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18, Oct, 2022

Denys Kliuch

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Top Blockchain Game Companies in 2023

The gaming industry has been transformed by introducing blockchain technology. This innovation has produced a decentralized, secure, and transparent platform for game development and ownership. Blockchain was quickly adopted by the gaming world, resulting in the creation of a new market segment. Web3 blockchain-based games are growing in popularity, attracting crypto enthusiasts and gamers seeking more immersive experiences. This demand has led to increased blockchain game companies actively exploring the available landscape of solutions for play-to-earn (P2E) games. If you’re considering entering this market with a new gaming product, you’ll likely receive support from a reputable Web3 game development company already delivering successful projects in this domain.

Partnering with an experienced company can provide you with advanced expertise to avoid common pitfalls and manage your project efficiently. However, it’s crucial to ensure the vendor is trustworthy before partnering. To help you, we’ve handpicked a list of top blockchain gaming companies worth considering. These companies are at the forefront of building innovative and engaging gaming experiences. So why you should switch to blockchain now?

Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a leading blockchain game company specializing in developing and publishing cutting-edge games for various platforms, including desktop PCs, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. Their experts leverage the latest blockchain technology to create immersive gaming experiences of high quality and sustainability. Whimsy Games is committed to creating innovative games that push the boundaries of creativity and technology. They ensure that each game they develop offers a unique and engaging experience for players, regardless of whether they are avid gamers or just starting. Their games provide various genres and gameplay options to suit players’ preferences. Their goal is to allow players to immerse themselves in exciting and imaginative worlds, allowing them to escape from reality and dive into the world of games. Whether you are a skilled gamer or just looking for something new and exciting, Whimsy Games is the perfect match.


Unicsoft is a UK-based company with over ten years of experience specializing in developing blockchain games across various genres, including action and MMORTS. Their focus on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI/ML, and cloud computing allows them to leverage current trends and innovations for the benefit of their clients. Unicsoft supports many blockchain networks and other relevant tools, enabling them to customize blockchain solutions and create products that perfectly match their clients’ needs.


Moonmana is a successful game development company based in Poland, operating in the GameDev industry since 2008. They offer various GameDev services, including developing NFT and blockchain-powered games across multiple genres. With their vast experience, the studio has delivered numerous successful NFT games, establishing an efficient development process for building, testing, and releasing projects. Moonmana’s deep understanding of the gaming industry enables them to successfully combine the core aspects of clients’ businesses with the enhanced capacities NFT can contribute to gaming mechanics.

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LeewayHertz is a reputable software development company in the United States that has provided blockchain gaming services since 2019. The company offers complete digital solutions, including web and mobile software, and caters to various industries. In the blockchain gaming field, LeewayHertz’s team has expertise in developing cutting-edge blockchain, Web3, and metaverse projects on top of different blockchain ecosystems. The company has completed several projects for businesses of all sizes and industries, including some Fortune 500 companies and other significant players in the market.


Webllisto is a US-based company that provides various blockchain solutions, including blockchain-powered gaming. They specialize in offering top-notch gaming solutions using the leading blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and MATIC. Whether you need to create a blockchain or NFT game from scratch or migrate traditional Web2 games to blockchain platforms, Webllisto has covered you.


Cubix, a US-based blockchain development company, has a meticulous approach to creating blockchain-based games. Since 2008, they have operated in the digital product development market and delivered numerous award-winning projects. With a team of experienced professionals, Cubix aims to enhance the gaming experience by adding unique value through blockchain and NFT technology. The company assures its clients of a secure and efficient development process.

Top Blockchain Game Companies in 2023
KBG Blockchain Game Studios

Vietnamese Blockchain Game Studios has released nine signatures and around 1,000 casual blockchain-based games. Their main goal is to speed up the adoption of blockchain technology through game development and GameFi art creation. The team is highly experienced in these fields and offers a cycle of blockchain based games development services. In addition, they have mastered the entire stack of technologies required for blockchainization and provide creative services such as 3D art creation, character and art asset development, and game trailer production and release. Based on this information, it’s clear that Vietnamese Blockchain Game Studios is an expert in the field and can provide top-notch services for any blockchain game development needs.

Sara Technologies

Sara Technologies is an IT company based in the US specializing in advanced technologies like blockchain, NFT, metaverse, and AI/ML. They provide various services, including blockchain game development, from analyzing concepts to providing continuous software support. The blockchain developer team at Sara Technologies is committed to crafting one-of-a-kind and all-encompassing blockchain platforms that present gamers with fresh prospects and enhance their abilities. With their proficiency in the domain, Sara Technologies executes sturdy plans for crypto game development, guaranteeing complete transparency and an exceptionally high level of security.

Maticz Technologies

Maticz Technologies, a blockchain development company based in India, applies its vast knowledge of blockchain and NFTs and expertise in AI, IoT, and cloud services to enhance gamers’ value and pique their interest in blockchain technology. The team employs technologies such as Ethereum, TRON, EOS, BSC, Stellar, Avalanche, and others to develop and introduce a variety of blockchain and NFT-related products. This demonstrates that Maticz Technologies is one of the key players in the market that clients can count on for dependable blockchain development services.


Lumighost is a game development provider based in the UK that specializes in developing 2D and 3D games. The company incorporates blockchain and NFT art objects into its games to enhance clients’ gaming experience. They focus on P2E games and games with various mechanics to bring diversity to gamers’ experience and introduce Web3-powered opportunities. The company follows a three-stage production process: pre-production, building, and LiveOps. Pre-production involves preparing all necessary preliminary documentation, while the facility includes creating alpha and beta versions and a soft MVP launch. Finally, LiveOps consists of improving the game based on user feedback.


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It’s essential to recognize the significance of blockchain game companies in the gaming industry, especially after learning about some of the top ones. These companies have introduced innovative approaches that have elevated interactivity and ownership in gaming. As blockchain technology advances, seeing how these companies continue to push boundaries and explore new possibilities will be fascinating. Blockchain gaming has the potential to become the gaming industry’s future or, at the very least, secure a significant market share in the years to come. While other GameDev companies may be hesitant to embrace new ideas, you can gain a competitive edge by incorporating blockchain and NFT technologies into your gaming products and reaching new audiences. We’ll closely monitor these companies and their impact on the industry, so stay tuned for more updates and insights.

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