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    • The Future of Gaming: Built on Blockchain
      6 min read . 514 views
      18, Nov, 2023
      Denys Kliuch

      The Future of Gaming: Built on Blockchain

      Are you a gaming enthusiast who is always on the lookout for new trends and technologies in the industry? If yes, then you must have heard about blockchain gaming. Blockchain technology has the…

    • How to make Money with NFT? 5 Ways – Whimsy Games
      5 min read . 1413 views
      17, Mar, 2023
      Denys Kliuch

      How to make Money with NFT? 5 Ways – Whimsy Games

      In 2021, tens of new NFTs sprang up. This surge and interest in the NFT were primarily caused by the mind-blowing prices of the NFT sold. Transactions in NFTs went up significantly in…

    • Blockchain Gaming: Industry Transformation
      10 min read . 4009 views
      24, Nov, 2022
      Denys Kliuch

      Blockchain Gaming: Industry Transformation

      Last year's Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) report shows that Blockchain Gaming attracted more than 804,000 unique active users as early as July 2021. And the total investment in such games last year was…

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    We at Whimsy Games can create any character, background, or object you need to make your mobile game stand out from others.
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    Inspired by an ambitious goal to turn GameFi industry to the next level, and deliver outstanding Web3 gaming experience to our community

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    An international company that implements effective marketing solutions at the intersection of art and innovation, focusing on the consumer's WOW effect

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    Creators of Social Games in which a group of players form a micro-community where members play together as a tribe to accomplish goals.

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    The most trusted golf launch monitors and golf simulators, delivering the game's most accurate performance data.

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    An immersive, multi-region fantasy world where players build their kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed, and battle their Legionnaires


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