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18, Nov, 2023

Denys Kliuch

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Metaverse on Oculus – All You Need to Know

With the pandemic outbreak in 2020, tech leaders have been exploring the potential of the metaverse and its promising future. The data suggests that the metaverse is estimated to reach $800 billion by 2024, indicating significant progress for this emerging technology.

This article will guide you through one of the most efficient paths – Oculus Quest metaverse development. You will gain insights into the essentials of profitable entry into the metaverse on Oculus, understand the benefits and opportunities for your industry, and find answers to the common questions mentioned above.

As the metaverse continues to gain momentum, entrepreneurs are interested in joining this market. However, this raises important questions, such as creating a custom metaverse solution for your business, which hardware to choose, and whether to work with a professional metaverse development company or do it yourself.
Metaverse Oculus Quest Development

If you’re unfamiliar with the metaverse, it’s essentially an advanced version of the internet. It’s a network of virtual worlds with intricate infrastructure open to everyone. To fully experience the metaverse, users need specific hardware, such as augmented or virtual reality technology. One popular way to access the metaverse is through the Oculus Quest 2, an advanced VR device.

While some metaverses are available on mobile platforms, they often limit the user’s experience, similar to browsing a regular website. If your business chooses to develop for the metaverse on the Oculus Quest 2, you can expect a range of exciting opportunities to open up for your company. Feel free to explore these top possibilities.

The Level-Up for Your Business

Just imagine how much more efficient your essential business processes could be if optimized even further. Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize how we work in numerous ways, from virtual product design to streamlining bureaucratic tasks through blockchain technology. In the long run, a metaverse could enhance nearly all aspects of work, leading to an overall improvement in the coefficient of performance.

Affordable Hardware

The Oculus Quest is a versatile wireless VR device that can be used for many different purposes. In Q1 2020, it held 34% of the VR hardware market share, but by 2021, it had taken over 80%. Thanks to its impressive quality-to-price ratio, it has become an ideal choice for commercial projects, being one of the most affordable VR devices available. Therefore, combining the Oculus Quest 2 with the Metaverse presents excellent potential for any business.

Easy Event Management

Since remote work has become the new normal, many employees have experienced a lack of communication. According to a survey, remote specialists have reported problems such as loneliness and isolation. Fortunately, the Oculus Quest 2 metaverse apps can help combat these issues by allowing for events with extended capabilities. You can organize meetings, presentations, corporate training, and entertainment for your staff to increase motivation

Next-Level Marketing

As per analytics, by 2026, one in four individuals will spend at least an hour daily in the metaverse. This implies that advertising in the physical world is now considered obsolete, particularly for the younger generation. To stay up to date and spread the word about your company more effectively, you can advertise in various metaverses and even create your own to promote your brand and attract your target audience.

Enhance Customer Experience

How businesses interact with their clients is crucial to their success. With the help of immersive technologies, companies can bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences, leading to a customer satisfaction rate of up to 86%. Creating virtual but realistic shops, incorporating product configurators, and organizing captivating presentations can open new horizons for your target audience, ultimately benefiting your company.

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Building Steps for Metaverse for Oculus Quest 2

Developing a metaverse app for Oculus Quest 2 is a complex process that requires expert specialists with deep knowledge of blockchain technology and robust software solutions such as Unreal or Unity Metaverse. However, having a general understanding of the main stages of creation can be helpful.

Explore Oculus for Developers

Software engineers can find many helpful resources, including open-source UE/Unity/native integration guides and video tutorials, on the official Meta Quest page. Developers can also contact Meta for better collaboration.

Create Content

When designing the interface, prioritize user experience, as new technologies and immersive environments should be intuitive. Next, create 3D content to surround users. To create metaverse game characters, consider using MetaHuman, an advanced tool in Unreal Engine that allows for true-to-life avatar creation.

Develop Smart Contract

To regulate financial relationships between your metaverse business and users, developers should create a custom smart contract in addition to blockchain implementation. This technology ensures digital data and transaction security, simplifying operations.

Perform Coding

Users should be able to store and share digital data/files through IPFS (InterPlanetary file system). All other functionalities and scenarios should be recorded as code and connected with a database to operate like a single mechanism.

Testing and Release

Despite their expertise, developers are human and can make mistakes or overlook important details. That’s why testers search for bugs in the software before release to ensure a smooth user experience.

Metaverse App for Different Industries

Creating a metaverse specifically for businesses presents many opportunities for companies across various sectors. The Oculus Quest 2 is a powerful and cost-effective device that enables users to customize their metaverse experience without requiring a large budget. Thanks to this device’s capabilities, users can fully immerse themselves in a virtual world, move within a safe zone defined by Quest 2, and use their hands and fingers to interact with the digital environment.

Let us now explore the most popular ways that top industries, rapidly transitioning into digital spaces, utilize the Oculus Quest 2 Metaverse app.


The healthcare sector is constantly developing and advancing with innovative telemedicine. By joining the virtual world, it has solved many physical world problems. For example, patients no longer need to visit their doctor unless it’s an emergency. Regardless of where a person is, they can consult in a metaverse, send confidential medical data through a highly secured blockchain, and receive prescriptions. In addition, interns and medical students can have true-to-life training that involves 3D human body and organ models. Under the supervision of a virtual instructor, they can learn interactively and practice complex procedures like surgeries.

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The metaverse has also revolutionized the learning process, from school to professional courses and corporate training, by offering an immersive environment and interactive educational system. Depending on the learning scenario, students and trainees can have an ultimate experience in a custom metaverse that represents a physical school class, a lab, or other surroundings. Specialists of different professions can dive deeper into dangerous environments without harming their health. Additionally, a metaverse can contain libraries and other reading spaces with protection from destruction, similar to the internet, making it possible to search and read articles or other literature.

Real Estate

The metaverse has also made buying and selling any property more convenient. By taking hyper-realistic virtual tours on Oculus Quest 2, clients can avoid the challenges of paperwork and visiting multiple locations. It’s possible to purchase a piece of land or property by buying a particular NFT, which gives a certificate of proven ownership rights. Since metaverse transactions don’t require paperwork, it’s an easy way to avoid bureaucracy. However, any financial operations are under high blockchain security, making it almost impossible to crack.


In the tourism industry, virtual tours allow people to visit any country they want without physically being there. Users can attend the most popular locations, take pictures, and visit museums. Realistic effects make interacting with the virtual environment and observing impressive scenes possible.


The metaverse also offers multiple options for entertainment. Users can join a virtual world with friends from any location, go to the movies, attend a birthday party, ride on a roller coaster, and more. Games, created by metaverse gaming companies, are also popular field in metaverse entertainment, with users able to play blockchain games of any genre, craft their NFTs, fight enemies, and breed creatures.Any entertainment provider can join the metaverse by opening their business in a virtual world.

Let’s Create an Outstanding Metaverse Together

The metaverse presents many promising business opportunities. Creating an exceptional metaverse is crucial to stand out as a leading technological development company. Fortunately, you can avoid being an experienced metaverse developer to get ahead of competitors.

Whimsy Games has been developing VR apps for the Oculus Quest 2 for years and has gained a deep understanding of the industry. We are an experienced and knowledgeable partner, creating highly engaging and immersive apps that push the boundaries of what’s possible with VR. By outsourcing full-cycle metaverse development to our teams, you can focus on your brand while we create projects. We pay close attention to detail and thoroughly test and polish our high-quality and innovative VR apps to ensure they are intuitive, user-friendly, and provide an excellent user experience. Additionally, you can hire dedicated specialists from Whimsy Games to save costs and avoid lengthy hiring processes while always having the option for quick employee replacement.


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