Gamification as a service

Whimsy Games delivers customized gamification services that help businesses grow, engage with new clients, boost brand awareness, and convert leads. Besides, gamification is a proven tool to improve your staff's in-house flows and productivity. Business training approach and gamification customer service enhanced by gamification can bring impressive results.

Features of Customer Service Gamification

Gamification as a service has gained popularity as it empowers getting new knowledge. Apps and websites with game elements enable users to learn information firsthand and in more detail rather than just imagine it.

Whimsy Games helps companies from around the globe gamify their products. We develop robust software and integrate innovative technologies to optimize functions and ensure high performance. As for visual elements, our designers incorporate gameplay features and entertaining elements into non-gaming contexts to increase users’ engagement with a product or service.

Choosing our services, get ready to have many positive feedbacks.

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Our Gamification Services

Full-scaled gamification development Whimsy games is a leading company with expertise in developing software with gamification elements. We offer complete end-to-end development of an application with a gamification component. The entire process includes business analysis, idea formulation, post-support of the deployed software, and the introduction of scheduled upgrades.
Design enhancement: animation, art, UI If you have gaming elements in your project but want to make graphics more appealing, we can deliver this gamification service. Our team will breathe a new life into your interface design by improving all or only some components and visuals.
Game documentation development Our team makes up a document of full-fledged game design as part of our gamification services. This document comprises a complete gamification strategy, including all essential processes, resources, and an estimated timeline.
Quality Assurance Before releasing a final gamified product to the public, our quality assurance specialists thoroughly test it to look for problems, evaluate the performance of key mechanics, and make any required corrections.

Our Benefits in Gamification Services

concept 3d character
Extensive proficiency in gamed development and design
Extensive proficiency in gamed development and design Our team is well aware of game mechanics, tactics, and approaches to meet your business goals due to our many years of experience in game development. This provides us with a solid base for executing top-notch gamification of your product.
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Team of highly-qualified specialists
Team of highly-qualified specialists Since Whimsy Games specializes in game development, our team includes all the essential professionals: developers, engineers, concept artists, 2D/3D artists, animators, and testers. We are ready to execute any gamification initiatives from the ground up.
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In-depth understanding of players' needs
In-depth understanding of players' needs Our team works on projects of all sizes and levels, as well as in various game genres. This experience gives us insight into how to use particular game mechanics and aspects to meet gamers' expectations and thus achieve business objectives.
Game character development
Post-release support and maintenance
Post-release support and maintenance Once the development of a gamified product is over, we keep monitoring its efficacy and consistency to maintain its proper functions. We apply designed and pre-approved seasonal updates, new features roll-out, and other customer retention measures.

Types of Gamification We Offer



Adding an element of gamification to your event, you improve your audience's interaction with the product or service and raise interest in the event as a whole. We upgrade events with interactive challenges, leaderboards, score dashboards, etc., to boost the competing spirit among competitors.


Sales gamification software contains numerous perks that add up to a more effective sales team and profit growth. Your investment into sales gamification means your staff expertise elevates to a new level mainly because of the growth of their leadership skills. Our final product includes a progressive achievement dashboard, non-digital elements, interactive rooms, etc.


Gamification as a service in healthcare enables clients to monitor their health metrics and level of fitness in an interactive and fun way. Users' interest is fueled by reward points, badges, and leaderboards. Following their progress and competing with themselves motivate people to keep and improve their shape.


Both internal and external gamification may be used to attract and retain clients while improving customer retention rates. By introducing levels, points, gifts, and special discounts, users are better engaged with a product and improve the retention rate with your brand.


Gamification makes the learning process more engaging and interesting, especially due to the integration of score dashboards, points, and the capability to enter the new level and achieve prizes. With our integration of gaming elements, you get software that helps users acquire information more effectively.


Integration of gaming elements into dating apps and websites boosts engagement and enhances user experience. With years of expertise, we provide a wide range of useful mechanisms, like swiping, upgrading, joining alliances and groups, receiving boosts, points, and other in-game currencies for specific acts, VIP statuses, etc.

How We Work

Studying details
We take into account your requirements and align them with market demand. It helps us build transparent processes, set clear objectives, and evaluate main revenue streams.
Building an action plan
At this stage, we evaluate the collected data we have gathered and present our vision of customer service gamification. We discuss and set milestones for product architecture, essential features, and design approach.
The team of designers comes into play. They create initial concepts and sketches. Hence, the final art style is starting to become apparent.
Whimsy Games employs the most cutting-edge industry trends and a verified engine when developing software. Our specialist's expertise and professionalism allow for creating unique solutions for your projects.
Then our team moves to polish your game by finding any flaws or defects to make the product function seamlessly. We carry out alpha and beta testing. When everything gets fixed, your product is ready to roll out.
Releasing and supporting
We help you to deploy software updates and maintain gamification elements integrated into your product when clients use it after the product is rolled out.

Quick Facts About Us

years of industry expertise
specialists in our team geared to reach a final result
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gamification service?

Gamification empowers a true transformation of your business performance and ensures an everlasting result. When hiring a gamification app development company, you can expect to obtain a trusted partner, just like Whimsy Games, to make the most out of the gaming elements integration and maintenance. We're ready to make the gaming experience seamless in a non-gaming environment. Send your quote to our managers to get more info about our services.

What is gamification in customer service?

Gamification brings customer service to the next level. It lets a company make interaction with customers joyful and simply communicate complex processes. Ultimately, a business can save time and effort while making more customers happy.

Is gamification good for business?

Gamification is a real find for businesses of all sizes and industries. The use of gamification aims at raising engagement and achieving successful results. By applying gamification with robust software, companies can improve customer retention, performance rate, user engagement, and other metrics.

What is gamification software?

Gamification software is a platform or a tool that allows businesses to integrate game mechanics into non-gaming contexts. Using gamification software, you can implement different game elements, including points, badges, freebies, or other incentives, into an app. Gamification elements encourage users and give them a unique way of interacting with your brand.

Why is gamification so popular?

Gamification is a great way to engage and interact with an audience. Gamification opens up the imaginative world and raises players' interest in the activities you offer. By integrating gamification into your processes, you have a chance to deliver your customers an ad hoc experience and, as a result, successfully monetize your efforts.

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