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Our designers and animators have vast experience developing projects for multiple platforms. We are proud of the 3D animations we create as they do impress.

Benefits of 3D Animation you get with Whimsy Games

With Whimsy Games, you can bring any of your ideas to life.

We offer various professional creative services, including character modeling and animation, 2D and 3D video graphics, promo videos, cartoons, commercials, motion design, and TV spots.

Our team of 3D animation artists works with clients worldwide.

Don’t hesitate to invite us for collaboration.

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Our 3D Animation Services

3D Character Animation With our standalone animation tools, we'll bring your 3D characters from the idea to life. As well as creating characters from scratch, we can also animate yours and enhance existing animations.
Unity 3D Animation We also offer in-game animated effects created with the Unity engine for your games. Unity tools allow us to set up, preview, improve and customize animations exported from specialized animation software.
Cinematic Animation With Whimsy Games, you don't need to hire videomakers to create cinematic videos for your game. We are capable of creating video content for the needs of specific industries.
3D Props Animation Your game will be more engaging with 3D animated models of objects that add charm to characters and add atmosphere to scenes.

3D animation Software Solutions

Animation of Superior Quality
Animation of Superior Quality Our animators produce stunning creatives with the help of time-tested professional tools.
With Details in Mind
With Details in Mind Throughout the process, our 3D animation agency keeps you updated about all changes in the creation, rendering, and arranging of your animated content.
Proven 3D Animation Solutions
Proven 3D Animation Solutions We ensure your game stands out from the competition by monitoring the latest market trends and using proven 3D animation solutions.
Latest Industry Trends
Latest Industry Trends Keeping an eye on changing trends, our experts will gladly incorporate them into your animations and games.
Flawless Delivery Process
Flawless Delivery Process With a passion for challenges, our talented specialists can deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Genres of 3D Animation We Create

Animated Multiplication
Lifelike Animation
Video Animation

Animated Multiplication

In addition to creating animated multiplication explainer videos, we produce other educational and entertainment creatives.In addition to creating animated multiplication explainer videos, we produce other educational and entertainment creatives.

Lifelike Animation

You can count on our team to create lifelike characters, environments, weapons, and other items and animate them.

Video Animation

We can create true-to-life videos with an exciting plot and cutting-edge technologies for any purpose: marketing, games, ads, etc.

Way We Work

Custom-made Approach
Whimsy Games team values individual approaches to each project. We will dive deep into your goal and requirements and respond to your ask with personalized 3D animation.
Exact Planning
Our 3D animation studio creates a plan of action, including an estimate and possible solutions to ensure we meet our goal.
Innovative Solutions
We build projects based on the chosen technology stack and hire the best people to create animations for your business.
Relevant Specifications
We will ensure that the 3D animation you expect matches your goals.

Why Hire Whimsy Games

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Customer-oriented Approach
Customer-oriented Approach Whimsy Games makes customers' expectations our priority. We strive to create a product that meets and exceeds your expectations with 3D product animation services.
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Effective Communication
Effective Communication We are ready to listen and give expert advice. Tell us about your vision of the project. We keep you informed of our progress during the 3D animation process. So if you have any questions or need clarification, just let us know.
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Professional Dream Team
Professional Dream Team Tell us more - we're listening to you. Feel free to share your vision of the project. And one more thing, we stay in touch with you around the clock, even after the implementation of 3D animation.
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Independent Expert Evaluation
Independent Expert Evaluation On the Clutch and Goodfirms sites, we have five stars rating. You can join dozens of satisfied users who gave us positive feedback!

Quick Facts about Whimsy Games

Here are some numbers that speak of our experience and client satisfaction better than words:

Years of Experience For over a decade, customers worldwide have hired our team as qualified 3D animators.
Successful Projects We have a reputation for doing excellent work, so we have released more than 150 awesome projects.
Loyal Clients Our customers are our top priority. We aim to meet your needs and exceed expectations creating a project for you.
Games Launched to the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What 3D animation software do you use?

We create your 3D animations using high-quality software like Autodesk Maya, MotionBuilder, Autodesk 3Ds Max, and Unity.

Why outsourcing 3D animation?

Outsourcing can help you save money. You can hire skilled specialists to provide you with a full cycle of services according to your requirements.

Why do I need 3D animation services?

3D animation makes your game, application, cartoon, commercial, or film feel more lively and bright. 3D animation allows moving objects in a 3D space and adding visual effects. This way, you can create an immersive experience for large audiences and get more views.

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