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16, Sep, 2022

Denys Kliuch

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Godot vs Unity: All You Need to Know

Unity is the most common association with the gaming and game development world. Gamedev specialists have been using it for a long time, and many popular titles use it.

The impending implementation of the Unity Runtime Fee Policy, scheduled to commence on January 1, 2024, has stirred quite a buzz. Under this policy, games surpassing the 200,000 install threshold would incur a fee of $0.20 per installation. This development has sparked a flurry of questions in an era where the definition of an “install” can be somewhat elusive.

For instance, does this policy encompass scenarios where users repeatedly install, uninstall and reinstall games? Furthermore, the scope of these charges in relation to services like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus installations remains unclear, even though consumers are not directly charged beyond the monthly fee. These intricacies will keep the gaming community in anticipation as the policy’s effective date draws near.

If you got an idea about game porting we have updated our current article about Godot and Unity.

Recently, Unity has gained a lot of competitors, one of them being Godot. So now, the choice of a game engine is more complicated. More and more people tend to choose trendy Godot over time-tested Unity. How come? Let Whimsy Games explain to you the benefits of each.

As a mobile game development company with over 50 Unity games successfully released,  we can compare Unity and Godot with a 360 view. This article will share our knowledge about their graphic quality, pricing, scripting, etc.

We will not announce the winner in the Godot vs Unity 2023 race (just as we won’t get into a perpetual argument about Unreal vs Unity). Instead, we will give the right to choose your fighter to you.

Our detailed comparison lets you select the best solution based on your project needs.

Godot vs Unity: All You Need to Know

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What is Unity?

Unity has been the most famous mobile game engine since its release in 2005. According to the Unity Gaming 2022 Report, the number of Unity game creators has increased by 31% this year. As the growing gaming market is predicted to reach $300 billion by 2027, Unity owns a significant share.

What made Unity so famous? Let us explain.

Here is the list of its competitive advantages:

  • Easy to use for beginner coders

  • It allows flexibility and works well for agile software development

  • Simple model building enables prototyping and quick hypothesis testing

  • Requires less coding compared to its competitors

  • It has a large assortment of assets in the store

  • It has a free personal plan and offers subscription plans

  • Lots of Unity specialists in the market

  • Overall ease of making iOs and Android games with Unity 3D

All of the above has earned Unity the reputation of a highly accessible and easy-to-master game engine. Both beginner and advanced developers find it an excellent solution for most mobile games, which is why Unity development services are so common in the market.

It is no longer an engine for simple games since its advanced program features allow for complex games.

Godot vs Unity: All You Need to Know
A cross-platform game engine, Unity.

History of Unity

Initial release

Unity Technologies released the brand new Mac OS X version of Unity in 2005.

Unity 2.0

The new version had about 50 features, such as directional lights, spotlights, and real-time shadowing. Since 2008, Unity has been supporting the iPhone.

Unity 3.0

This version was launched in 2010 and extended desktop and console support. It had native font rendering, UV automapping, deferred rendering, and sound filters.

Unity 4.0

The 2012 version supported DirectX 11, Adobe Flash, and Mecanim. In 2013 Facebook launched an SDK for games based on the Unity game engine.

Unity 5.0

Unity 5.0 had advanced lightning and audio features and Unity Cloud. Also, it introduced Cinematic Image Effects, which made Unity games look less generic. After that, the number of developers using this game engine rapidly grew.

Future of Unity

In 2018, Unity released Scriptable Render Pipeline, which enabled higher quality graphics and usage of machine learning tools. Later, they started supporting Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS).

In 2022, Unity received some graphic and animation improvement upgrades. That includes Delaunay tessellation for 2D physics and PSD layering for 2D graphics.

Features of Unity

  • AAA visuals and HD audio
  • Sets of tools for both 2D and 3D effects
  • High-quality animation system
  • One-click publishing to different platforms
  • Extensive collections of assets on the Unity Asset Store

The Unity game engine is used in half of the mobile games ever published, and the number of its users will not decrease. Its low entry level and ease of use led to 15,000 new Unity projects launched daily. Made with Unity, Android games strive for perfection.

Top games made in Unity

Living examples of Unity’s success are:

  • Pokemon Go,

  • Hollow Knight,

  • Escape from Tarkov

  • Pillars of Eternity, and many others.

In fact, we have compiled a list of the top Unity Android games made for you to explore. As experts in making Android games with Unity 3D, we assure you that we can create a game that is just as amazing as any game on this Top 20 list.

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What is Godot?

Godot is a cross-platform open-source game engine that was first released in 2014. It allows easy and playful creation of mobile games, which is why its popularity is rapidly growing. Godot is now the 4th most used game engine after Unity, Construct, and GameMaker: Studio.

Developers mostly choose Godot for small 2D and 3D mobile game solutions because the community believes Godot is not as versatile as Unity and still has room to improve.

However, it is an open-source app, and the developer community keeps polishing its features and sharing knowledge on how to use them better. Here at Whimsy Games, we believe that the Godot game engine is a perspective one and our developers are eager to consult you if you would like to use it in your project.

Godot vs Unity: All You Need to Know
A cross-platform, open-source game engine Godot.

History of Godot

Initial release

The first stable version of Godot became public in the winter of 2014. It came with navmesh support, light mapping, and shaders.

Godot 1.1

It was released in 2015 and offered feature improvement for coders and animators. For example, its code editor got auto-completion, its graphic part got a visual shading editor, a brand new 2D engine, and a new 2D navigation polygon support.

Godot 2.0

The version of 2016 brought the new built-in file navigator and the ability to edit multiple scenes at once. After that 2.1 version was published, and it had a lot of bug fixes from the previous versions, asset database, and profiler, and it finally got an API plugin.

Godot 3.0 and Future of Godot

Next 3.x versions had statically typed GDScript, an OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer. This version got a new physically based renderer and support of Mono (C#). It also widened the iOS toolset from native Swift to C# support.

Nowadays, Godot supports almost everything that any other popular game engine does.

The most recent version is going to be released in 2023. It is going to have optimized performance and editor updates. Also, it will switch its tech stack from Mono to .NET 6 CoreCLR and enable the support of Vulkan graphics API.

Features of Godot

  • Both 2D and 3D cross-platform game development
  • Visual editor with live editing mode
  • Custom tools creation
  • Built-in debugging tool
  • Automated error logging
  • Free personal plan

After we shared its key features, it is time to name some examples of Godot-based titles.

They are:

  • Cruelty Squad,
  • Sonic Colors: Ultimate,
  • Carol Reed Mysteries
  • Hardcoded.

Unity vs Godot: Pricing

If pricing is your key concern, Godot is a perfect choice. It is free of charge and has no limits for the number of people using it on a single project. However, by using it, you automatically agree to MIT license terms and conditions, so you have to include it in your final project.

Unlike Godot, Unity has free personal and paid plans with extra features for your project. The criteria to fall under the free subscription plan for Unity is project funding. If it is at most $100,000 a year, then it is the right choice for you.
Here is a list of available Unity planі to choose from:

The free subscription gives you access to most development features for individual use. However, your support opportunities and creator features would be limited.

The Plus plan costs $399/year per seat and offers collaboration tools, cloud diagnostics, and splash screen customization.

The Pro plan for $1,800/year per seat provides access to a priority queue for customer service and enables almost all the Enterprise plan features.

The Enterprise plan costs $2,400/year per seat and has a minimum of 20 seats. It offers all the above features and full access to source code writing and industry-specific solutions toolkits for an additional cost.

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Unity vs Godot: Scripting Language

Unity is built upon C# programming language. JavaScript, Rust, or C/C++ are available too. But you should remember that it always works better with the native language, C#.

Godot uses its scripting language, GDScript. For professional developers, there is no problem in learning GDScript from scratch because it is a lot like Python. Godot also supports Visual Script, C#, and C++. However, you should remember that only native GDScript allows you maximum performance.

Unity vs Godot: Quality of Graphics

Unity is famous for its graphics quality which sets a high bar among game engines. It allows breathing power in both 3D and 2D games for any platform. Since 2005 Unity Technologies has been working on a set of tools for lighting, shading, visual and sound effects, animation, and physics.

Godot has not developed that many graphic features yet. It works equally well with simple graphics but does not allow you to create a game with smashing 3D visuals.

If you set side-by-side Godot vs Unity performance in the aspect of graphics, Unity will win.

Godot Engine vs Unity: Asset Stores

Unity Asset Store is famous for its scale and assortment. At this marketplace, users can share their 3D models, 2D art, audio files and effects, modules, scripts for animation, and so on. Their assets could be either paid or free of charge.

Asset Store will be useful for beginner Unity game creators because it allows you to buy some assets or reuse them for free instead of creating them. Unity store offers more than 11,000 assets rated five stars.

Godot also has a store, but not as rich as Unity’s one. But Godot’s community actively works on filling its store with valuable assets, too, now more than ever.

Unity vs Godot: Industry Presence

More than 50% of all the games use Unity. This number speaks of its industry presence better than words. It consists of both beginner and professional-level games with the Unity engine. The long history of Unity game development contributes to this number too.

Godot has not yet had such an industry presence, but it ended up 4th most-used game engine this year. If it keeps improving that fast, soon, it will cater to a broader audience, just like Unity.

Unity vs Godot: Industry Presence

More than 50% of all the games use Unity. This number speaks of its industry presence better than words. It consists of both beginner and professional-level games with the Unity engine. The long history of Unity game development contributes to this number too. Anyway, iOs and Android game development with Unity is a fact to be reckoned with.

Godot has not yet had such an industry presence, but it ended up 4th most-used game engine this year. If it keeps improving that fast, soon, it will cater to a broader audience, just like Unity.

Unity vs Godot: Community

Unity is famous for its big developer community. It makes Unity’s self-education easy and pleasant. You can find out everything you need with step-by-step tutorials and developer forums. You can even get feedback on assets you created and promote them for free.

Godot offers a keen and responsive community, but Unity’s one is smaller. Developers actively contribute to its knowledge base, and you will quickly find answers to any question. Do not be afraid that you will not find anyone to help you if you are dealing with Godot-based games.

Final Choice Between Unity or Godot for Your Project

Unity is a great choice for both professional and amateur game dev projects. It has a big community, offers excellent graphics and animation solutions, and satisfies all needs of AAA games production. But for all its benefits you will need to pay.

If you are new to the game development industry and possess a limited budget, consider taking a closer look at Godot. It is a great option for starters; its community is always here to help you. With Godot, you will get good quality and trusted solutions free of charge.

So is Godot better than Unity? There is no right answer – it depends on what you are looking for in your project.


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It is believed that Godot is easier. Mastering the Godot basics will take less than a week; after that, you can set up a simple project end to end.
Unity offers more 2D graphics processing and rendering features, enabling better quality.
Godot is a great choice for beginner game developers. Still, it has limited functionality and is not widely used for AAA games. If you want to build a complex game, you will need to master Unity, or instead, you can reach out for professional mobile game development services.
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