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Video Game Companies In Florida

Discover Orlando's Gaming Gems: Where Innovation Thrives, Adventures Await, and Every Game Tells a Story!
Video Game Companies In Florida
Video Game Companies In Florida

10 Must-Visit Game Companies in Orlando, Florida


Wimpsy Games


Due to their approach they became a top game company in Orlando. Gamers passionate about AI features will likely find a lot to love with this innovative game development studio. Wimpsy Games is worth to check out. They are real leader in the top gaming world. Thanks to their advanced tools and creative insights, they’re pushing boundaries in the game industry. This game company is at the top because they think outside the box and bring new experiences to players.


Chromatic Games


Chromatic Games is a game company from sunny Orlando. Game creation and engine enhancement take up most of their focus. Their team of top-notch developers and sharp engineers designs extraordinary games cherished by a vast number of fans. Chromatic Games skillfully create visually stunning games. So they deserved to become a top player in the industry. If you love game development take a look at Chromatic Games. With dedication and know-how, they’ve climbed to the top ranks among game developers in Orlando.


Kef Sensei Studios


Hailing from sunny Orlando, Kef Sensei Studios specializes in creating engaging and fun-filled Florida video game companies. With a knack for game design, they produce experiences so gripping you’ll lose track of time playing them. Developers on their team take pride in creating captivating, beautiful games that players find irresistible. If game design and user experience are your passions, you should definitely give Kef Sensei Studios a look as one of the game design companies in Florida.




Argentics is one of the game studios in Florida. Virtual reality adventures and cutting-edge computer graphics are at the core of what they do. So their games are diverce, colorful with thoughtful scenarios. Players value such games. And Argentics set one of the first places in game development in the world. If you like gaming’s future, visit Argentics. The VR skills of their developers are outstanding.




Located right in the heart of Orlando is Cubix, a dynamic firm focused on producing captivating video game companies Florida. Whether it’s a new game or an innovative app, they’ve got the skills to make it happen on your device. At Cubix, the goal is simple – design entertaining and enjoyable gaming experiences for everyone. Creating distinct and memorable games is what their team enjoys most. Mobile game fanatics should definitely explore what Cubix has to offer. Known for crafting premier games, they lead the pack of developers in Orlando.


Juego Studios


Juego Studios is a game company in Orlando. Crafting captivating digital experiences and perfecting game features are their primary goals. They build gaming adventures so engaging you’ll feel like you’re inside the game itself. Creative minds in game design constantly push limits to craft unforgettable experiences for players. Into immersive experiences through gaming? Head over to Juego Studios. Thanks to their talent for making interactive adventures, they rank high among the leading game companies in Florida.



Digital Tales


Digital Tales is a game company in Orlando. Stunning visuals and gripping storylines are at the heart of their game development process. Many gaming fans are really into this company’s offerings. We have a group of dedicated creators—artists with flair and writers with imagination—all focused on making fun, immersive games. Love both creative visuals and engaging video games? Don’t miss out on checking out the content at Digital Tales. With top-notch skills in visual storytelling, they’ve become one of the best Florida game companies.



EA Tiburon


EA Tiburon, a major division of Electronic Arts. You’ll find the studio right in Orlando. Players know this studio for its work on the Madden NFL and NBA Live series. Get ready for impressive visuals paired with deep gameplay mechanics when you play these sport simulation titles. With their support, athletes can fully immerse themselves in the demands of professional sports. For many gamers, Madden NFL is a go-to title because it offers yearly editions that stay true to each fresh NFL season’s roster and gameplay changes. EA Tiburon keeps pushing the boundaries in sports gaming. They’ve added new features like smarter AI and lifelike player movements. Down the line, expect EA Tiburon’s games to get even cooler as they plan on integrating new technologies such as VR and AR. For game creators, few can match EA Tiburon’s knack for producing lifelike sports simulations while also sustaining beloved franchises year after year.





Exploring n-Space can feel like diving into an entirely new dimension. It’s where mathematical concepts meet the physical world, opening up endless possibilities for understanding complex systems and phenomena.

Located in Orlando, n-Space is no newcomer to game development. This experienced company boasts a long history of creating diverse games across multiple genres and platforms. They are known for developing titles like Sword Coast Legends, an RPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, and the Skylanders series. Players love how n-Space combines engaging game mechanics with deep narratives, making each of their titles hard to put down. Though they’ve dealt with setbacks and transitions, this hasn’t stopped them from forging ahead with exciting projects or sparking innovation where it counts. If you’re a game developer, n-Space can help you figure out how to make your games run smoothly on various platforms and keep your narrative elements strong throughout interactive experiences.



UCF FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy)


While not a traditional game development company, the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) at the University of Central Florida plays a crucial role in the local gaming industry. FIEA’s graduate program in video game development has turned out many skilled developers who land jobs at top studios around the globe. At the academy, students dive right into game creation. They work on everything from coding to designing artwork and managing projects. Partnering with top folks from various companies, FIEA turns out grads eager and able to contribute meaningfully to game development. 

Game developers turn to FIEA not just to recruit fresh faces but also to stay updated on the newest educational techniques in creating games.

Core values we believe in

Every game is shaped by strong principles


  • By using the latest tech and innovative concepts, we're able to stretch the limits of what games can be. Each title we produce gives players something they've never experienced before.
  • Staying ahead in our industry means we constantly learn and adapt to new trends.


  • Each of our games is tested thoroughly and refined to perfection so that both the visuals and storyline are as impressive as the gameplay.
  • Whether it’s an app or a device, you can count on us for steady performance and great quality each time.


  • For us, it's all about developing engaging content that's enjoyable by anyone—not limited only to traditional game enthusiasts. Engaging deeply within our community is how we make sure what we do leaves a lasting impression.
  • Our community thrives on interactive gatherings where everyone can participate, along with plenty of opportunities for you to give us your input directly.

How we work

Principles guiding our success
How we help background image
Everyone's voice matters here! We make sure that everyone's ideas are heard so that our projects benefit from many different insights.
Our team handles projects with agile practices. This means we can adapt quickly and improve as needed during each phase.
We keep communication flowing both within our team and with clients. This way, everyone stays in the loop through regular updates and straightforward feedback.
Growth matters to us—both at work and outside of it. That’s why we constantly update ourselves on what’s trending now as well as the latest technological innovations within our sector.
Stringent QA methods are embedded in everything we do, ensuring no release falls short of meeting the benchmarks we've set.

Clients trust us

Leo Kahn
I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with our collaboration. Whimsy Games has exceeded our expectations with their exceptional game development services. The team's creativity, professionalism, and timely delivery have been outstanding. Undeads highly recommends Whimsy Games as a valuable partner in the gaming industry.
Ben Fairbank
Executive Managing Director, Gaming Provider
It has been a great pleasure to work with Whimsy Games. Their ability to not only deliver great work but also provide suggestions and solutions to potential problems by understanding and analyzing the project deeply, was highly appreciated.
Silas Reinagel
Founder at Enigma Dragons
Whimsy Games is a very professional group. They are highly organized, great communicators, and have a wide range of skills to help you build the game you want.
СEO at SmartApps
I’m really happy with your determination to accomplish the project we are working on. I know it wasn’t easy and still we will have more to come.. but I knew your great team could do it, and your skills & helpful attitude makes it clear that you can continue to take on new challenges and grow with your partners.
Jackie Jin
CEO at SquidGames
I have been working with Whimsy for almost 2 years and have had a very good experience so far. I vetted several game dev contracting services and was very impressed by Whimsy’s transparency, communication and quick turnaround time.
Haider Bokhari
CEO at Win Chunks
I absolutely loved working with Whimsy Games. They are so professional and their communication is amazing. I had an amazing time working with them on a day to day.

Our portfolio

Go through the gallery of the lately released games

Game development services and art solutions

We craft every project piece by thinking of the end user. That's why our game development services make our clients succeed.
2d Art
Our company designs 2D characters and environments from scratch, creates concepts, and integrates vector art into your video game. Our profound experience in 2D art creation allows us to transform visionary ideas into stunning video games.
3d Art
Whimsy games designers work with all modern art pipelines to incorporate 3D art assets into every game level. We offer solutions of any complexity to businesses of any size, from start-ups to corporations.
Our specialists have artistic talent and knowledge of advanced technologies. No wonder they produce animated characters and objects that surpass your expectations. They work with your business objectives in mind to help you nail them.
Concept Art
Our expertise in concept art creation allows us to come up with unique and colorful gaming worlds. We will create a concept that fits your goals perfectly and show it to you before the development starts.
Mobile Development
Seasoned professionals at Whimsy Games join their efforts to provide top-notch mobile game development services. Enjoy building robust solutions that provide an excellent gaming experience for users of various platforms.
Our expertise in concept art creation allows us to come up with unique and colorful gaming worlds. We will create a concept that fits your goals perfectly and show it to you before the development starts.
Unity game development
We can create an immersive world using the Unity engine to make your game outcompete. Our experienced team can turn your creative ideas into excellent software and design breathtaking gameplay.


Imagine your company nestled amidst sunny Central Floridian splendor where iconic adventure lands abound. Welcome aboard exciting future plans crafted effortlessly by smart pros attracted directly towards innovation fueled energetically under ideal market conditions offered exclusively within bustling vibrant cities like enchanting Orlando! Creative developers combined with supportive investors help make the video game companies in Florida sector flourish here.
To really take advantage of what Orlando offers gamers-wise, mix it up – network hard at big-time conventions as well as smaller gatherings where you’ll find fellow pros eager to share insights! And don’t overlook programs available through regional education centers which are packed full of helpful tools. These chances boost the growth and success of businesses in the gaming companies in Florida sector.
New waves of innovation hit game development and in Florida game studios every day; smart AI improves character interactions dramatically while superior graphic tech makes scenes look astonishingly life-like. Plus—virtual reality offers fresh layers of immersion never seen before! Fresh trends are pushing the gaming industry to new heights, sparking creative ideas and breakthroughs.
Companies making games in Orlando face some hefty obstacles like competing against other firms aggressively, evolving alongside technology at breakneck speed, and recruiting standout individuals capable of driving innovation forward. For gaming studios in Orlando, staying ahead means battling industry rivals, understanding shifting player tastes and trends, attracting skilled developers despite stiff hiring competition, and landing investment to fuel their projects.
To remain leaders in the industry, game developers in video game companies in Orlando frequently upgrade their tech stack, encourage team creativity through hackathons or brainstorming sessions, and collaborate closely with hardware manufacturers for early access to new gadgets. For these trailblazing companies based outta sunny Florida it involves making significant investments toward breakthrough discoveries through rigorous RnD activities; keeping abreast at par technological evolutions coupled hand-in-hand fostering fruitful alliances—all aiming high redefining next-gen gameplay experiences!
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