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If you're looking for a dedicated, experienced team to create a stunning game with, Whimsy Games can help you out. Outsource game art to specialists who will develop visuals tailored to your requirements and style preferences.

Features of Game Art Outsourcing Services

Large companies and small indie game studios use game art outsource services to complete various tasks related to the visualization of their projects. It’s a great option as it helps you save money, time, and effort required to recruit professionals ready to dedicate their full potential to your games.

Game art outsourcing enables you to focus on more essential tasks — the service provider takes over the hiring process and finds the top industry experts within an agreed period. You don’t have to deal with the hustle of increasing the in-house team.

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Our Art Outsourcing Services for Games

Character Design Our experts at Whimsy Games will create characters that would fit your game's setting and plot. We'll add unique characteristics and features to make them most suitable for your project.
Game Environment Creation We'll create breathtaking game worlds everyone would want to explore. Our team works with any level of detalization, so we'll be able to meet your needs precisely.
Object Design Our specialists will design themed objects to supplement the gaming experience. From toys and weapons to vehicles and furniture — we can handle it all!
UI/UX Design To make the gaming experience more pleasant and comfortable, we'll develop intuitive controls, icons, and buttons.
2D/3D Art Creation We work with both 2D and 3D projects and can handle the art of any style and complexity.

Our Benefits in Game Art Outsourcing Services

concept 3d character
Professional tools
Professional tools Our game art outsourcing studio uses the most advanced tools for creating game art for both 2D and 3D tasks. We select a tech stack individually for each project to ensure the highest quality of final results.
Game character development
Unique ideas
Unique ideas Our creative teams can help finalize visualization for your future game and bring even the most extraordinary ideas to life.
2d art game
Timely feedback and updates
Timely feedback and updates We value your time and always try our best to deliver each project on time. Moreover, we regularly share updates and feedback to ensure you're on the same page with us.
Game character development
Flexible terms
Flexible terms With us, you can enjoy customizable solutions and options that fit your resources and budget.

Genres of Games We Have Created Game Art for

Action games
Adventure games
Racing and sports games
Fantasy games
PvP battle games

Action games

We can help you add memorable characters and create cool themed settings for your game levels. We will also add intuitive UI/UX elements for the most convenient gameplay.

Adventure games

To make the new worlds and levels more exciting to discover, we will create stunning graphics for your adventure game.

Racing and sports games

We'll produce stunning car designs and tricky maps to make your racing game stand out in the market.

Fantasy games

Make your game world and characters look absolutely enchanting! Our art teams will help make your game even more exciting.

PvP battle games

Our experts will develop enticing characters, fantastic battlegrounds, and convenient controls to ensure a top-notch experience for your players.

How We Work

Project planning
We will start with a meeting to discuss all your requests and preferences. Our team will draw a project plan to agree on deadlines and the optimal workflow.
Reference preparation
Our game art outsourcing company will pick the most relevant references for your future project and compare them to what you had in mind. This way, we will agree on the best option and get to work.
Picking the tools
To ensure the top-notch quality of the final results, our experts will choose the most suitable tools. We will use the latest and most advanced solutions to bring all your ideas to life.
Art creation
As soon as the goals are set and tools selected, our team will get to work on the first art drafts. We will regularly provide progress updates to keep you posted.
Feedback and improvements
We will send you the art to get feedback. Once we receive the list of suggestions, we will analyze them, make amendments, and send the final version for approval.
Game visualization
After the approval, we will start implementing the art into your game. We want it to be flawless, so we will check how it looks on different platforms and devices.

Quick Facts About Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do game companies outsource?

There are various reasons why game studios outsource some tasks. This is a cost-effective and time-savvy option that allows them to find relevant specialists faster and focus on more critical project-related tasks. Outsourcing companies take care of the whole hiring process while you may focus on other tasks.

What are the benefits of outsourcing game art?

Game art outsourcing is a convenient and fast way to find all the external expertise you require. You don't need to hire new specialists full-time and can stop cooperating with the outsourcing team after the project is complete. Moreover, with a reliable outsourcing partner, you can easily find relevant specialists in any area, whether you have a 2D or 3D game.

What are art outsourcing services for games?

Art outsourcing services can be different and depend on your needs. Generally, game studios outsource concept art creation, level crafting, visualization of in-game environments, characters, and objects, or UI/UX design for their projects.

What is the cost of outsourcing game art?

The final cost of art outsourcing depends on various factors like the project's complexity and timeline. The level of your team's experience and their hourly rates will influence the budget considerably. If you want an estimate for your case, contact our team.

How do I pick an art outsourcing company?

You should consider a number of factors before you start cooperating with an art outsourcing company. First, take a look at their portfolio, and whether they've worked with art styles you're interested in. An experienced, professional studio should have good reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Plus, if a company has a strong reputation, some of its clients may be well-known game studios. Finally, an art outsourcing company shouldn't be overbooked to dedicate your project enough time.

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