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10, Dec, 2022

Denys Kliuch

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Top Virtual Reality Companies in 2023

Are you ready to immerse yourself in Virtual Reality? This article lists the top 10 VR development companies leading the industry with extraordinary developments. These companies are not just limited to gaming but also excel in training simulations, marketing, and healthcare sectors. Whether you are a tech enthusiast, an aspiring developer, or just curious about the future of VR, this article has got you covered. So, put on your VR headset and get ready to explore the top 10 VR development companies shaping virtual reality’s future.

Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is dedicated to creating exceptional Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. This company specializes in crafting unique ar apps development and continuously strives to improve its VR apps to make them the best in the market.

Whimsy Games can help you with software concepts, technical requirements, feature selection, and VR equipment choices. Their team of VR app developers are experts in both enterprise and consumer-level applications, and they have already created many successful products. So they exactly know how to develop an ar app.

While developing top-quality software and 3D models, they will transport you to a new world of immersive entertainment.

Oculus VR

You probably know about Oculus by now, as it’s a well-known name in the VR industry. Facebook acquired the company in 2016 for a whopping 2 billion dollars, but Oculus didn’t let that hinder their creative endeavors. Recently, they announced the release of a standalone VR headset called the ‘Oculus Quest’, which is expected to hit the market in 2019. Oculus is not only a renowned name in the VR industry but also a name that stands out from the crowd.

Virtual Reality Companies


Unity is a leading developer in the field of 3D animation. It’s no surprise that they have created software that is compatible with VR. What many people don’t realize is that most of the content currently used in VR has gone through the Unity 3D engine. This makes Unity an integral part of the VR industry and a top VR company. A visit to their website showcases an impressive resume of completed projects, as well as resources to help with your own creative projects.

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Nvidia is a company that specializes in offering VR technology for creators and other VR companies. They enable the creation of better apps and games by providing state-of-the-art graphics cards that offer top-of-the-line quality. This makes Nvidia an excellent choice for gamers and VR enthusiasts who want the best experience possible. With Nvidia’s technology, players and users can enjoy a more seamless and easy-to-use platform that creates a more realistic and immersive experience.


AMD is a well-known brand in the world of graphics software. With a focus on selling graphics cards for VR game companies, they aim to become even more popular. They supply chips to some of the biggest game companies like Nintendo and Sony, allowing us to play iconic games like Legend of Zelda and Uncharted in VR. Currently, they offer a VR-capable card at a reasonable price of around $200, which is a great deal considering the valuable technology involved.


Virtuix has found a unique way to combine exercise with gaming by offering over 20 VR games incorporating a treadmill-like device to keep gamers engaged in their virtual reality worlds. They offer a variety of headsets, a motion-based treadmill, and a wide range of games already. Being an independent VR gaming company, Virtuix has achieved great success with this innovative concept. We admire this approach because it allows users to actively engage in multiplayer games while exercising their entire body productively. Other VR companies should take note and incorporate this idea more frequently.


WorldViz primarily makes VR apps for schools, and having professionally designed software for VR is a fantastic experience. They also make programs for safety training and architecture purposes. Think of how useful it’ll be for architects to not only depend on drawings and models but also explore the different models they make. It would change how buildings are made, and that’s why we need more companies like WorldViz.

Marxent Labs

Marxent is a leading developer that creates detailed virtual models of showrooms. Lowe’s Hardware is their largest client, and they use Marxent’s virtual reality technology to model rooms and homes. With VR, users can explore these rooms and view different aspects of the structure. Lowe’s showcases explicitly their products in these demonstrations. Other big-name companies are expected to embrace VR technology for showcasing their products and services.

Bricks and Goggles

Bricks and Goggles is another VR company that allows users to inhabit a model. This company lets creators view and edit the structure they are building. The current trend in the industry is to bring designs off of paper and into VR, allowing you to experience and explore rooms and structures as they are built or see them as a finished product. This approach breathes life into the design, and VR companies like Bricks and Goggles are leading the way in this revolutionary step.

Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a renowned VR company that has proven its expertise by working with world-famous brands such as McDonald’s and NASCAR. The company offers various services, including CGI, sound design, animation, and more. Like many other VR companies, Groove Jones is keenly interested in augmented reality. Its successful partnerships with multiple big brand names ensure the company can access all the required funding to revolutionize how brands are recognized worldwide.


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Wrapping up

As the world of VR continues to evolve rapidly, so do these companies at the forefront of ar app development. In the competitive landscape of the VR industry, only the most innovative and skilled developers can stay ahead of the game. Keep an eye on them in 2023.

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