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2D Game Artists for Hire

Already know your future game's concept, but your team lacks experience in creating stunning visuals? You’ve just landed on the right page, then! We at Whimsy Games can help you produce original 2D game art styles of any kind! Our extensive pool of professional 2D artists for hire can create characters, objects, and surroundings that would perfectly fit the game's genre and your ideas. Save your time and costs yet with us getting the high-quality art!

Our 2D Game Art Services

2D game art from scratch You can hire 2D artist teams to help you create visuals at the beginning of your projects. Our professional artists can create various concepts, generate new ideas, and help enhance your own. Our teams follow the latest 2D art trends yet give a personal touch to make each project look unique and outstanding.
Extra help for your core team Does your game development studio lack experienced artists? Perhaps, you don’t have those experienced in a particular art style? Find the ones you need at Whimsy Games. Just name what genre or art style you want to implement, and we'll help your team get exactly what you need.
After-launch support Our key value is quality, and we want to ensure our art looks perfect even after you release the game. Our 2D artists for hire will provide full support in improving visual flaws, releasing updates, and DLCs. We'll also create extra objects, worlds, or characters if you decide to scale your game and bring something new to it.

Our Technology Expertise in 2D Game Art

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Objects Get any types of props from our 2D artists: from weapons to vehicles, interior elements, etc. We'll pick the right style and concept to add to the game's vibe and make the overall picture look more complex, complete, and eye-catching.
Characters From the most minimalistic to highly complex ones, our teams can create them all! We'll pick the most suitable clothes, physical features, and styles for each character to make sure they fit your game and its plot perfectly.
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Environment We can create any type and quantity of worlds for your game. Our artists can help you enhance the existing surroundings or come up with brand new ones from scratch. You can either rely on our ideas or provide your own, and we'll bring them to life.
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Icons and items
Icons and items To improve the UI and UX of your game, our 2D artists for hire can create icons, status bars, and buttons that perfectly fit the art style of your game and ensure convenient gameplay and navigation.
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Game asset creation
Game asset creation To enhance the gaming experience and ensure the game looks complete, we can create and implement sound and visual effects, dialogues, and practically any assets you want. Help your game stand out by bringing more unique features to it.
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Pixel art
Pixel art If you're a fan of minimalistic worlds and characters, we can create stunning pixel art for your game. Our teams produce details and surroundings using 8- and 16-bit graphics. We'll help you rediscover the beauty of simplicity with pixel game visuals.

Professional 2D Game Artists for Hire

Experienced artists
Deep knowledge of multiple art styles
Top experts in the niche
Client-oriented professionals

Experienced artists

We work primarily with middle and senior-level 2D game artists to ensure timely, high-quality, stunning results. Experts at Whimsy Games are deadline-friendly, responsible, and highly motivated.

Deep knowledge of multiple art styles

Every 2D game artist for hire at Whimsy Games is a professional with a stunning portfolio. Our professionals have worked with a variety of game art styles and know some great techniques that can make any object, character, and surrounding look just the way you imagined and even better.

Top experts in the niche

You don't have to spend any more time searching for the most skilled and experienced 2D artists — we've already gathered them all here! Our experts at Whimsy Games have years of experience and have deep knowledge of their niche: whether it's monochromatic, flat, pixel, or any other art style.

Client-oriented professionals

If you hire 2D artist teams at Whimsy Games, be sure you'll get exactly the result you were counting on. Our artists value every client and understand the importance of complying with their business goals. We'll make sure the art we create will meet your every requirement.

Our Models of Cooperation

This time-savvy model saves you from constant searches, interviews, and onboarding of new employees. We'll take care of all the hiring processes and further management of our teams. Our professionals get to work as soon as possible and always provide excellent results.
This model works best for you if you want to sign an employment contract with the new team. The new employees are under your control now: from allocating tasks to quality checks. From our side, we take care of all administrative responsibilities like salaries, workspace, and necessary gadgets.

Our Fundamental Benefits in 2D Game Art

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Cost-effectiveness No hidden charges or extra fees. We offer high-quality results with great value for money. We ensure transparent communication and flexible pricing options. Our services usually cost 50% less than working with in-house game artists.
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Outstanding creativity
Outstanding creativity Thinking out of the box is one of the most significant advantages of 2D artists for hire at Whimsy Games. They have bold ideas and provide sophisticated concepts for any genre, art style, and requirement from you.
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Individual approach
Individual approach 2D artists for hire at Whimsy Games never create copycats or similar visuals for our clients' projects. We strive to provide unique and extraordinary ideas tailored to your concepts and requests. Tell us about your vision, and we'll bring it to life!
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Fast and effective delivery
Fast and effective delivery Our teams have worked with projects of all levels of complexity. They know how to properly allocate time for each stage of the process and have excellent time management skills. This helps deliver every project on time and not lose quality at the same time. In our case, fast doesn't mean flawed.

Quick Facts About Us

Throughout the years, our 2D artists for hire worked on plenty of projects and gained just as many satisfied and loyal customers. Look at our latest results and contact us if you're impressed!

years In the game development industry, specifically working with 2D game art styles
hours Spent on creating high-quality, complex 2D game art of various styles
games With our art successfully released on the market
projects Successfully completed for clients from all over the globe

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 2D game art?

Two-dimensional is related to creating flat objects and characters. 2D artists work with height and width, while in 3D art, they also add depth. It's easy to create and cheaper than creating three-dimensional worlds. 2D art involves a variety of styles that are still quite popular among game development studios: flat art, monochromatic art, paper cut, pixel art, low poly, and many others. You may see a lot of 2D platformers, puzzles, and adventure games.

How do I hire an artist for video games?

To find a perfect 2D game artist for hire, you should be quite specific in your requirements. Draft a list of art styles, tools, and expertise your potential employee needs to know and work with. You can start your search with platforms like Behance, Upwork, or Fiverr. However, this may be a lengthy process as the market supply is quite big. To save time and costs on hiring in-house experts, try outsourcing or outstaffing game artists.

What does a video game artist do?

2D artists for hire are responsible for creating visuals for the game: characters, objects, surrounding worlds, etc. They're skilled with computer graphic tools and know the basics of composition, light, and shadows. Game artists usually draw by hand quite well and are familiar with such complex structures as human and animal anatomy, animation, architecture, etc.

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