web3 game development is a process of creating blockchain-based projects where players have an opportunity to trade and own in-game assets. Web3 games are built on the play-to-earn model, enabling secure, decentralized trading among players. Plus, you can extend the games into a metaverse and allow users to decide how the plot will change as they play the game.

Why is the gaming industry shifting to Web3?

Web3 game is an innovative kind of product, opening a variety of opportunities to both developers and players. Such a game does not just allow users to manage its plot but also gives them an opportunity to earn money as they play. Moreover, Web3 games allow developers to create metaverses and virtual environments accessible to everyone. This expands the gaming experience and allows players to literally become part of the game world.

How Much Does Web3 Game Development Cost?

The development pricing of Web3 gaming projects depends on various factors, including their complexity, urgency, the number of levels, and the scale of the upcoming metaverse. The number of people on the team and their hourly rates also influence the overall cost. If you want a quote for your case, you can always contact us, and we'll provide an estimate specifically for your project.

How Much Time Does Web3 Game Development Take?

As well as the cost, the time spent on developing a Web3 game also depends on multiple factors. Creating a nice, well-groomed game will take at least four months. However, if you're having a large, complex project, it might take up to a couple of years, no matter how many people are involved. To create a high-quality Web3 game, you need to plan everything in advance and expect it to be quite a lengthy process.

What Are The Top Examples of Web3 Games?

Some of the most famous examples of Web3 games include The Sandbox, NUNU Spirits, Introduction, Skyweaver, Illuvium, Crabada, Cornucopias, Axes Metaverse, and others. Join a metaverse and experience Web3 reality!

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