NFT Gaming Platform Development

Whimsy Games is one of the leading NFT gaming platform development companies. Our seasoned team is experienced with numerous projects delivered to dozens of satisfied clients. Operating various tools and technologies, we choose the ideal tech stack for your requirements. Keep up with the trends — build your own NFT gaming platform with our help.

What is an NFT Gaming Platform?

An NFT or non-fungible token stands for a unique data unit stored on a blockchain network. Among other things, NFTs can be applied to in-game assets. An NFT gaming platform allows gamers to auction, buy and trade in those tokens. Thus, they can earn real money while playing.

Whimsy Games, with its profound expertise, is a leading NFT gaming platform development company. With our help, you can use the power of NFTs to bring gaming to a whole new level. Sounds interesting? Contact us, share your ideas, and we will do our best to help!

Our NFT gaming platform development services

NFT Gaming Platform Development Build your own marketplace, allowing gamers to trade their in-game assets and characters using blockchain.
Customizable NFT Game Development Our NFT games allow gamers to configure assets and create their own fantasy worlds. Offer them more room for creativity, and they will remain your devoted fans.
NFT Game Concept Creation We can build you a concept if you don’t need an entire NFT game but just a testing ground. Play with it to get a better understanding of what you need.
NFT Game Development for Android and iOS No need to choose between Android and iOS — we’ve got both of the top platforms covered.

Benefits of NFT Gaming Platforms

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Authenticating assets
Authenticating assets A decentralized manner of operations ensures the security of gaming assets. The use of blockchain to record ownership rights prevents data thefts or alterations. Authenticity can be proved by inspecting the provenance of items.
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Ensuring exclusive nature of tokens
Ensuring exclusive nature of tokens NFTs are unique by definition. Gamers can buy and sell tokens, which retain their value irrespective of the game.
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Providing interoperability
Providing interoperability NFTs can be used across different blockchain platforms linked to different games. Thus, players can use weapons or accessories from one game in another.
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Adding special offers
Adding special offers Gaming platforms can offer special assets, attracting new users and convincing them to invest their money.

Genres We Have Created Games In

Racing and Sports Games
PvP Battle Games
Adventure Games
Card games
Slot games

Racing and Sports Games

This genre still retains its popularity. We offer customizable gameplay providing you with innumerable options. Players can design, rent, or buy the vehicles, finding ways to express their creativity.

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PvP Battle Games

Whimsy Games offers software and graphics required for customizable gameplay. Unique weapons and costumes, unparalleled skills and power will provide an exceptional PvP battle game experience.

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Adventure Games

Our adventure game assets contribute to the creation of a unique gaming experience. The players are transported to the magical world with eye-catching environments and characters.

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Card games

We know how to make good old card games look bright and unusual. Our games provide a lot of joy and a casino-like experience.

WEB3 Games development

Slot games

Our slot games have state-of-the-art tech as their cornerstones. It ensures memorable gaming experiences and private data security.

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Our shooters immerse gamers with exciting sceneries and smooth motions. Our developers can build them even from sketches. We take great care to build real-world models into our games and make AI enemies smart enough to provide an excellent experience.

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How Do We Work

Before beginning a project, we try to get a clear picture of what we are trying to achieve. Market analysis and a close look at our client’s business goals give us a starting point.
Our team designs a detailed schedule with deadlines and benchmarks. Thus, we can be sure we won’t miss anything.
Creating Concept
A concept helps to look for flaws and ways of improvement which are not evident at first glance. It is an essential thing to do before the development starts in earnest.
Our developers build an NFT gaming platform using proven strategies and modern tools.
Software Testing
Providing top-quality products is our priority. We run alpha and beta testing to check everything before the game rolls out.
Game Release
We build products on a turn-key basis. Our team will help you to roll out the final version of your new NFT gaming platform.

Why Outsource Blockchain Game Development to Whimsy Games?

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Benefit from our expertise
Benefit from our expertise We have dozens of complex projects in our portfolio. Our team consists of experts with years of experience who know how to build the game you want.
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Get a unique approach
Get a unique approach Our team has a huge arsenal of technologies to choose from. No one-size-fits-all approach! We always choose wisely, taking into account the needs and goals of a particular client.
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Keep in line with the trends
Keep in line with the trends Our experts monitor the latest industry trends and consider them to make up-to-date products.
Rely on transparent pricing
Rely on transparent pricing The cost of our NFT gaming platform development services is estimated at the very beginning of the project. Thus, our clients understand what they are paying for.

Our Results

We proudly call Whimsy Games a top NFT gaming platform development company. Here are some numbers to support this claim.

hours have been spent on game development
completed projects with outstanding results.
experienced and skillful professionals are ready to build a great NFT gaming platform.
clients trust us with their projects in the game development industry.


How are NFTs used in Games?

The use of NFTs allows gamers to record ownership rights for in-game assets. Thus, virtual things — weapons, costumes, accessories, etc. — gain real value and can be traded easily and securely.

NFT Gaming Platform Development Process

At Whimsy Games, NFT Gaming Platform Development has several stages. Firstly, we analyze the market and the client’s business to determine the project's general direction. Then we carefully plan a workflow. To test and improve the initial ideas, our team builds a concept. Only after that do we actually start coding. Rigorous testing precedes the rollout.

What’s the Time Duration of Developing an NFT Gaming Platform?

Any approximations may be misleading as each project has unique requirements. The number and complexity of features may vary substantially. Therefore, if you have some specific idea of an NFT gaming platform in mind, contact us and describe the details to get a time estimate.

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