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Game Development Outsourcing

We are a team of game developers, artists, and designers passionate about creating breathtaking virtual worlds. Our game development outsourcing company will find the most suitable solutions for your business in a cost-effective way. Win the gamers’ hearts with Whimsy Games as your partner

Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development

Top-Notch Development

The members of our game development outsourcing team are passionate about what they do. They are full of interesting ideas and know how to bring them to life in the shortest possible time.

Transparent Services

We at Whimsy Games know the importance of transparency. That’s why we regularly provide our clients with easy-to-understand reports that include data visualization.

Fair Pricing

You will pay only for the work done, not a cent more. We offer various options to suit your needs. You can pay a fixed price for the whole project, cost-plus, or the cost of the specific services.

Fast Delivery

Our game development outsourcing team does its best to meet deadlines. Moreover, we aim to complete our work earlier. Thus, we have more time to fine-tune the product before the pre-agreed release day.

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Game Development Outsourcing Features

Various Project Packages Outsource game development in a way that suits your needs. We offer multiple cooperation options, so you will get exactly the service you want.
Cross-platform solutions We have profound experience in developing software for multiple platforms. Сross-platform solutions will give you a competitive advantage over rivals and help you win the affection of gamers in your niche.
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Latest Tools We are using the latest technologies to create breakthrough and memorable products for you. Our game devs wield state-of-the-art programming languages, visualization and design tools, as well as other instruments.
High-end Cyber Security One of our top priorities is the protection of every user. That’s why we ensure the highest possible level of cybersecurity and data protection in our gaming solutions.

Game Development Outsourcing Services

concept 3d character
2D/3D art
2D/3D art Our designers will create any 2D or 3D asset for your game environment or characters in the shortest possible time. We can implement the boldest ideas to make your game unique.
Game hero development
2D/3D animation
2D/3D animation Designing an asset is less than half of the job. To convey a breathtaking story, the game environment should look alive. Our experts will bring life into any environment, regardless of the style, genre, and complexity of the game.
Game hero development
VFX If you want a gamer to believe your story, it should feel authentic in every detail. And it’s impossible without visual effects (VFX). Our experts create all types of special effects — from common rain or snow to otherworldly teleportation or time-space warp.
Game character development
HTML5 Game Development
HTML5 Game Development One of the easiest ways to boost your fan base in the gaming industry is to create a browser version of your product. Our developers use the most advanced technologies to make HTML5 games available on any browser and device with a reliable internet connection.
Game character development
NFT Games/Art
NFT Games/Art The game industry is rapidly changing, embracing innovations earlier than others. NFT is a promising technology that is already transforming industries. Our experts are ready to create NFT games for you.
NFT Games development
LiveOps projects
LiveOps projects We customize and update already existing games without creating new versions. Our engineers have experience changing the gaming experience according to end-user feedback. Paying attention to users’ recommendations and analyzing them is the key to meeting their needs and winning a highly competitive race in the gaming industry.

Genres of Game Development We Can Cover

Arcade Games
Action Games
Card games
Slot games
Fantasy games
Board Games
Casino Games
Racing and Sports Games
PvP Battle Games
Adventure Games

Arcade Games

We understand why people like old-school games that much. And we are ready to combine a heartwarming nostalgic look with cutting-edge technologies.

Action Games

Such games are an excellent choice for those who seek intense emotions but want to stay safe in real life. We at Whimsy Games are pros in creating breathtaking worlds full of surprises.

Card games

Those games are both entertaining and intuitive. Whimsy Games offers gamers casino-like experiences. Our games bring them so much joy that they will gladly come back to you in their free time.

Slot games

We use the most advanced technologies in our slot games to ensure the users’ data are safe and secure. The players will have such an outstanding experience that they will eagerly recommend your game to their friends. Thus, the number of your daily active users will grow.

Fantasy games

From time to time, everyone wants to escape from the real world to a fantasy story. Whimsy Games helps you to build the fantasy world from scratch, creating exciting games for people of any age.

Board Games

Monopoly, Uno, Munchkin. Those are famous games with high status and official web and app versions. With Whimsy Games, you can join this elite club by creating your own game.

Casino Games

We know how to create exciting casino games. While users will win their awards, you will get your profit and a constantly growing audience.

Racing and Sports Games

Those genres are the most popular in the video game industry. However, there are still plenty of ideas you can bring to life. And we are excited to help you. Create unique sports gameplay and get the most out of it.

PvP Battle Games

We at Whimsy Games are pros in the area of creating PVP battle games for any device. We will create unique stories with extraordinary characters that will conquer users’ hearts.

Adventure Games

Each of us is an adventure seeker deep inside. Help gamers satisfy their inner adventurers with a new game. Our team is ready to help you provide a breathtaking gaming experience.

Way We Work

Generating Ideas
We analyze the target market niche and listen to your suggestions to come up with ideas for a new game. Later those ideas transform into a detailed plan with clear milestones.
Creating a Concept
We create a game concept with unique, enticing features and marketing strategy behind it. After that, we design characters, environments, and visual effects.
We provide you with everything you need for the design of the future game: from first ideas, concepts, and sketches to the final arts.
Our developers use the latest software to create trend-setting games. Become an early adopter of new gaming technology with Whimsy Games.
Testing is an important part of any project. The end-users should get a bug-free game, so they can enjoy every second of it.
We deliver and add the final version of the game to Google Play, App Store, and Microsoft Store.
You should think about how to promote the game on the market even before the development starts. Whimsy Games can help you with that using multi-channel promo, traffic monitoring, and other marketing tools.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

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Full Transparency
Full Transparency Our fees are crystal-clear. We will regularly inform you about the project’s progress, so you will always know what is happening.
Blockchain game development company
Reliability We have hundreds of satisfied clients from all around the world. We won their trust by having created successful games people want to spend days playing. Moreover, we do it on time and within budget.
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Strong Cooperative Spirit
Strong Cooperative Spirit Every member of the team is essential to us and plays a big role in development. That faith in each other converts into highly-productive performance. We know how to make software development work smoothly and efficiently.
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Creative professionals
Creative professionals We are a team of experts who have the same mission — to create new worlds that gamers love to explore. We use this creative energy for the benefit of our clients, helping them to achieve their business objectives.

Quick Facts about Whimsy Games

We combine cutting-edge technologies and extensive experience to provide unique gaming solutions that can help your business grow.

Years of Hard Work We have been successfully creating games for more than 10 years.
Experts Whimsy Games is a place where developers, designers, and artists gather together to bring the most daring ideas to life.
Loyal Clients We are a customer-oriented team. That’s why businesses return to us to create new games and apps for them.
Projects We have a considerable portfolio of games we have created for clients from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Outsource Game Development?

First of all, we start with a short brief where you share your ideas about the story and key features of the game. Make your desires as clear as possible. After that, we will share our thoughts on how we implement your ideas. We will discuss all the details including deadlines and important milestones.

What is GameDev Outsourcing?

GameDev outsourcing is entrusting the process of game creation to a team that doesn’t work as your company employees. It gives more freedom to create new products without the hurdles of an official hiring process. Thus, the GameDev team is basically the contractor that will be partially or fully responsible for the game development process.

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource a Game?

Two primary factors shape the price of game development outsourcing services –– the complexity of tasks and the location of the GameDev agency. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions because each outsourcing game development project has its peculiar features. In most cases, hiring the GameDev team in East Europe is two-three times cheaper than in North America. That’s why development budgets can vary dramatically: from $15 000 to $300 000 or even higher.

What Does the Game Development Outsourcing Process Look Like?

The main thing about game development outsourcing is that you entrust the whole game development process to a third-party agency or team. You contact the game outsourcing company, discuss all the details and use the expertise of their team to satisfy your business needs swiftly and efficiently.

Why Outsource Game Development?

There are a few reasons for employing an outsourcing game development company. In the modern world, businesses are trying to be as cost-effective and agile as they possibly can. For many of them, finding a game outsourcing company is more feasible than hiring an in-house GameDev team.

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