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Whimsy Games is a team of 3D pixel art games experts. We are ready to bring your ideas to life with high attention to your business needs and a focus on quality. Our team uses advanced tools and comes up with original concepts to create unique visuals for your game and make it a worthy competitor in your niche.

Features of 3D Pixel Arts for Games

3D pixel art is more complex than two-dimensional visuals of the same style. Creating such art for the game requires advanced tools and robust hardware to ensure the best quality and the right level of detail. However, pixel art 3D visuals are an excellent option for various game genres and settings, so the return on investment will be pretty high once you release the game.

If you want an enticing, bright, and extraordinary game made with pixel art 3D elements, feel free to contact our team. Let’s create something beautiful together and make your future title successful!

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Our Services in 3D Pixel Art Character Design

Concept art Our team will help you create pixel 3D art concept art for your game. We'll work on characters, environments, and objects, picking the most suitable style to fit your project's genre and setting.
Custom designs We create unique, custom 3D designs for every project. With us, you'll get high-quality, good-looking visuals for your project tailored to your personal preferences and business needs. They will satisfy your target audience and help to attract more players.
Full-stack production We can take care of the whole art creation process so you can save your time and dedicate it to other essential tasks. Our teams will be responsible for everything from ideation and sketching to final rendering.
Game visualization Our specialists will also help you implement the visuals into the game to make sure there are no glitches or issues before the release.

Our Benefits in 3D Pixel Art Outsourcing

concept 3d character
Advanced tech stacks
Advanced tech stacks Creating pixel art 3D games requires advanced tools and hardware. Our teams select the most relevant and up-to-date tech stacks for each project to ensure high quality and maximum efficiency.
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Experienced professionals
Experienced professionals To ensure the quality of our work, we hire mainly senior and middle specialists experienced in your game's niche and genre.
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Unique ideas
Unique ideas Our teams create original art for the games we work on to make sure your project stands out and has a unique value proposition, including captivating visuals or extraordinary in-game environments.
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Business-savvy teams
Business-savvy teams Our teams understand the importance of fulfilling the business goals in whatever project they're working on. We provide business-driven experts that are aware of the latest market trends and can use them to create commercially successful products.

Genres We Сreate 3D Pixel Art Designs In

Arcade games
Fighter and shooter games
Puzzle games
NFT games

Arcade games

3D pixel art in arcade games is quite a popular choice: it's fun, nostalgic, and good-looking. Your players will definitely enjoy this art style. Games with "digitized" characters bring back memories of the good old arcade hit titles.

Fighter and shooter games

Using three-dimensional pixel art for shooters or fighter games is a great choice. This art style can contribute to the industrial or post-apocalyptic vibe.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games like Match3 often use pixel art for in-game elements, buttons, and settings. This is an excellent choice if you want to engage more adult players — adding a nostalgic element to puzzle games can be beneficial for your business goals.

NFT games

Blockchain-based games are becoming increasingly popular among broad audiences, and we are trying to follow this trend. We'll help you create NFT games using the best pixel art designs to attract more players and grow your profits.

How We Work

Introductory meeting
We arrange an intro call with you to discuss the major requirements and your personal preferences. We also evaluate the deadlines, define the number and expertise of your project team members, and optimize the workflow to ensure the highest level of efficiency.
Project preparation
We prepare a tech stack depending on what type of project you have. We pick the right 3D pixel art software and hardware to ensure the highest quality.
We start by sketching and creating draft concepts for your game. We work on objects, vehicles, props, and characters and send you the first versions of what they might look like in your game.
Feedback and improvements
We get your feedback and make all the necessary changes before the final rendering.
Final approval
Once the final art versions are ready, we will send them to you. We fix all the imperfections and get to implementing designs into your game.
Game visualization
Our specialists add new art to your game. We prefer to do this task ourselves to ensure there are no issues with the visuals.
Post-release support
Once the game is launched, you can also request post-launch support services. We can fix visual bugs, design new characters or objects for you.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D pixel art?

Three-dimensional pixel art design is the process of creating ‘pixel’-based visuals, including characters, objects, props, and landscapes, using depth, width, and height to give them volume. Using the pixel art style for such projects, you'll get cartoon-like, somewhat old-school visuals that fit various genres, from puzzles to fighter games.

What is the style of pixel art?

The style of pixel art is kind of old-school yet quite bright and fun. It helps make your game environment and characters look more cartoonish. However, game studios don't use this art style for kids' games only. Many popular arcade and fighter games also use three-dimensional pixel art characters — this is a universal art style that can fit almost any genre.

Is 3D pixel art easy?

Working on pixel art in 3D is more complicated than creating two-dimensional art. It requires more advanced tools and hardware to bring the necessary level of depth and volume to the visuals. Moreover, the tech stack will depend on the genre and level of complexity your game has.

Why are 3D pixel art games so popular?

Adding 3D to pixel art projects is quite a popular choice. It looks unusual, cartoonish, and fun. Also, it's an art style that looks cool and appropriate in every game genre. With pixel art, you can create unique characters, and using 3D techniques makes them look even more appealing.

How much does it cost to hire a 3D pixel artist?

The cost of hiring 3D pixel artists depends on various factors. The main ones include the project's complexity, the number of specialists, and their level of expertise. You might want to consider the hourly rates of every employee and whether you plan on expanding your team. If you want to get an estimate, you can always contact our team, and we'll prepare a full price breakdown for you.

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