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01, Jul, 2024

Denys Kliuch

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TOP telegram-based crypto games today

A Telegram Crypto Game refers to games developed by cryptocurrency projects and distributed through Telegram bots. Players interact with each other via community, share referral links, complete tasks, and conduct transactions on the Telegram platform. This setup simplifies operations, reduces risks, and allows for quick synchronization across different devices. For example, an investor can follow project social media on a PC and then tap-to-earn with a mobile phone through the same Telegram account.

Compared to traditional blockchain games, Telegram-based crypto games seamlessly integrate Web2 and Web3, leveraging Telegram’s extensive user base (over 900 million) and enhanced security via the TON blockchain, which boosts credibility.

Creating Telegram Crypto Gaming

After the success of the Notcoin project, a wave of Telegram bot-integrated game projects has emerged, generating significant hype. Millions of users are participating due to the simple tap-to-earn mechanism. Players receive in-game coins, points, or XP, which can be converted into airdrop tokens at different rates.

Telegram now allows the use of the TON Wallet for direct P2P transactions. Before the distribution of airdrops, players can purchase in-game items to increase their profit-earning speed.

Pros and Cons of Telegram Crypto Games


  • Accessible and Open: No app downloads required, making it great for beginners. The tap-to-earn feature is easy to use.
  • High Earning Potential: Players are rewarded with tokens. Airdrop tokens are often advertised with total supply details, encouraging participation.
  • Large Liquid Pool: Airdrops are quickly liquidated. Tokens can reach high prices on CEX and DEX.
  • Security: TON blockchain technology provides transparency and safety, reducing risks.
  • Community: These games have vibrant communities that share projects throughout social media and forums.


  • Risks of Scams: Despite verification, scams and Ponzi schemes can still occur.
  • Token Price Volatility: Token prices can be highly volatile, reacting strongly to large trades.
  • High Initial Capital: Starting in these games may require significant fees to purchase NFTs or gaming assets.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many countries lack a clear legal framework for crypto games, and they may be illegal in some regions.
  • Wallet Security: Players are responsible for protecting their wallet information and reading cookie policies carefully.

Some of the Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Games as of Today!


Notcoin was one of the first to jump on the “tap-to-earn” bandwagon on Telegram, amassing over 35 million users in six months. Even after the airdrop distribution ended and the NOT token was listed on Binance, the project remained influential. Surplus NOT tokens are used as payouts for staking.

TOP telegram-based crypto games today

Hamster Kombat

Highly anticipated by the crypto community, Hamster Kombat boasts impressive figures:

  • 80 million participants
  • 30 million daily visitors
  • 6.5 million concurrent users
  • 9.9 million followers on X (formerly Twitter)

The HMSTR token is listed on Bitget and Gate, with an expected price of $0.2 – $0.5.


Integrating GameFi mechanics with Metaverse and AI, Catizen aims to redefine digital pets. With over 15 million users, the project is performing well. It plans to distribute 42% of its total supply in Q2 and introduce a new economic model in Q3.


PixelTap, published by Pixelverse, has attracted 12.5 million users. It features PvP battles and character upgrades, with a $110,000 prize pool. PIX token distribution will occur in June.


Vertus allows users to earn and convert VERT Points into future airdrop tokens. With passive mining and a global user base of 2.3 million, TGE VERT will release in Q2, followed by a DeFi testnet in Q3.


Yescoin’s tap-to-earn mechanism attracted 18 million users in the first month. The project will launch an Ambassador Program and develop a reward distribution mechanism both on-chain and off-chain.


TapSwap users earn points through tapping activities. With 47 million players and 17.8 million daily active users, the community eagerly anticipates future airdrop token distribution.


Launched on May 2 with tap-to-earn functionality, W-Coin now has over 10 million players. With 1.4 million followers on Telegram, it offers gamified experiences and attractive rewards.


Unsure Where to Begin??

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Initially, due to telegram crypto games were gradually revolutionizing the way of using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The way that these have done so is by combining elementary gameplay mechanics with its pure earning incentives, giving the scrappiest of cryptos a fun and meaningful bridge to real-world application. We took a deep dive into P2E with Notcoin, Catizen, Hamster Kombat and some large projects like PixelTap Ltd (not PUBG), Vertus GP Inc., W-coin Private Limited, TapSwap Et Al & Yes that are literally redefining gaming standards.

This means as people start to tap-to-earn the following is driven up and demand increases. A healthy ecosystem like this encourages creativity while simultaneously ensuring that the cryptocurrency space grows sustainably. The future of crypto gaming is looking bright with Telegram propelling many people toward using the TON blockchain.

As a noob or crypto degenerate, now is your chance to dive right in the world of Telegram crypto games. Tap away, earn more and be a part of the blockchain revolution!

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