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Unity 3D Game Development

Unity 3D game development is one of the many services we offer at Whimsy Games. With many-year expertise in game development, our team can turn your creative ideas into excellent software and design for unforgettable and totally absorbing gameplay. Our team builds a vivid, immersive world using Unity, as this engine allows us to hit our goals and design appealing game applications.

Unity 3D game development services

Whimsy Games offers customer-tailored unity 3d game development services for different business purposes. We optimize all mobile game functions for gamers to enjoy your app’s seamless work. Our team integrates cutting-edge solutions to provide players with unforgettable gameplay.

We’re a Unity 3D game development agency capable of creating the game from scratch and supporting you with its release and promotion. Our talented specialists keep an eye on details and develop robust software. Every game we build aims to satisfy loyal players and engage with new gamers. Besides, we use proven tools to integrate the latest VR and AR technologies and make them function seamlessly and hassle-free.

Tell us more about your project, and we’ll do our best to release a high-end game for you!

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Features of Unity 3D game development

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Player-centric solutions When creating every gaming project, our Unity 3D game development agency puts players' needs at the center. Our specialists ensure that every game element provides an enthralling gaming process, be it user interface, design, or other mechanics.
Multi-platform support We develop and deploy Unity 3D games on various platforms. Create a game once, and make it available on desktop, mobile, and other gadgets.
Qualified developers All specialists in our advanced unity 3d game development company are qualified specialists that don't give up learning. They look for the best approaches and mechanics to deliver a unique, competitive game software and design.
Industry-acknowledged results For about ten years, Whimsy Games has developed games in different genres and for multiple purposes. Numbers speak for themselves – over 70 satisfied customers!
AR Unity 3D game development Unity is a proven engine that allows us to create a top-notch product. With a wide range of features, we can integrate tools that will enable users to dive into the world of augmented reality and enhanced gameplay.
VR Unity 3D game development We create a fascinating virtual world with eye-catching characters, a vivid environment, and multiple assets. Our specialists adjust all processes and guarantee the smooth functioning of the game.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Unity 3D game development

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Detailed Characters Appearance
Detailed Characters Appearance We know that every character is the players' primary focus. It’s one of the significant elements that attract people. That’s why our specialists focus on details and elaborate on smooth movements when creating a protagonist and other characters.
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Interactive experience
Interactive experience Unity 3D is a perfect tool for creating an interactive experience. It will make your game even more fascinating, whatever the genre is.
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Mobile game development
Mobile game development We build games supported on Android and iOS. Our team is well aware of the peculiarities of every operating system and helps players make the most out of the gaming process. Developers can easily build and port their games from one platform to another.
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Effective 3D scene rendering
Effective 3D scene rendering Unity 3D is an engine that ensures the perfect game creation process. It allows our Unity 3D game development company to produce products with fantastic visual effects and real-like images.

Genres We Have Created 3D Games In

Card games
Slot Games


Our Unity 3D game development agency creates traditional and customized puzzle games. We use proven visual tactics to grab and hold the attention of every player.


We at Whimsy games provide you with an ad hoc shooting experience. Gamers can dive deep into the world of fights and try out their fighting skills or destroy life-like creatures and monsters.


Our 3D strategic games allow players to practice their cognitive skills while enjoying immersive visuals. We elaborate on the environment, as well as on the logic of the gameplay.

Card games

We create the best classic and brand-new card games in 3D graphics. Players will get a casino-like experience within the comfort of their couch.

Slot Games

By applying advanced Unity 3D game development solutions, our team designs new-generation slot games to provide an experience close to reality. Gamers will enjoy stunning visual effects, immersive storylines, and enthralling soundtracks.

How We Work

Our artists make prototypes of visuals to integrate into your 3D game later. And, of course, we approve every character, landscape, and object with you.
Software creation
We develop software according to the game's capacity and make sure it corresponds to the market requirements.
Quality assurance
We run a QA test after every stage of the game development process. However, our specialists check the game on different levels and improve errors and bugs at the final step.
Release of Unity 3d game development
Software deployment might be one of the most challenging stages. But, no worries, you have our helping hand. Our team supports this process from the start till the end.
Post-release support
Once your game is live, we still give you our helping hand and support. In other words, we'll troubleshoot errors and bugs instantly.

Why Outsource Unity 3D Game Development to Whimsy Games

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Appealing graphics
Appealing graphics Unity enables developers to make the most out of the platform options and create eye-catching graphics, balancing lights, textures, etc.
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Quality development process
Quality development process Our specialists have invaluable expertise in creating games based on JavaScript and C #. These programming languages are critical components of high-quality Unity 3D game creation.
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Omni-platform game support
Omni-platform game support With Unity, it's possible to develop games for multiple platforms, so you don't have to choose either one of them or look for specialists who can develop games for desktops, or consoles, or mobile applications. Thus, your game can run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, WebGL, and other popular platforms.
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Great details to objects, characters, and assets
Great details to objects, characters, and assets Unity allows us to elaborate on believable characters' and objects' movements in the game. In addition, a range of scenes combined with a smooth frame rate gives players an impression of absolute reality.

Quick Facts About Us

We measure our success in numbers. Have a look at what we've already gained!

talented developers and designers who deliver top-quality unity 3d game development services.
games rolled out on different platforms.
clients are fully satisfied with our services.
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Is Unity good for 3D games?

Unity 3D is industry-acknowledged and the most popular game engine. It undoubtedly is the best choice for building 3D games with smooth flow and impeccable design. Unity's assets provide superb quality of visual effects and intuitive design of the app.

Why use Unity for game development?

Unity is the best, tried, and tested tool for developers to create advanced Unity 3D game development. It's a simple and intuitive platform for high-quality game production.

How long does it take to develop a 3D game with Unity?

The time varies depending on the complexity of the project. However, it takes from six months to about two years in order to develop software for a 3D game from scratch and deploy it. Actually, the project duration depends on its complexity. Contact our team, and we’ll estimate your project and let you know what you need to roll it out. Our engineers are experienced in building games on the Unity platform. That's why when choosing our services, you don't have to waste time waiting when a developer will get familiar with Unity.

What are the stages of creating 3D Unity games?

All Unity 3D game development services have three main stages: pre-production, production, and deployment. At the pre-production stage, we discuss all details and build a roadmap. Then our developers create robust software to satisfy the game's capacity. And the last stage is focused on rolling out the product and providing support to its functions.

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