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Illustrator for Hire

You've got plenty of ideas for the future game but don't know how to bring them all to life? Hire an illustrator at Whimsy Games! We offer a constantly updating pool of professionals who'll help visualize your every idea for 2D or 3D characters, props, and entire game worlds. Our team can ensure timely delivery, convenient collaboration, and an excellent value for money. Let's see what else we can offer!

Our Illustration Services

Creating visuals from scratch Both our 2D and 3D illustrators for hire can get to work as soon as you start the project and begin working on visuals once you have any ideas. We can also participate in the ideation process and give some valuable tips if you haven't worked with visual development yet.
Enhancing your core team Even if you already have a team of illustrators, we can help them and make visuals for your game even more catchy and memorable for players. We can add some extra features or offer solutions to improve the existing art.
After-launch support Rest assured that we’ve got your back. Our team will check that the art in your project looks great and that there are no flaws or bugs to fix. That's why we offer constant after-launch support. We can work on updates, add new visuals, and fix any imperfections.

Our Technology Expertise in Illustration

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Character design
Character design We'll help you visualize characters with as many details and customizable features as possible. Our experts will make them recognizable, stylish, and suitable for your game's concept.
Environment design
Environment design Our illustrators can draw entire game worlds in any style and for any setting. We'll make sure all the locations are detailed enough and have everything you would want there to be.
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Props design
Props design We can also visualize any vehicle, object, and weapon you can think of to make your game and the surrounding world look complete.
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2D illustration
2D illustration Our teams have worked with both traditional and innovative software and art techniques. They can easily combine styles and create unique, memorable art that would perfectly reflect your vision.
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3D sculpting
3D sculpting 3D illustrators for hire at Whimsy Games work with the most advanced software to create incredible three-dimensional models for your game and bring any idea to life. They have vast experience with diverse styles and impressive portfolios that prove their high-level expertise.
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Concept art
Concept art We'll develop concept art for your future game based on your ideas and requirements. We can also provide guidance or ideas on improving the concept and making the art that suits your game's genre and narrative the most.

Professional Illustrators for Hire

Top experts on the market
Flexible teams and conditions
Highly motivated teams
Client-oriented professionals
Timely project delivery

Top experts on the market

Our illustrators have years of experience in the niche and excellent portfolios to prove their expertise. We hire primarily senior and middle teams to ensure fast, high-quality project completion with a professional approach and original vision.

Flexible teams and conditions

Hire an illustrator team with us and get complete freedom of choice. You can easily adjust the team or implement new ideas on the go — we are flexible and can adapt to any new process inside your studio.

Highly motivated teams

Our illustrators are passionate about their job and show it every time while working on your projects. High motivation is among our key success factors — this way, we ensure every idea finds proper realization.

Client-oriented professionals

We provide ideas and create art tailored to your requirements and business goals. We understand the importance of unique, memorable visuals in raising the awareness of your game, and we continuously work to achieve that. We'll help your game stand out and be a competitive market player.

Timely project delivery

In our case, speed and quality come together. We promise deadline-friendly teams who do their best to provide the top quality for your projects. Our illustrators for hire always provide status updates to ensure everything's going as planned — they realize how important it is to release the game or complete the project in time.

Our Models of Cooperation

Forget about hiring and managing the new team — we'll take it from here! We'll find as many relevant experts as possible who can start immediately and deliver impressive results.
In this case, you have an employment agreement with the new teammates. You give away tasks, manage the workflow, and run quality checks. Our team provides the workspace, salaries, and necessary tools.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Illustration

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Great price for money
Great price for money Our illustrators for hire are a good investment as their services cost 50% less than hiring in-house professionals working full-time. We accurately estimate the budget and timeframe to avoid unexpected costs. We never impose extra charges or hidden fees and ensure your company meets the budget well.
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Full communication transparency
Full communication transparency Proper communication between you and illustrators is key to providing a high-quality product. You can choose the most convenient means of communication and promise 100% transparency. We keep track of our creators and never do anything behind your back.
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Dedicated teams
Dedicated teams The illustrators you hire with us get fully involved in your project and dedicate all their time to you. Therefore, we only offer responsible and experienced professionals who constantly communicate adequately with you and make timely updates on the project's progress.
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Extensive expertise
Extensive expertise All our 2D and 3D illustrators for hire have worked in the industry for years and know every aspect of it. That's why you can be sure they'll understand your needs and design any type of art you can think of. In addition, our illustrators have worked with plenty of powerful tools and can work with any game category or genre.
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Out-of-the-box thinking
Out-of-the-box thinking We value creativity and have worked with some extraordinary ideas over the years. We can give life to any bold concept and fantasy of yours and make it pop. We'll make sure your game becomes a memorable one!

Quick Facts About Us

If you're still unsure if you want to hire a illustrator at Whimsy Games, take a glimpse at the progress we've made so far — we know what we're working with!

years Working in game development and creating illustrations for the games
projects Completed with excellence for clients from all over the globe
hours Of creating illustrations for our clients' projects
experts Working on the game ideas daily

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire illustrators?

Illustrators bring an idea to life. They turn a piece of text information into an image and even a digital 3D model so you know what the future characters, objects, and worlds would look like in the game. Working with visuals is one of the most important aspects of game development, as you want your game to look eye-catching and recognizable among your competitors.

Why should I choose Whimsy Games for hiring illustrators?

Whimsy Games has a vast experience in game development and working on various game art projects. We've got a team of professional illustrators for hire with stunning portfolios and years of experience in both 2D and 3D illustrations. They can work in various styles and ensure timely, high-quality results to make your game an outstanding competition on the market.

What affects illustrator costs?

The cost of hiring illustrators depends on how many people you want to hire, the time they've spent working on your project and how urgent it was, the level of task complexity, and the team's experience. Finally, the final cost can also vary depending on the collaboration model you choose and what type of illustrations you need. For instance, 3D illustrators for hire are more expensive than 2D ones as they work on more complex and time-consuming artworks.

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