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23, Sep, 2022

Denys Kliuch

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Top 10 Web3 Game Development Companies to Check Out

Web3 companies focusing on games provide a more personalized experience to every player. They do so by allowing people to decide on which stage of gameplay the project should change and evolve. This concept enables decentralized decision-making and in-game asset ownership that can be delegated to any user.

Web3 games are also a basis for the play-to-earn concept that encourages people to progress in the game and earn rewards they can buy, sell or trade in the future. Thanks to this technology, it’s possible to join fair virtual markets and earn cryptocurrency in a brand-new, interactive way.

Web3 platforms are getting popular in the global community. Many companies are willing to provide a more personalized experience to users and enable content monetization on fair terms and on a peer-to-peer basis. However, it’s a pretty complex task that requires external assistance — that’s why they hire Web3 development companies to help them out.

How do you find one, and what are the top Web 3 companies available on the market right now? Our team at Whimsy Games has extensive experience in Web3 game development and knows the best service providers in the industry. Read our guide to find out more about these companies and what Web3-related services they offer.

What is Web3 Gaming?

Web3 gaming is the process of creating blockchain-based titles with a decentralized decision-making system. With it, every player can participate in the game’s evolution and make it more enjoyable and consistent. This technology also allows players to receive tradeable rewards and get full ownership of the available in-game assets. You can find out more about the technology in our blog article.

In other words, Web3 gaming provides broader opportunities for players and allows them to become competitive market players on their own, without a central authority controlling them. And that’s what the best Web3 companies can help you with.

10 Best Web3 Companies to Work With

There are plenty of options to choose from now. However, only some Web3 gaming companies are reliable. We did some research and found the most convenient and experienced ones. Below, you’ll see the top Web3 gaming service providers that can help you create a blockchain-based project from scratch and fully align with your requirements. I any case find more game dev companies on the Top

1. Whimsy Games

Number of employees: 80+
Founded in: 2015

Whimsy Games is a professional Web 3 company with an extensive portfolio and clients worldwide. The company has successfully completed over 70 blockchain and Web3 projects and offers innovative tech stacks, custom solutions, and flexible cooperation terms. Whimsy Games has extensive experience in various genres too, including action, adventure, puzzle, RPG, racing games, and others.

The company will take care of the hiring process if you need to set up a development team from scratch, assign a Project Manager to monitor the progress, and provide timely updates on the project. Apart from Web3 game development, Whimsy Games offer a wide range of other services, including NFT games development, token marketplace development, blockchain consulting for gaming projects, white-label NFT creation, and so on.

2. Unicsoft

Number of employees: 150+
Founded in: 2005

Unicsoft is a professional Web3 development company that offers a variety of solutions for blockchain-based projects. Apart from game development, the company is also known for its outstanding consulting services. A company’s portfolio accounts for over 100 successfully launched games — and this is for Web3 only. The company has already worked with simulation, RTS, sports, action, and other kinds of games, so any client can find whatever they need here.

3. Infinite Block Tech

Number of employees: 170+
Founded in: 2015

Infinite Block Tech is among the leading Web 3 companies in the world. The company operates globally with offices in the UK, the US, India, and Canada. Infinite Block Tech provides an extensive range of Web3-related services, including NFT P2E game development, metaverse development, crypto wallet implementation, NFT and ICO development, and many others.


Number of employees: 100+
Founded in: 2015

INORU is another leading Web3 game development company that provides highly customizable solutions for every client. The company has worked with various game genres, including P2E, RPG, racing, battle, and others. INORU helps clients with Web3 game design, testing, marketing, and development and provides consultations to better understand your needs and recommend the most suitable solution.

5. AppDupe

Number of employees: 300+
Founded in: 2012

AppDupe focuses on blockchain-based projects, including Web3 game development. The company’s portfolio includes games of different genres and concepts and plenty of token collectibles. AppDupe will help you create an NFT collection, set up a gaming environment, and implement a digital subscription system and payment options for your project. The company can also help create a project from scratch if you need more relevant experience.

6. Juego Studios

Number of employees: 300+
Founded in: 2012

Juego Studios is a US-based Web3 development company with global offices in India, the UK, and Kuwait. The company focuses on gaming projects and has launched over 500 apps and games. Juego Studios can help you with NFT, metaverse development, and other blockchain-based solutions for your projects. The company is experienced with various engines and technologies, ensuring custom solutions for everyone.

7. RisingMax

Number of employees: 100+
Founded in: 2015

RisingMax offers end-to-end services to mobile and web projects. The company is also experienced with IoT, AR/VR, Ai, and many other technologies and uses them to enhance existing products and supplement the new ones with innovative elements. RisingMax has a relatively high client return rate of 75% and has successfully delivered over 250 apps.

8. Maticz

Number of employees: 200+
Founded in: 2020

Maticz is a relatively new yet highly professional provider of blockchain-based solutions. The company serves clients worldwide, providing game porting, development, testing, in-app design services, and many others. Maticz also provides consultations for every client to make sure they can meet any specific need. The company also has a standardized project completion framework which allows it to align with deadlines and optimize every process for higher efficiency.

9. Aetsoft

Number of employees: 90+
Founded in: 2014

Aetsoft is a software development company offering automation and blockchain solutions to global clients. The company has offices in the US and Europe, allowing them to conveniently communicate and work with clients from various time zones. Aetsoft operates with companies in different industries, and the scope of technologies they use include Tron, Binance, Solana, Ethereum, and others.

10. VironIT

Number of employees: 180+
Founded in: 2004

VironIT is a professional software development company that creates Web3 games and web-oriented digital products. The company also provides various services — from IoT to blockchain-based solutions. VironIT has launched over 100 games and has been operating for over 18 years, making it an experienced, competitive market player.

Benefits and Prospects Whimsy Games Can Provide

Whimsy Games is a professional Web3 company with over seven years in the market. We have provided Web3 services to multiple clients worldwide. Our team is experienced with different genres, tech stacks, and approaches, so we ensure personalized, professional assistance to every client and fully satisfy their needs. Take a look at other benefits you’ll get if you start working with us.

Full transparency

We value openness and transparency between our teams and clients. That’s why with us, you can pick the most convenient means of communication, receive timely project updates, and participate in feedback sessions to keep track of the project’s progress and what issues we’re facing and resolving. We also provide a fair and transparent pricing system, meaning there are no hidden fees or additional charges.

Flexibility in terms

We understand that your project scope or workflow might change. You may need to change the size of a team, alter some concepts, and implement other structural, organizational, or operational changes. We are ready for any of these improvements and will quickly react to them. With us, you will be fine with reconsidering particular project aspects.

Professional teams

We always hire experienced employees — mostly middle and senior specialists. This way, we ensure fast, efficient, and high-quality project completion. While selecting the best candidates, we also allow you to participate in calls and ask relevant questions. And of course, you always have the last word when choosing the most suitable people for your team.

Individual approach

We always want to ensure the top quality of every project we work with. Moreover, we do our best to provide unique solutions that would meet your key requirements. We never create copycats — our every piece of content is made according to your preferences and concepts you had in mind. This is why our projects and games are always authentic and look appealing.

Other Services of by Whimsy games

As a game development company, Whimsy Games offers other related services and can help you with gaming or other blockchain-based projects of different formats, complexity, and level of involvement. Have a look at some other services we can be helpful with:

NFT game development

Whimsy Games provides NFT game development services. We will help you create a decentralized, high-quality project with plenty of unique features and original, tradeable in-game assets. We offer custom designs and UI/UX elements to make your game stand out on the market.

Blockchain game development

Whimsy Games develops blockchain-based games and provides unique in-game assets players can trade, buy, and sell anytime. We use the latest tech stacks we pick individually for every project to ensure the top quality of every game. We work on design, mechanics, UI/UX, and other aspects from scratch to give you a well-groomed, flawless project.

Metaverse game development

Together with our expert teams, we help implement a lifelike metaverse experience for players. We create immersive, interactive game worlds where players can create new objects, edit their avatars, contact other players, and so on. Every metaverse project we build is full of complex design elements and vibrant graphics to enhance the experience.

Play-to-earn game development

Using cutting-edge technologies and an individual approach to every project, Whimsy Games will help you create play-to-earn titles with fantastic visuals, unique in-game assets, and interactive environments. With us, your players will get a competitive game with multiple rewards and tradeable elements they can earn as they play.



Web3 companies help incorporate concepts like blockchain technologies, decentralization, or tokenization into a digital product. The latter can be a financial app, a social media platform, or even a game. With the help of these and other related technologies, Web3 companies basically help make the internet fair and democratic for other users. Such companies provide people with full ownership of their data and the ability to monetize their content and distribute it directly to end users.
The main features of Web3 gaming include player-driven playing experiences, minimal downtime, transparent gaming, in-game asset ownership and interoperability, integration, and improvement of old game models.
If you are going to choose a Web 3 company to work on a gaming project together, there is a set of criteria to consider. Some of the main ones include a portfolio and feedback from previous clients, experience with required technologies, specifically gaming ones, and hourly rates. You should also check their successful releases and the quality of completed projects. Moreover, many clients are also looking for companies that take on the hiring process of Web3 gaming experts, so if you do, you should make sure the company has optimized the workflow to align with deadlines.
Some of the questions you should ask before you start working with a Web3 company should be the following: "How do you handle the hiring process?" "Have you successfully launched Web3 projects recently?", "Do you have gaming projects in your portfolio?", "What game genres have you already worked with?", "Can you provide feedback from previous clients?", "What are your hourly rates?".
There are plenty of tech stacks Web3 gaming companies use to work on their projects. However, the main scope of technologies remains pretty much the same and includes smart contracts, digital wallets, Node/Web3 providers, libraries, or dApps. To work on gaming projects, Web3 platforms also use XR hardware and have to apply open, interoperable media standards to complement these projects.
Yes, it is. Metaverse exists both in web2 and web3. For web3 gaming, it offers such features as creator economy and decentralized gaming.
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