Talks About Being The Top Company In Outsourcing Game Development

Talks About Being The Top Company In Outsourcing Game Development
Aug 11, 2021
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Whimsy games is a game development company based in Ukraine. The company provides all types of unity-based game creation services, game design, UI/UX development, and project management. 

Since the establishment, the company has 60+ extremely skilled professionals who are passionate about their job. The company has completed over 200 projects with 70 satisfied clients. They’ve also received an award as a top B2B Game Development company by Clutch for their work.

GoodFirms team approached the company’s CEO Denys Kliuch and discussed how he learned about game development and led the game development company. 

At the beginning of the interview, Denys talks about how he used to work as a team lead of huge game development studios that provided him with an income of $1 per min. The work experience provided him with management skills, traffic marketing, and analytics. The experiences led him to learn how game development should work and become the CEO and co-founder of Whimsy games. His current primary responsibilities at the company are marketing and sales of their products and services.

Denys further narrates that he was good at his job as a team lead in game development studios and had enough skills and experience to solve complex tasks. But he realized that he wanted to move further in his life and work on his projects.

With a pet project in mind, Denys decided to open a new path for growth in his career. But he would need to have enough knowledge and reliable partners to make this project a successful one. He reached out to two of his friends and shared his project with them. All three of them put their heads together and decided to give it a try. In the beginning, it was just a side project, and they provided only their free time to it. But later, the team realized that what they were working on was much bigger than the three of them could handle.

As they were not profitable initially, they had to use their salaries to pay their first employee. As they had a firm belief in their endeavor, they started looking for more people by offering $3 an hour on Upwork initially. Soon they hired their second developer, and events began to unfold quickly.

After several years of hard work, the company has 30 people, dozens of successful projects, and happy clients who speak about their success. Denys mentions that he is extremely pleased to dive into the dark that led him to become a part of this fantastic and beautiful team.

Talking about the company’s business model, Denys mentions Whimsy Games as an outsourcing company that has an in-house team of 30 people in Ukraine. The team is distributed but, in case of necessity, can work out of an office. The team comprises seasoned professionals and dedicated gaming fans. In case a project requires some specialists on board, the company either works with their partners or brings freelancers onboard. Due to the commitment and dedication that the company provides to the client projects Whimsy games has been listed as the top game development company at GoodFirms.

Explaining the services Whimsy Games offers, Denys explained that Unity game development is their most popular and in-demand service. Under that, they provide 2D game development where the artists create a 2D concept of the game, provide different sketches, and select appropriate animation. Later the developers take over the project and build it into a ready-to-release game. Thus due to their careful planning based on the client’s requirements Whimsy games is ranked as the top 2D game development company on GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the potential of game development at Whimsy Games.

Denys also mentions how the company expands the world of 3D game development into a new dimension that allows people to experience games like never before. With the help of the top development platform Unity, the developers create a complete solution for entertainment that includes excellent graphics and outstanding performance.

The company also caters their full scope of game development services to clients, and often they return to them with new projects. This way, word of mouth spreads, and the company also receives projects from friends or partners of their existing clients.

Moreover, the company also provides VFX services that help create an enriching environment where games get precise feedback and understand the consequences of their actions.

In animations, too, the 3D game artists do their best to blur the line between reality and the virtual world. The games represent the accurate interior and exterior of environments and make the characters look life-like. As the company delivers the best solution to its clients Whimsy Games is also listed as top 3D game development company at GoodFirms.  

In the end, talking about where he sees the company in the next 10 years, Denys mentions that their goals are very ambitious. Currently, Whimsy Games is among the top companies in outsourcing game development, but they believe one day to see it in the top position of that list. Further, the company plans to expand the employee count from 30 to 500 or more and expects to grow the net profit.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Denys’s interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?

In the next ten years, we want to be among the top 10 product companies globally. To achieve that we’ll need a larger team, so we plan to increase our headcount to 80+ employees. And we expect our net profit to grow with the company, exceeding $1mln a month.

What kind of payment structure do you follow to bill your clients? Is it Pay per Feature, Fixed Cost, Pay per Milestone (could be in phases, months, versions etc.)

The client’s comfort is our prime concern. We want to be as flexible as possible and always try to achieve a win-win outcome for both sides. Therefore, we use any payment structure, which is convenient for the client.

What kind of support system do you offer to your clients for catering to their queries and issues?

We do our best to provide a top experience for our clients. A dedicated account manager supports them from the very beginning. Each client gets round-the-clock assistance at every stage of game creation. Even more than that, we stay in touch after the game release, providing maintenance and bug fixes.

What is the price range (min and max) of the projects that you catered to in 2021?

Last year the range was quite wide. The smallest project cost is $5-10k, while the price of the largest one reached more than $200k.

Denys Kliuch
Denys Kliuch

I'm a CEO and a Co-Founder of Whimsy Games. Before that, I advanced my expertise in engineering, management, traffic marketing, and analytics working for large game development studios with a $1M+ monthly income. With a clear vision of how game development should work, I run Whimsy Games, being responsible for the marketing and sales of our products and services.