Educational Game Development

Learn while playing! This motto lies at the heart of educational game development delivered by Whimsy Games. We produce games capable of not only entertaining players but also literate them. Whatever the age of your audience, our team makes up content that can hit players with the right emotions and also enrich their knowledge in different spheres. As we know, everyone likes playing. The rest hinges on educational game software. Whimsy Games are professionals in this field and develop the best-in-class programming to ensure the utmost gameplay.

Features of Educational Game Development

As an educational game development company, Whimsy Games provides competitive services and finds the best-fit solutions to ensure the top quality of the product.

We scrutinize every project and apply a customized approach to hit your marketing goals. We mainly use Unity, or Unreal Engine in some cases, to ensure good quality, performance, and usability of the game. Not only that, but we produce every product, making it market-demanded and able to outcompete other games in the niche.

If you’re looking for a team longing to deliver sturdy software with impeccable visuals and a user-friendly interface, don’t hesitate and drop us a line!

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Our Educational Game Development Services

Game Development Whimsy Games uses up-to-date tools and engines to develop games for multiple educational purposes. We can enhance an existing game or make it from scratch.
Character Design We elaborate on every character detail, focusing on the features. Your educational game may consist of several characters which are fictional or real.
Object crafting Our designers work with UI/UX specialists to enhance the visual component of the game. Everything matters when it comes to a learning process - form, size, color.
Environment design Depending on the peculiarities of your game, we tailor a design to match the overall genre. Our visuals help players jump into gaming reality.
Integration of VR & AR technologies We strive to mix learning and entertainment. That's why we integrate advanced technologies that make gameplay immersive.
Release & post-release support As game deployment is a resource-consuming process, our specialists do it for you. We make a game available across different platforms and monitor its performance once it becomes available for users.

Our Benefits in Educational Game Development

concept 3d character
Cutting edge technologies
Cutting edge technologies Our educational game development company uses an advanced tech stack to ensure the high quality of the product. Besides, we know how many games are available on different platforms, so we deliver a product that catches an eye and outcompetes.
Game character development
Appealing graphics
Appealing graphics The first thing players see is graphics. Our designers use vivid colors and images to grab and retain a player’s attention.
2d art game
Interactive content
Interactive content We cater to educational games for different purposes. One thing common for all our projects is exciting and interactive content. We can also integrate different AR, VT, or other technologies to boost a gameplay experience.
Game character development
User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface A gaming impression significantly hinges on the app's usability. We tailor custom configurations to let players easily and quickly find information and option they need and navigate within a game.

Types of Educational Game Development We Offer

Games for specific school subjects
Games for educating kids with special needs
'How to' games

Games for specific school subjects

We create games to enhance knowledge acquisition. Our team can develop a game in line with a learning program to make studying joyful and entertaining.

Games for educating kids with special needs

Our specialists develop games that assist children with special needs in studying. We take into account all specifications and tailor a game based on this information.

'How to' games

Businesses can use this type of game to make users familiar with their products. They teach how to use a platform, tool, etc. before starting to use it.


This game helps specialists to gain new knowledge in an interactive way. There's no need to leave the comfort of own couch but enjoy the learning process.

How We Work

During the introduction meeting, our specialists discuss your ideas, visions of the future game, and resources. We try to line up your intentions with our capabilities.
We discuss the peculiarities of the project and define a rough estimation of time and costs. Plus, we design an in-depth road map to reach a desirable result in the end.
The team of designers starts to work on the visual concept of your future games. It allows fixing graphics before jumping to the next step.
At this stage, a team of skillful developers joins the project and begins doing their magic. They are in charge of the seamless flow and high game performance.
No game gets released without verifying its quality. We run QA sessions after every completed step and once the project is ready for deployment.
Roll-out and Post-release support
You have our shoulder when you need to make a game available on multiple platforms. Our team also stays in touch with you to assist at any moment when a defect is detected.

Quick Facts About Us

years Of expertise in educational games development.
professional specialists in our team, who develop games to exceed your expectations.
educational games rolled out for our clients around the globe.
hours dedicated to game creation, development, and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Educational Game Development?

Development of educational games aims at supporting kids and adults to acquire new knowledge in a fun and engaging way. With this in mind, we at Whimsy Games strive to develop robust software with appealing content and design for tutorials, social projects, and educational programs. So users can easily access them across different platforms. Businesses can benefit from producing educational games, since they can bring 'how to' sections to the next level. Entrusting production of your games and tutorials to the Whimsy Games team, companies get a reliable partner aware of the industry's nitty-gritty.

What platforms support games you design?

Our mission is to make educational content available to many users. We, therefore, provide learning game development across platforms. Players can access a game via mobile (Android, iOS), tablet, desktop, and consoles. It all depends on your business goals. Contact our team to discuss in detail the future project.

How long does it take to develop a game from scratch?

We have no exact time estimation of a project. We treat every game development process uniquely. So duration depends on different factors. They include the complexity, technologies applied, and specialists' workload. Nevertheless, our project managers do their best to arrange a team and deliver your project within a reasonable timeframe.

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