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By delivering high-quality gaming analytics, we strive to make your game better. Also, we align it with current market trends and demands. Thus, you hit your business targets effortlessly. Our team provides an in-depth analysis of user behavior and other useful insights on ramping up monetization and making the right marketing decisions for promotional campaigns.

How Gaming Data Analytics Stirs Up Gaming Industry?

Gaming analytics is part and parcel of the development process. It allows for developing and designing a better product that engages a large army of users. The more satisfied players, the bigger the marketing success of the game, which results in good monetization and revenue.

By building the game development or game revamping process based on quality data, the company opts for producing a game with its place in the market and spiking popularity among users.

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Gaming Analytics Services We Offer

Player analytics Our mobile gaming analytics experts will help you predict new trends, players' behavior, and the level of iteration and engagement with your project. In turn, it will enhance retention and user experience. Player analytics will help you target valuable users and bring even more personalization and revenue to your game.
Product analytics We'll help you analyze the game based on several metrics, including performance, profitability, selection, and value. This type of analytics is helpful for your future game development and growth strategies.
Business analytics Business analytics will help you develop optimal marketing campaigns and properly plan budget spending on promotion, upgrades, and engaging more potential players. You'll also better understand how to monetize your project and enhance its particular aspect (e.g., game design or business impact).

Why You Need Data Analytics for Game Development & Promotion

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Advanced approach to data gathering and processing
Advanced approach to data gathering and processing Our team tests different approaches, tactics, and mechanics before implementing them in our projects. We choose the high-performing methods of gamer behavior monitoring and use this information when creating gaming software and design.
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Proper metrics checking as a tool for measuring success
Proper metrics checking as a tool for measuring success We transform customer data into mobile gaming analytics aimed at sustainable business development. By regularly tracking the game performance, we can stay tuned with any emerging issues
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Overcoming industry barriers
Overcoming industry barriers Understanding all the risks and threats before releasing a game is a critical success factor. Gaming data analytics will help you evaluate your project's potential and define the key improvement points that will bring it to the top charts. With proper gaming analytics reports, you'll always keep up with the latest trends and be able to predict user behavior faster and more efficiently.
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Data-informed decision-making
Data-informed decision-making Making assumptions and forecasts based on figures and up-to-date reports is always more effective than testing random ideas. Gaming analytics help your team work on improving the essential pain points and metrics that'll influence the game's performance and attractiveness in the future.

Benefits of Our Gaming Analytics Services

Better-informed decision-making
Customized Gaming Experience
Enhanced User Experience
Hassle-free Monetization

Better-informed decision-making

You can no longer count on your gut feelings if you want to make your product more client-oriented. Data will bring you more insights on how to make your product satisfy customers' expectations.

Customized Gaming Experience

With advanced technologies, you can improve the gaming experience for every user. We'll monitor the behavior of every player during the gameplay so that your product delivers the best offerings at the right moment.

Enhanced User Experience

We can develop an improved user experience and build an enthralling customer journey by applying gaming data analytics. We can detect errors and bugs through data analytics services and fix them as quickly as possible.

Hassle-free Monetization

The better game you provide, the more gamers you can attract. Besides, users are ready to pay for the quality and ad hoc gameplay. Date enables you to start monetizing these efforts.

How We Work

Descriptive analytics
This is the basic level of gaming analytics. Descriptive analytics provide initial observations without significant insights or in-depth data. Many companies and gaming studios get stuck in this step without moving further, which is why some fail to succeed.
Diagnostic analytics
This is a more in-depth analysis showing the reasons for particular processes or results. You also see what prevented you from achieving your business goals. At this step, you develop an action plan to minimize further issues and risks.
Predictive analytics
This step allows you to predict and test particular decisions. At the same time, you'll see the weak points and how badly they're affecting your game's performance. This is an ongoing prediction-making process: you make one prediction, test it, make another one, and so on. In the end, you'll know what to implement and enhance.
Prescriptive analytics
In other words, instead of prescriptions, you develop action plans. Now you know how to prioritize the tasks properly, what metrics matter the most and need improvement. The fact that these steps and actions combine data and insights from three previous steps helps you create a complete image of what needs to be done.

Quick Facts About Us

Sometimes numbers are louder than words. Get to know how Whimsy Games measures its success in gaming data analytics!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is analytics used in the gaming industry?

Gaming data analytics helps the product stand out among competitors. Guided by collected data, game developers can track some patterns that attract users and elevate retention. What is more, the improvements in the game allow for raising KPIs and getting better product performance.

What is game data analysis?

Mobile gaming analytics sheds light on each player's interaction and engagement with a game by providing essential insights into the game design, themes, relevance to the market demand, and customers' expectations.

Why is game analytics important?

Game analytics is the best way to know what needs improvement in your project. With the growing market and competition, it's necessary to keep up with the latest trends and constantly enhance your game. This vital information helps you drive more revenue and maximize your profits if you implement all the necessary changes in time.

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