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26, Jun, 2023

Denys Kliuch

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Top Video Game Companies in Texas in 2023

Creating a successful video game requires a lot of hard work and innovation from a game development company. They need to add realistic environments, captivating storylines, and great graphics to create an immersive gaming experience. Outsourcing the job to a reputable game development company can make it easier to access a skilled team of programmers, animators, audio developers, and designers in one place. Texas is a rapidly growing hub for the video game industry and home to some of the world’s most prominent video game companies. From independent studios to global giants, Texas has established itself as a center for game development outsourcing, innovation, and creativity in the gaming world. Several top-notch game development outsourcing companies in Texas specialize in creating engaging video games. These companies blend professionalism, experience, and marketing expertise to ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top video game companies based in Texas and what makes them unique and successful.

Whimsy Games 

Whimsy Games is game development outsource company located in Texas, which has been growing rapidly by specializing in product and outsourcing game development. Over the years, the company has expanded into a full-fledged technology enterprise that focuses on several areas, such as outsourced game development, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, NFT Development, Blockchain, Metaverse Development, Art and Design, the Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence. Whimsy Games is committed to creating high-quality games for different platforms, and their focus on innovation and excellence sets them apart from others in the industry. They have a skilled team of developers and artists who are passionate about creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Whimsy Games provides end-to-end solutions across native and cross-platform app/game development. The team at Whimsy Games has diverse expertise in outsourcing games, AR/VR, development games android, design, illustration, and animation.They are proficient in working with different frameworks, such as Unreal, Cocos2d-X, PlayCanvas, Blockchain, and Metaverse, to name a few. With their expertise, Whimsy Games has worked with a wide range of clients and industries, developing Android outsourcing games and delivering exceptional results every time. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, Whimsy Games is well-positioned to be a leading outsourced game development company in Texas and beyond.

GunFire Games

GunFire released Chronos, the first game they created from scratch, six years ago. The game was developed exclusively for use with Oculus VR and was built with a deep backstory and challenging gameplay. Players could explore an immersive world within the game. The setting of Chronos was used to develop games on android GunFire’s latest game, Remnant: From the Ashes, which features in-depth lore and an environment that would not have been possible without Chronos. GunFire also released a refined version of Chronos for platforms that do not support virtual reality, called Chronos: Before the Ashes.

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Twisted Pixel Games

Twisted Pixel Games, LLC, based in Austin, Texas, uses its proprietary engine called Beard to power its games. Initially, Twisted Pixel started as a contract work company but was later acquired by Microsoft and then separated. After separation, Oculus Studios acquired Twisted Pixel. Their games can be found on Xbox and Oculus platforms.

Hellfire Games

Hellfire Games is a highly respected video game studio known for creating award-winning games such as Home TycoonTM and Novus PrimeTM for the PlayStation®3. They provide various services, including work-for-hire projects for Fortune 500 companies, as well as custom application development for the PlayStation®4. Their team has extensive experience in designing and developing android games for different platforms.The studio is well-known for its exceptional work and has established itself as one of the leading game development companies in the industry.


ZazGames is a leading industry game development company that exclusively focuses on creating games for mobile devices. The team at ZazGames is diverse and consists of professionals who are fluent in six different languages and have a wide range of experiences. The company values user feedback and uses it to improve its games continuously. The latest game from ZazGames is Popit Fidget Battle, which is a free hyper-casual game. You can download it from their website or the Google Play Store.

Video Game Companies in Texas

Astire Games

Astire Games is an independent game studio based in Austin, Texas. Originally founded to bring popular gaming titles to the macOS platform, Astire has since expanded its operations to include publishing and development of entertainment for various gaming platforms. The studio’s games are now available on Microsoft Windows and Oculus Go.

Robot Entertainment

Robot Entertainment is a video game development company located in the vibrant town of Dallas, Texas. The company was established in 2009 by a group of talented and ambitious game makers who shared a passion for creating innovative and engaging games. Since then, Robot Entertainment has become a prominent player in the gaming industry, known for its exceptional games that are available on a range of platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, and Steam. 

Airship Syndicate

Airship Syndicate is a game development company founded by ex-employees of Vigil Games. Renowned comic artist Joe Madureira leads the company. With a team of professionals from various parts of the world, Airship Syndicate strives to make work fun, which is also reflected in their tone of voice. They offer their games on both PC and consoles.

Wargaming Group

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher that can develop game android and delivers gaming experiences and services across PC, console, and mobile platforms. With nearly 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, they are a global team operating out of 17 offices worldwide. Their games are available on both Windows and Mac operating systems.


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The video game industry in Texas is thriving, with many of the world’s leading video game teams calling the state home. These companies, through a combination of creativity, talent, and hard work, are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming. Whether you’re a gamer or simply curious about the industry, it’s exciting to see what these companies will accomplish next. Game development is both an art and a science. If you’re looking to partner with any of the top video game companies in Texas, you can choose from the list above. To learn more, keep an eye on Texas and the companies that operate there – the future of gaming is bright!

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I'm a CEO and a Co-Founder of Whimsy Games. Before that, I advanced my expertise in engineering, management, traffic marketing, and analytics working for large game development studios with a $1M+ monthly income. With a clear vision of how game development should work, I run Whimsy Games, being responsible for the marketing and sales of our products and services.

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