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05, May, 2023

Denys Kliuch

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Being the Top Company in Outsourcing Game Development — Interview with Denys Kliuch

Whimsy Games is a Ukraine-based game development company. It provides a wide range of services, from project management to game design, working on Unity-based games.

Whimsy Games now accounts for over 60 talented, passionate experts, 200+ completed projects, and 70 satisfied clients with many recurring ones. The company is also a top B2B game developer on Clutch.

The GoodFirms team reached out to Denys Kliuch, CEO of Whimsy Games, to discuss his experience managing a game development company.

Denys used to work as a team lead at some large game dev studios, earning $1/min. At that time, he boosted his management, analytical, and traffic marketing skills. This knowledge base has helped him realize how the game development process should work. That’s when he became Co-Founder and CEO at Whimsy Games. Currently, Denys is responsible for the marketing and sales functions.

As Denys continues the story, he recalls that, as a team leader, he did his job well and had enough experience to take on more complex challenges. However, that wasn’t enough for Denys, as he wanted to grow as a professional and unleash more of his potential in other projects.

With a company project idea, he decided to try the new career path — however, Denys still needed support from trusted partners to make it work. So, together with his two friends, he gave it a try as a side project—at first. Later, as the project was evolving, the team realized they couldn’t handle the workload themselves.

They had to use their own money to hire and pay their first employee as the outsourcing game companies wasn’t initially profitable. However, the team never lost faith in this project and started hiring people from Upwork, offering $3/hour. The most exciting and dynamic period began when they hired the second developer.

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After a couple of years, the team already had 30 employees, multiple completed projects, and satisfied clients talking about the company and its great potential. Denys was beyond happy to have taken a leap of faith and stand by the establishment of such a brilliant team and project.

What about the company’s business model? Whimsy Games is initially worked as a game development outsource company with 30 in-house staff members based in Ukraine. The team is distributed yet flexible, with established professionals and avid gaming fans working on projects daily. So, whether a client needs several experts, Whimsy Games can either work with a partner itself or offer freelancers they pick individually for each case. Because of the company’s dedication to clients, Whimsy Games is now listed as a top game development company at GoodFirms.

Speaking of the company’s services, Denys mentioned Unity game production as their “most wanted” option. Together with that, the team provides 2D game development services, including consultations, concept art creation, animation, and, eventually, bringing the project to life. Careful planning and attention to detail are among the key reasons for the team being a top 2D game development company, according to GoodFirms.

The reviews you can see on GoodFirms only confirm the high level of professionalism and the potential of Whimsy Games as a game development company.

As Denys speaks, he also mentions how Whimsy Games enhances the 3D game world that would help players experience three-dimensional projects in a brand new way. Working on Unity, the team creates unique entertainment solutions with outstanding visuals and overall performance.

One of the company’s main success factors is its recurring clients who get back to the team to work on new projects together. Thus, thanks to word of mouth, Whimsy Games gains new clients through recommendations from existing ones.

Among other things the company does are VFX services and 3D animation. Thanks to the team’s effort, in-game visuals look realistic, and the environments of every project are highly accurate and well thought out. For that effort, GoodFirms also listed Whimsy Games as a top 3D game development company.

Speaking of the 10-year plans, Denys hints that they’re quite ambitious. Whimsy Games is now among the best gaming outsourcing dev companies, and the team sees itself standing in the number one position at some point. The company will expand and increase the in-house staff to 500+ people and increase the net profit.

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We want to be among the top 10 global product companies. To become one, we’ll need to expand the team and increase our profits. We plan to hire 50+ employees and reach over $1mln/month in income.
Our key concern is the client’s comfort. We are trying to be as resilient as possible and achieve a win-win situation for everyone. Thus, we are okay with any payment structure convenient to our clients.
We assign an Account Manager to every client who supports them as soon as we start working together. All our clients can access round-the-clock help regarding any development issue at any project stage. Moreover, we also help maintain and support your project even after the game's release.
In 2021, we had quite a wide price range for that. The smallest project costs $5-10K, and the largest costs over $200K.
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Denys Kliuch


I'm a CEO and a Co-Founder of Whimsy Games. Before that, I advanced my expertise in engineering, management, traffic marketing, and analytics working for large game development studios with a $1M+ monthly income. With a clear vision of how game development should work, I run Whimsy Games, being responsible for the marketing and sales of our products and services.

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