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Whimsy Games is a renowned NFT development agency with over seven years in the industry. We assist our clients with every step of the making process. Our expertise lets us know what you need: trendy, eye-catching, and genuinely rare tokens worth the attention of the most indulgent buyers. With our range of cutting-edge development tools, we meet and exceed your expectations.

What is NFT Development?

Non-fungible assets provide ownership rights to various items. No wonder NFTs are very much in play for generating extra revenue and value. An NFT website development company helps grow one’s digital art collection and earn even more from the purchased tokens. If you lack skills, time, or market knowledge, it’s worth trying NFT development services.

Our team unites seasoned and motivated experts with over 200 successful projects in the portfolio. So, we at Whimsy Games deliver what our clients want to get. We match your key input with our creative approach. What’s the outcome? You get a piece of art everyone would be jealous of — and eager to buy. 

So, if you have some ideas but don’t know how to bring them to life, we got it sorted!

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Our NFT Development Services

NFT Development Create catchy, memorable tokens tailored to the latest market trends and close successful deals with potential buyers.
Customizable NFT Development Any feature, style preferences, quantity, and level of complexity — you name it! The rest of the work is on us.
NFT Concept Creation Still not sure what you want? Our NFT development company will create several most promising concepts for you. Just pick your favorite and wait till it's done.
NFT Development for Multiple Platforms Don't know what platform to place your tokens at? We'll create universal NFTs that would fit any one of your choices.

Benefits of NFT Development Services

concept 3d character
Collectibility NFTs are a great collectible asset for art, sports, and music lovers. It is more than a unique set of digital art – it can easily generate additional revenue for you. Once you buy an NFT, its value gradually increases as time goes by. So, you're not just collecting tokens — you make additional profit. The rarer the token is, the more revenue you'll get.
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Promising reselling opportunities
Promising reselling opportunities Trying to resell an NFT is one of the most popular ways to earn more from a purchase you made. With the right timing and favorable market conditions, people get to make way bigger amounts than they've spent on a token. Usually, it is more than enough to return the investment and get some extra funds on top.
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Decentralized market
Decentralized market One of the main perks of NFT development is thar creators can sell tokens directly to others. So, you won't need any third party to process a transaction. As a result, the token owners earn an extra commission every time their piece of art goes from buyer to buyer.
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Copyright Since it's impossible to change, remove, or delete the metadata from a blockchain, content creators and artists will always have 100% ownership rights to their works. A great advancement in cyber security? Indeed! Also, it significantly contributed to the token's value and collectibility. Whether you or an NFT development agency that released a token, the copyright will always belong to the creator.

NFT Development on Various Blockchain Networks

Binance Smart Chain


It is the initial blockchain for NFTs. Thanks to this, it remains the most popular. Surely, we at Whimsy Games work with this network. The key advantage is that it's simple to use and intuitive in navigation. It's also worth mentioning that Ethereum is suitable for various marketplaces: from OpenSea to Rarible. Although it's one of the most popular and trusted ones, Ethereum isn't the cheapest option for minting tokens.

Binance Smart Chain

Unlike Binance Chain Network, this one focuses on smart-contract-based apps and is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Its main perks include low minting prices and fast operation processing. This blockchain supports various tools and token standards. So, this provides vast opportunities for both users and developers. Our NFT development services include the release of your tokens via Binance Smart Chain with no hassle.


Here’s another great option famous for its low charges and high efficiency. Solana offers some of the shortest validation times for transactions and executing smart contracts. The combination of PoH and PoS mechanisms enables this. Plus, it's an environmentally-friendly network that consumes less energy per transaction than a couple of Google searches. If you want to launch your NFT via Solana, we're here to help you out.


This network's provenance goes back to Ethereum's co-founder Charles Hoskinson. With the ability to process around 65,000 transactions/second, this is one of the fastest existing blockchain networks. Scalability and efficiency are the main focuses of this network. Cardano sets up transactions in its currency, ADA, and ensures efficient and quick transactions. As a pleasant bonus, it's eco-friendly and sets low minting prices. If you want to release your NFT via Cardano, we at Whimsy Games will make it happen.

How do We Work

Setting Objectives
First off, we get to hear what the client wants to see — from style to the color palette and level of complexity.
Research & Planning
Our team analyzes the market trends. We pick several interesting examples and try to re-format them regarding the client's wishes.
Concept Creation
We experiment and create a series of concepts to present to a client. The top contenders go to production.
Our NFT development agency tests and compares the concepts. We check if the token meets all the client's requirements. Then, we choose the best one together.
Once a token is ready for release, we help launch it on the desired platform and set everything up for selling it.

Our Results

We at Whimsy Games are proud to work on great projects and bring results to our customers. Here are some numbers to prove us as industry experts.

Projects Have been successfully completed by our team so far
Clients Are recurring to Whimsy Games for completing more projects
Years We've been working on tons of projects and keep providing NFT development services to our international clients
Employees Our professional team is always there to take care of any project and provide up-to-date, prompt feedback to all our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-fungible token?

NFT is a unique cryptographic asset that contains a set of metadata and codes that helps distinguish them from each other. They're used to represent real-life items — from artwork and music to someone's identities and property rights. NFTs are part of the blockchain ecosystem, mostly the Ethereum one. Since they're non-fungible, these tokens can't be replaced with something else. It means you can't exchange a token for another one, as you can do with cryptocurrencies, for example. Sure, you can simply make copies. Yet, their value will be zero since authenticity plays the role. Some of the most popular items to be turned into non-fungible tokens are sports cards, pieces of art, rarities, and other collectible things. You can even find an NFT of the first-ever Tweet written by the company's CEO sold for almost $3 mln.

How can I earn with NFTs?

The most convenient and proven way of earning extra revenue with non-fungible tokens is selling them through a special marketplace like OpenSea, Mintable, and SuperRare. However, here are some tips from our experienced NFT development company on other ways of earning additional profits. Some of the methods include Investing in NFT startups, staking, NFT gaming, passive royalties, trading NFTs, and renting out.

How long does it take to develop an NFT?

Depending on various factors like the number of details, the complexity of the artwork, etc., it can take up to a couple of days to create your own NFT. However, if you're not looking for the hard way here, you can simply upload any of your photos and mint it as a token in just 15 minutes on platforms like Binance.

How should I price my NFT?

Once you've created a token or a full collection, you'll need to give your work a price. It would depend on the NFT's demand and rarity. This means that, if people are looking for something like you did and it's quite a rare creation, your token will get its high price. If you want to create a successful NFT development agency, try the following: first, learn more about the ecosystem you're selling a token in and the existing trends on the market; see what potential buyers consider valuable and have a look at other creators' works — how they evaluated their effort; start from a modest price and raise it gradually, find a balance; take your time and don't rush into things; don't be afraid to experiment; represent your artwork on different platforms; give your creation a description; and of course, don't get greedy on discounts.

Are NFTs a risky thing to try?

Indeed it is a high-risk, high-reward business. You should clearly understand what you're about to get into. Being able to regularly earn on NFTs requires a lot of market research and a profound understanding of cryptocurrencies and their ecosystem. In this area, timing is also crucial — getting a chance to buy the token at a lower price or sell it at the higher one requires a lot of patience and trading skills. Hence, if you're 100% sure you're about to succeed and have enough relevant knowledge, you should try it. There are some other nuances you should consider at a time. Remember, you're not fully protected from scammers, so that's another issue with the ecosystem. Plus, you should be aware that you practically don't own the content to a token while investing. Keep these in mind while searching for a new NFT to purchase or invest in a crypto startup.

How can I create and release my own NFT?

Depending on your skills and effort, you can create an NFT in a couple of minutes or days. The process itself is always pretty much the same and consists of the following steps: first, select a platform where you want to sell your token; then set a crypto wallet you will use to buy and sell your NFT; connect it to the platform so you can process transactions; after that, create an NFT — either through a marketplace or by yourself; finally, list your token and set up a price for it — mind the market trends and be fair.

What is the cost of creating an NFT?

Practically, you can create a non-fungible token for free. On average, the price for NFT development services goes as far as $150. However, you should expect to pay more if you're creating a complex project with multiple tokens. The cost can go up to $500 in some cases. This can also depend on what blockchain you used to make an NFT. Ethereum is the most expensive one with the $50-$150 price range. If you look at others, Solana may charge $0.01, Tezos — $0.2-$8, and Polygon is free but may take marketplace fees.

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