Game Development Outsourcing

We are a passionate and customer- oriented team of developers, designers, and artists eager to create quality products. Our game development outsourcing company finds the best solutions. Our individual approach helps us make competitive gameplay.

Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development

High-Quality Game Development

Our game outsourcing company unites
professional tech leads and top game dev

Client-oriented Services

We, at Whimsy Games, grant transparency
to our clients. Our top value is providing
crystal clear game outsourcing terms.

Loyal Pricing

We offer customized pricing. You pay either a fixed price for the project, cost-plus, or just a certain amount for the requested services.

Fast Delivery

Our outsource game development is about
fast and quality work. We create games
swiftly to have more time to fix bugs and
fine-tune game performance.

Game Development Outsourcing Features

Affordable Project Packages You can choose the best suitable option and get game development services in line with your business needs.
Cross-platforming Game developers can build software and adjust it to multiple platforms to expand your potential audience.
Latest Trendy Tools Stay on top with our outsourcing game development team that uses cutting-edge technologies to design your game.
Privacy & Security We ensure a high cybersecurity level in the gaming landscape as users' data protection is crucial for us.

Game Development Outsourcing Services

2D/3D art
2D/3D art You can order two- and three-dimensional designs of characters, environments, and other assets
2D/3D animation
2D/3D animation We can animate any element of both 2D and 3D games.
VFX We create realistic effects like slow-moving clouds or thunder - all is up to your imagination.
HTML5 Game Development
HTML5 Game Development Our developers create interactive and engaging game content quickly played via web browsers on smartphones and desktops.
NFT Games/Art
NFT Games/Art We transform gameplay experience into digital assets.
LiveOps projects
LiveOps projects Our team can change, update, and improve your game without releasing a brand new version.

Way We Work

Idea Generation
Our team analyzes competitors and studies the industry to set out a detailed plan with benchmarks.
Concept Creation
Our specialists design a concept of the future game focusing on characters, environment, and other visual effects.
Here, first sketches and concepts are born, and the final art style is beginning to get clear.
Developing & Coding
Developers at Whimsy Games build software using the most advanced industry trends and approaches.
Software Testing
We double-check each product run and go through alpha and beta testing to release bug-free games.
Game Release
We deliver the final version of the game and add it to Google Play and App Store.
You can always count on our support and expertise for multi-channel promotion, traffic monitoring, and data collection.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

We Guarantee Transparency
We Guarantee Transparency We have no hidden fees and let you know about every stage of the game development process.
Confidence Is Our Virtue
Confidence Is Our Virtue Lots of clients from the USA, Asia, and Europe trust us with their projects.
We Have Strong Cooperative Spirit
We Have Strong Cooperative Spirit Whimsy Games is a people-centered company. Thus, every member of our team plays an essential role in project development.
Creative Passion Is Our Mission
Creative Passion Is Our Mission We are a team of enthusiasts with the same goal - to create a top-quality, competitive product.

Quick Facts about Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games uses cutting-edge tools to help your businesses grow and ensure the best cost-efficient outcome. Statistics prove our teams’ expertise.

YEARS OF EXPERTISE Customers all around the globe choose our team for over 10 years as a qualified game development company.
PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISTS Whimsy Games is a treasure trove of talented developers, designers, and artists ready to interpret your ideas into a breathtaking gameplay experience.
LOYAL CLIENTS We are a customer-oriented team and offer top-class and timely service.
Successful Projects Clients trust our expertise and have already ordered over 150 outsourced projects.


How do you outsource game development?

Get started with a brief where you can share your ideas about memorable design, graphics, technology, video, and music. Make your thoughts clear and discuss the company's approaches to outsource game development.

What does it mean to outsource a game?

Outsourcing game development is about delegating to developers and artists the creation of your game: software, design, 2D or 3D animation, music, etc.

How much does it cost to outsource a game?

Two factors mainly affect the price of game development outsourcing services - the level of complexity and location of the game dev agency.

What does the game development outsourcing process look like?

The game development outsourcing process is about delegating the full cycle of gameplay creation to the third-party team or agency. It’s also possible to fulfill the specific request.

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